Birmingham Zine Festival exhibition

Birmingham Zine Festival is an annual celebration of alternative publications. The first festival took place in September 2010 and proved to be far more popular than the organisers ever  anticipated. The second festival in July 2011 built on that success and next year the plan is for something much bigger.

For Supersonic 2011, the festival organisers have invited some of their favourite small press publishers to sell  their books, comics and zines, including:

Lizz Lunney with a range of comics and merchandise including patches, badges and prints from a world of characters such as Dullbog the Bulldog, Leaning Rabbit and Depressed Cat.
Alex Zamora will bring Fever Zine, a quarterly lo-fi black and white publication covering a mixture of music, art, fashion, trends, zine culture and more.
Phillipa Rice with her popular webcomic My Cardboard Life as well as goodies such as prints and bags. 

There will also be zines and an exhibition of artwork from Adam Cadwell, Carla Smith, Catherine Elms, Dina Kelberman, Joe List and many more. The zine celebrations will also be working their way into other aspects of Supersonic. ‘$100 and a t-shirt‘, Joe Biel’s documentary exploring the thoughts and experiences of zine-makers in North America, will be screened. In addition to this, a panel featuring Alex Zamora, Nic Bullen and Charlie Woolley will discuss the history of zines, their inspirations and how this feeds into modern DIY creativity and publishing.