Chrome Hoof

Initially formed as a duo by brothers Milo and Leo Smee, the band has grown into a large-scale troupe of multi-instrumentalists, including a horn & string section, a choir and Lola Olafsoye, the singer out of Spektrum.  Taking influence from the likes of Sun Ra, ESG, Goblin, Parliament-Funkadelic and Black Sabbath, it moves from soulful stadium rock, to drum machine electro minimalism which makes like James Brown at a Goblin gig, to the virtuoso disco funk of Grace Jones.  They sound like nothing you’ve heard before; or rather, they sound like stuff you’ve heard before, just never played all at the same time.  They’re a really awesome live band; they’re worth checking out for their Pavement meets Gnaw tinfoil space traveller outfits alone.

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