Supersonic 2023

Lyrical lioness, MC Yallah, born in Kenya and raised in Uganda, has been firing up the East African underground hip-hop scene for nearly 20 years with her rapid, tightly controlled flow. 


Fierce and intense, Yallah’s lyrics draw from real-life experiences and often address women’s issues spreading a powerful message of integrity and self-determination, delivered in a range of languages including Kiswahili, Luganda, English and Luo. On stage, she delivers a high energy performance alongside the rugged beats of producer Debmaster, standing out with her bright, colourful aesthetic.

“Her music marries dark, eccentric, electronic beats with a smooth, break-neck flow. If you’ve seen her live, you’ll know Yallah can even rap effortlessly over singeli beats, that reach anywhere up to 300bpm.”
The Quietus