Want to feature in our Zine…

 Supersonic audience by Mark R Rhodes

Want to feature in our Zine…well Supersonic is doing a call out for all previous festival attendees to share their memories of the festival with us. The question we have chosen is “How would you describe your favourite Supersonic experience in a tweet of no more than 140 characters?”

In those 140 characters, we want you to sum up your experiences of previous festivals, highlighting key moments and memorable performances. You could even comment on your experiences in the legendary Supersonic tea room, marketplace or elsewhere!

Send your posts to either [email protected] or [email protected] by the 14th September and we will do our best to print as many as possible. We look forward to hearing from you! And of course feel free to tweet us your response @supersonicfest



One Response to “Want to feature in our Zine…”

  1. Mike Watt and the Minutemen smashed it in 2011. A set of messy, raw 3 minute blasts of high-voltage excitement that left the audience screaming for more and this happy camper breathless. Utterly blown away, I had the great pleasure of meeting him by the bar later was being able to tell him how I felt. He was very gracious and seemed genuinely happy to hear my demented rambling. An amazing 45 minutes, this is was music at it’s very best. Let’s see what 2012 will offer, bring it on!