Collective Memory – Twitter

Part of the Supersonic 2011 Collective Memory compiled by Pete Ashton.

We were tracking the #ssf11 hashtag on Twitter over the weekend to see what was being said at the time. Here’s the obligatory word cloud. The larger the word the more times it appeared.

That alone doesn’t tell us a whole lot but if you’d like to do some digging yourself (as we shall be doing later) the raw data is in this spreadsheet.

Here’s the top tweeters. Passionate fans or loudmouthed attention seekers – you decide.

50 tweets: peteashton
45 tweets: eprjcts
44 tweets: distractionrecs
42 tweets: judeclarke
41 tweets: alanstephen
35 tweets: migfreeman
32 tweets: psalm
29 tweets: brumcast
28 tweets: brum
26 tweets: beeandie
25 tweets: wintermintgreen
25 tweets: thrbbngwhstl
25 tweets: chrishathway
21 tweets: the
21 tweets: misterunderwood
21 tweets: liminal
19 tweets: simon
19 tweets: callotbomb
19 tweets: b
18 tweets: blackarkdiscipl
17 tweets: burialxchamber
17 tweets: asmallfurrybear

Thanks to Dave Harte and others for help with extracting the data from Twitter’s clammy grasp.

Coming soon – photos, videos, reviews and everything in between.


2 Responses to “Collective Memory – Twitter”

  1. I think “loudmouthed attention seekers” is a touch harsh. If you didn’t want us to tweet about the good times (and I think the majority of comments ARE positive) we were having you shouldn’t have #ssf11 it.

    • Sorry Grant, I was being self-deprecating since I’m at the top of the list. I guess it’s not that obvious in hindsight.