Petting Corner

Bunny Bissoux – Petting Corner
Located in the Market Place

Keen to have a petting corner at the festival but not able to have a real life one, we’ve gone for the next best thing by inviting artist Bunny Bissoux to create an exhibition incorporating this years ‘Best In Show’ theme. Bunny is an artist, illustrator, collector, fanatic, musician and aspiring wresting valet. Bunny continues to follow her interests and obsessions as inspiration for her work which generally features 80s metal, wrestling, pop idols, imaginary friends and small dogs, she makes fanzines, costumes, plush toys and cupcakes and created last year ‘Creatures of Corpse Paint’ illustration as well as the ‘Home of Metal’ map illustration. Look out for her Wonderleague stall full of vintage treasures & trinkets.