Supersonic podcast no.1

It’s that time of year again when things start hotting up on the Supersonic front. The wonderful Little Chris of Brumcast fame has lovingly put together a series of podcasts together for your listening pleasure. Here is the first Supersonic special – ENJOY!

Zombi Slow Oscillations
Wolves In The Throne Room Dea Artio
A.P.A.T.T. Purple Ackee
Secret Chiefs 3 Akramachamarei
The Skull Defekts No More Always
White Hills Ulan
Bardo Pond Destroying Angel (Peel Sessions)
Scorn Name’s Not Down Not Coming In
Electric Wizard Turn Off Your Mind
Lucky Dragons I Keep Waiting For Earthquakes
Zu Beata Viscera
Current 93 Sunflower
Eternal Tapestry Hermetic Secrets
Cloaks Junk
Pharoah Overlord Test Flight

Weekend tickets are available HERE