Meet Cloaks


Cloaks have put together an amazing set for the Electronic Explorations podcast show, featuring a Justin Broadrick remix of their track ‘Rust on Metal’ plus remixes of Ben Frost, Altar of Plagues and tracks from Supersonic friends Dead Fader and Devilman. Cloaks, Dead Fader and Devilman all feature on the 3by3 label roster, run by Steve Cloaks himself.
Here the full podcast

Anybody who attended Supersonic 2010 will be familiar with this heavy, industrial dubstep outfit. Steve Cloaks played a noise/dub DJ set that fit perfectly before the astounding amount of bass to come from Kings Midas Sound and Godflesh. Look out for the full Cloaks duo performing this year.

Cloaks performing at Supersonic Festival 2010: