John Richards and the Dirty Electronic Ensemble

Workshop: John Richards and the Dirty Electronic Ensemble – FULLY BOOKED

Build your own Sudophone and join the Dirty Electronic Ensemble for a performance at Supersonic Festival. This DIY instrument changes pitch through using the conductivity of the human body. The workshop explores the idea of self made electronics and interactive environments for music and performance. Richards encourages participants to seek new ways of creating electronic music & will culminate in a performance of pieces devised by the workshop participants.

Capacity for this workshop is limited to 25 places therefore it is essential that you book in advance, no knowledge of electronics or previous experience at building electronic musical devices is needed.

TO BOOK A PLACE email info[at] with DIRTY ELECTRONICS in the subject heading, this is free to all SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL ticket holders, there are only 25 places so its a first come, first served basis!!! SORRY

John Richards completed a doctorate in electroacoustic composition at
the University of York in 2002, and he is currently part of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University, Leicester.

Following from the Dirty Electronic Ensemble performance will be a screening of Motherboard, a new technology show, with a big twist. It’s about the human side of technology, and technology’s place as humanity’s and culture’s great enabler. Initial subjects include: the video game pioneer and cosmonaut who spent $30 million to fly into space, a research facility where human decomposition after death can be scientifically studied and robotics pioneers who are developing their own version of the exoskeleton from Aliens.

Expect jetpacks, rocket bikes, head transplants, artificial intelligence, pretty girl robots, plants that can play music, submarines and technologies used for smuggling drugs and hundreds more amazing stories from the future that is happening now.

Motherboard is produced by VSB TV