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Spontaneous improvisational composition by form and function is the basis for Lichens. Injecting evolution and natural process into the art form is key. Reflection of internalized experience illuminates symbiosis, serendipity and syncronicity ultimately opening the door. Mistakeisms prevail, time only tells and future past is the next window.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is Lichens. Through collaboration Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe has worked withWhite/Light, Cloudland Canyon, Michael Zerang, Joshua Micah Abrams, Alan Licht, Hisham Bharoocha, Rose Lazar, Bird Show(Ben Vida), Doug Aitken, Butchy Fuego, Lee Ranaldo, Twilight, Lucky Dragons, David Scott Stone, Rob Barber (High Places), Patrick Smith, Koen Holtkamp (Mountains), Jonas Asher (Grasslung), Ian Wadley, Rhys Chatham and Om.

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