Nicholas Bullen

Nicholas Bullen is an artist and composer whose work encompasses a range of fields and media (including performance, sound art, installations, text, and film).
Beginning as a founder member of the ‘extreme’ music group Napalm Death at the age of 13, he has a 30 year history of composition (releasing over 40 recordings and developing graphic scores for ensemble performance) and live performance (both solo and collaboratively).
His performance for Supersonic combines an improvised sound field (combining concrete edits and metallic abrasions with extended gas tone drifts and radiator drones, exclusively composed from electronically processed field recordings) and an excerpt from his film The Inverse Heliograph, an abstract meditation on memory constructed from up to four layers of Super 8mm cine film which have been overlaid, re-framed, temporally altered and re-photographed through coloured lenses.