Tartufi – US

TARTUFI is Brian Gorman and Lynne Angel. They are friends. They are brother and sister. They are musical husband and wife. They are tar and feather. They are thunder and lightning. They are Salt N Pepa (sans Spinderella).

“Tartufi VOTED BEST INDIE BAND of 2007 by the San Francisco Bay Guardian based on their superb ’06 release, Us Upon Buildings Upon Us, the duo of Lynne Angel and Brian Gorman hew a rich, fractured world out of looped guitars, keys and voices, shape-shifting time sigs, and crashing percussion. They can go from Slint-inspired explosions or Built to Spill epic to Joan of Arc-like baroque or Breeders chug in a measure or two, the shifts revealing unassailable logic as they unfurl. Nine out of 10 buzz bands don’t deserve it; Tartufi does.”
-A. Schacht, Creative Loafing (Charlotte, NC)