Check out Sir Richard Bishop

You may know him from free form group Sun City Girls, who merged middle Eastern sounds, surf and experimental rock, you may not – either way check out his solo material and dizzying guitar skills.

Here is a Tiny Mix Tapes review of Sir Richard Bishop’s new record Intermezzo

Bishop’s skill consists in feeling exactly where any piece should go. This process primarily involves mindfulness as opposed to an apparatus of music theory. Here, the guitarist acts as a conduit, allowing music to flow through the filter of his hands to the strings. Each piece is a kind of vector, a force that pushes Bishop in a direction and flows through his guitar, and through the friction of the creative process, works itself out completely by its conclusion. This method (if method is an appropriate term) lends itself to a variety of styles, but it’s most appropriate in explorations of a solo instrument. Read more via

Sir Richard Bishop will also be performing at the festival as part 1/3 of Rangda with Ben Chasney (Six Organs of Admittance) and Chris Corsano.