The Quietus Chat To Nic Bullen About Supersonic 2012…

The fine folk over at the Quietus just had a quick word with sound artist and original Napalm Death bassist/vocalist, Nicholas Bullen, about all things Supersonic. For those curious as to what Bullen has in store for them this weekend, Nic dropped this tantalising little hint –

[It’s] predominately geared towards sound – the development of my electronic composition, which is what I focus on in the main – so I’ll be playing a 35 minute composition which has a loose base structure, but for the most part is live improvisation and processing. And that ties into the film which I’m going to show which is an excerpt of a much longer film called The Inverse Heliograph, which is predominately constructed from super 8 film, which is re-photographed, processed, overlaid and altered in terms of duration. Really it’s an audio-visual set I suppose.

Bullen goes on to discuss The Inverse Heliograph in more detail, his early days with Napalm Death, and who else he’s looking forward to seeing at Supersonic this year in the rest of the interview, which you can read in full here.

Nicholas Bullen will perform on Saturday 20th at 20:45 in the Theatre at Supersonic.