French at Ideal

Aldershot is a part of the UK known for it’s army base, French’s home town. A good place to start an interest in torn body parts I suppose. French loves depicting all things evil, grotesque and morbid. An obsession with death metal music informs French’s work that literally draws the line between the magnificent and the repulsive. French’s sensitive and detailed line work shows the beauty in the revolting.

French has interpreted the ‘Creatures Of The Night’ theme this year by painting the entrance to the newly built skate ramp as well an exhibition housed within Ideal Skate shop along with a selection of his T Shirts, zines and prints which are all for sale.

Ideal Skateboard Supply have been a big part of Birmingham Skateboarding for over 17 years and counting. This summer they have re-locating to a new store and building a gem of a ramp right next door.


All part of the plan to keep skateboarding moving forward and keep our city on the map.