Mr Underwood’s custom made Noise Box Oscillators

Sound artist and instrument inventor Sam Underwood AKA Mr Underwood, Glatze and half of drone tuba duo ORE, will be busy creating a number of custom made Oscillators to give away to generous donors to Supersonic Festival, via our We Fund campaign.

These will be in the form of a number of single-oscillator micro Noise Box synthesizers and a six-oscillator beast to anyone who has generously donated £500 + to our campaign.  They will be custom finished in celebration of Supersonic, by inviting illustrators and visual artists to make each one unique.

Like many arts organisations, we are currently seeking new ways to fund what we do while public funding is becoming more limited. The campaign is designed so that supporters of Capsule and Supersonic Festival can, if they are in a position to, donate funds to support our activity. We greatly appreciate all our audience’s support, whether through We Fund, ticket sales or volunteering.

If you’re interested in donating directly to the festival’s 10th birthday celebration, read more about our campaign here. Thank you gifts for donations are dependent upon the pledge, and include entrance to a Supersonic Tea Party, entrance to a specially commissioned Sonic Feast (a unique sound led dining experience) and these very special, hand crafted Noise Boxes.

Learn more about how Sam’s Noise Boxes work:


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