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Friday nights at Supersonic wouldn’t be the same without PCM. Currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, this duo have been at the heart of the Birmingham electronic/dance music scene for many years but have managed to keep their music and ethos resolutely underground and “in yer face”.
Sharing bills with acts as diverse as Aphex Twin, Test Dept, Scorn, Luke Vibert and even Hawkwind (!), PCM draw from their wide-ranging influences from metal to Krautrock, 60’s psychedelia to old skool hardcore to create a whirlwind of sound that ignites any dancefloor turning it into a steaming mosh-pit.
Previous Supersonic appearances have seen exclusive collaborations with legendary metal vocalist Karl Willetts from Bolt Thrower and guitarist Steve Pike amongst others; all adding to their unique take on Drum & Bass/electronica for the 21st century.
By combining nitrous-fuelled beats and filthy subsonic basslines with alien soundscapes and horror movie unease, PCM continue Birmingham’s heritage of producing dark, heavy music but with their eyes firmly on the dancefloor.