Creatures of The Night

Capsule invited the following six artists to create illustrations in response to this years festival theme ‘Creatures Of The Night’ the title of the 1982 album from U.S. band Kiss and continuing our exploration of Birmingham and the Black Country as ‘Home of Metal’. These works will be exhibited within the Custard Factory.

Justin Bartlett
Black ink warlock from the grim and frostbitten raven realm of Southern California. He enjoys thee grimm riffs, vberkvlt metals, and other dark musick, times of solitude, skulls, and scotch. Inspired by religious and theological conflicts, environmental decay, and man’s inhumanity, the pen-wielder spends hours and hours obsessing on every last detail. He has worked with many including SUNN O))), Gravetemple and Norway’s Gorgoroth, Apoptygma Berzerk, tons of underground bands.

Karen Constance
Born in Scotland’s hellhole central belt & escaped down south to Brighton in 1997, she is influenced by encyclopedias, diagrams and schoolgirls.

Steve Ingram
Aka Forhumourandhope is just 24 years old and hails from Birmingham, UK. He designed the artwork and packaging for the Capsule Beestung Lips release amongst other things.

Conny Prantera
A painter and illustrator and one of the artists promoted by street-ware label Silas and Maria. Conny’s work reaches back from her training as a portrait artist in the torn political background of the Italian “anni di piombo” to today’s London underground culture, mixing the mirage of aesthetic beauty with a morbid obsession with decay.

James Quigley
Gunsho is an art moniker for James Quigley. Somewhere between nursing on goat’s milk as a baby and his teenage summers spent sifting through flea market arcana, James began to find fascination in the strange and magical vastness of the marginal fringe. A regard for the toxic forces that transform humans into monsters shaped his early drawings and set him on a path into a surreal artistic thicket of beasts, demons, and mutants. He sees the scores of odd creatures he creates today not as being pulled from thin air or simple imagination, but from a continuum of mythology, or of ancient currents that have persisted into modernity.

Francesca “Bunny” Williams
Also known as Bunny Bissoux, is an artist, illustrator, collector, fanatic, musician and aspiring wrestling valet. Bunny makes fanzines, costumes, plush toys and cupcakes and runs an online store and weekly market stall. She has previously produced CONQUISTADOR fanzine and a poster size “Map of Hair Metal” painstakingly charting the movement of band members between groups across the genre. Bunny enjoys drawing naked ladies, rock stars, wrestlers and her never-ending supply of imaginary friends.