Pip Flatpack recommends

We’ve asked a number of Supersonic regulars to tell us what they are most looking forward to at this years festival, Pip Mcknight is the co-director of the wonderful Flatpack Festival, this is what she recommends…

I’d never heard of Nisennenmondai before Supersonic 2009 and happened upon them by accident- a commotion of drums, guitars, small arms and black fringe.  Can’t wait to see them again.

People Like Us
Been a fan of People Like Us since hearing ‘In the Pantomine’ as a snot-nosed teenager and still try to catch her WFMU show ‘Do or DIY whenever  I can (find the archives here http://wfmu.org/playlists/PL).
We had the pleasure of sharing a bill with Vicki at Press Play festival last month where she performed Genre Collage.  It’s a gentle, dark trip.

Pierre Bastien + Male Instrumenty
Meccano? Small Trumpets?  Not sure what to say about this other than I’m excited and intrigued.

Factory Floor
It’s been said before but I’m going purely on second hand experience.  I was on responsible adult duty, minding the sleeping kids at Green Man Festival when my fellow travellers returned from Factory Floor on the Far Out stage. They were giddy, wild eyed and their hair was all kind of messed up, like they’d been having a very good time.

77 Boa Drums
+ Subllime Frequencies, Palace of the Wind
Well god knows after an afternoon of noisy stuff, all we really need to wind down is some ritual beats.  And if it’s spiral shaped then all the better.  Om shanti shanti shanti.