Participation The Film & Video Workshop Movement 1979 – 1991

140 Heath Mill Lane  Birmingham  B9 4AR
Opening Times:
Thu 02 July – Sat 01 Aug 2009 | open Thu-Sat, 12-5 PM | admission FREE

Participation is an exhibition and archive project centred on the emergence of new film forms, politics and practices in the 1980s. Unearthing the archives of challenging, polemical and oppositional groups operating during a period of economic and social upheaval, the works presented react to and document the rise of Thatcherism and the social and cultural events the period from 1979 engendered: inner city disturbances, the miners strike, and increasing social disparity.

Presented in two parts, Participation brings us rarely seen works from key film and video workshops and groups who, motivated by a desire to effect social change, forged new approaches to political and social themes that emerged nationally. The show includes works by Amber Films, Black Audio Film Collective and Sankofa amongst others, and has a special focus on the Birmingham Film and Video Workshop.

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