Lash Frenzy vs KK Null

[jwplayer config=”audio sidebar” playlistid=”1267″]This performance is brought to you by KK Null (Zeni Geva) and Lash Frenzy(Einstellung). KK Null needs no real introduction; regarded as a pioneer ofthe experimental scene by the likes of Sonic Youth and Merzbow, what else is there to say? Lash Frenzy is Andrew Moscardo-Parker’s  sound art guise. A blatant disregard to narrative and structure combined with solid walls of sound has seen Lash Frenzy share the stage with the likes of Earth and Melt Banana. For this performance the ‘Lash Frenzy Big Band’, will be joined by Torque, Mort the Sonic and Mr Underwood (Glatze).[jwplayer config=”video mainpage” playlistid=”1084″]

This performance is supported by Japan Foundation