Who Exactly Are Moonn O)))?

Supersonic always throw in a few wild cards each year to surprise and astound you, and this year sees the inclusion of the mysterious collective known as Moonn O))). The project represents the meeting of several multi-disciplinary artists, primarily Mark Wagner and Sanna Charles of acoustic doom duo Sunday Mourning, and London based artist and illustrator Conny Prantera. In addition to his own music, Wagner has provided remixes for the likes of Teeth of The Sea and Gum Takes Tooth, whilst Prantera has previously unveiled exhibitions at Supersonic like the intricate video installation Kore Kosmou, so it’ll be fascinating to see how these different individuals combine their crafts into one unified experience. What’s even more exciting is that Moonn O))) also comprises several other artists (namely Emiliano Maggi of the experimental act Estasy, photographer Marko Righo and costume designers Kamellia McKayed and Gloria Carlos), who’ll be contributing their respective skills to what promises to be an utterly bizarre feast for the senses.

There are no prizes for guessing where these artists have drawn their inspiration for the project, but the angular, free-form sounds these individuals have created is quite a unique beast indeed, comprising low-level drones, murmured vocals, dark soundscapes and even a Roky Erickson cover. The collective will be debuting a conceptual performance, inspired “by the Heavens Above”, in a ritaulistic meeting of drone and performance art that’s sure to be a mystical and mysterious voyage for the more intrepid listener…