The Furies

‘The Furies’ – a dirty girl band
at mac, Saturday 22nd October, 9pm

Birmingham’s own Kindle Theatre plunder the city’s native sound of Heavy Metal to create a ballsy gig for you to come and get sweaty to.  ‘The Furies’ smashes together rock, metal and soul songs with text and poetry to drasticall retell the story of Clytaemnestra – a woman betrayed. Told through the eyes of Clytaemnestra’s band ofFuries; hot, sensual, with a glint in their eye, this is the ultimate tale ofrage, revenge and envy.

“Joan Jett, Ramones, Bowie, Rocky Horror, Angela Carter… Fantastic, they had the audience in their palms”
Audience feedback, BE Festival 2011, winner of the European Touring Prize

Age recommendation 15+
Tickets £12/£9, available through mac box office: 0121 446 3232 + online HERE