Conny Prantera

Conny Prantera is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in London. Here at Supersonic she will be showing a new piece titled Kore Kosmou, a video installation consisting of photomontage and drawings, meticolously put together frame by frame, animated and synced to a series of purposely created audio loops and drones. The subject of the installation is the 4 Elements of the Natural World: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Through her intricately detailed drawings, she reveals an imagery of disquieting visions: a collection of relics from a world of wonder, which appears disturbing and suspiciously sardonic at the same time. But while with one eye she winks, to reassure us all is well, with the other she threatens with a baleful presage.

DRAWING OBSESSIVE from conny.withloveandsqualor on Vimeo.