Kim Gordon at Supersonic Festival 2012

Since announcing the initial line up for Supersonic Festival’s 10th birthday, early bird tickets have sold out (and in record time) and the event is really starting to take shape.

Supersonic now proudly announce an extremely special collaboration of the unique and unpredictable guitar pairing of the iconic Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and free-noise guitarist Bill Nace. Together, they are known as BODY/HEAD.

So far they have only played a one off UK show, released a limited cassette on Ecstatic Peace and included a cover of ‘Fever’ for an Ultra Eczema compilation.  Given the credentials of both musicians, Supersonic are confident that BODY/HEAD will deliver a mind-melting performance.

Tickets are available via

There are other ways you can support the festival. We have set up a We Fund campaign to help us to deliver the festival this year, allowing us to continue this ambitious event. We’d truly appreciate your support.

There will be another announcement to follow in a few short weeks with more acts joining this celebratory event.



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  1. thurstoned /

    bill’s not from boston , he’s from northampton , massachusetts – 2 hours west of boston, as is kim