Melt Banana official

From the whip-like crack of Yako’s signature staccato vocals and impossible-to-memorize lyrics to the relentless overdrive tempo of their one of-a-kind prog-core, MELT BANANA have long resided in a cybertopia of their own devising where the limits of technology and human capability are old-world concerns as quaint and cumbersome as bartering with a blacksmith. The demos for Fetch, their first studio album since the severely fried pop-punk of 1997’s Bambi’s Dilemma, were completed in March 2011, but the Fukushima earthquake changed everything, including their ability to concentrate on recording. Which stopped completely.


Once they felt ready to return to their music, they decided to approach the songs on a sound-by-sound basis, choosing each tone with meticulous attention to detail, affirming their personal connections, being themselves naturally and openly.



They’ve been performing live as a duo since summer 2012, and will do the same for their “2 do what 2 fetch” tour in support of the album. After nearly 20 years of playing with a live rhythm section, their use of a PC, while opening possibilities for a variety of drum and synth voicings, does not signal a move away from the traditional live band sound, as heard, for example, via the future transmissions from downtown Noiseapolis on 2009’s Lite Live: Ver. 0.0. Yako and Agata say they need to feel real band sounds onstage as much as someone in the audience. This is a group that routinely excels at several kinds of impossible simultaneously, so of course any new challenge they come up with for themselves is sure to blow the doors off your Mini Cooper.



Swelling from out of the cosmic putrescence of the Wizzleteat corpse, Thrilling Headgear force day-glo colours into angular shapes, holding groove as dogma. At turns both despondant and ethereal, TH play bleeted punk rock, transcendent and engaged, psychonautical engineering for earth-bound space mechanics.


Glatze is back! After a brief hiatus the one-man musical loon has been coaxed out to play by the prospect of supporting Melt Banana again, for old times’ sake. Glatze’s first gig for Capsule was this very same support slot, back in 2009. Expect the usual live improvised electronic mayhem, with just a hint more “mad professor” than “young buck”. He promises to do his very best in support of one of his favourite live acts…


Shellac + Helen Money


played its first shows in Chicago in 1993 and has done a lot of stuff since then, including playing on a party boat in Serbia and a record 74 times at various ATP events. Bob has one wife, a yellow bike and is acquiring more cats; Todd has one dog, no wife, a silver Telecaster and two blouses; Steve has three cats, a fiancee and a PT Cruiser, which is quite roomy and not dorky or a mom car fuck you guys. Shellac has released 4 LPs and a few 7-inch singles, which most people agree are very good. The most recent LP, Excellent Italian Greyhound, was released in June of 2007, and is the best looking record. The band members all work for a living, and playing in the band is their pastime. Because of this, they don’t tour often or for very long. Todd, Steve and Bob love playing music together. We assume that the band will continue to release albums and play live at the same sporadic pace indefinitely. You should be so lucky.”

Helen Money is Alison Chesley, a Los Angeles based cellist who has become known for her unique sound, bold compositions and compelling stage performance.


OM + ORE trio


is a duo from San Francisco, California, United States, formed in 2003 by the rhythm section of the disbanded stoner metal band Sleep. The band’s first three albums feature Al Cisneros on vocals and bass and Chris Hakius on drums.
The band’s music is similar in structure to Tibetan and Byzantine chant and is rich in rhythm and melody. Their music and lyrics lift off at the beginning and slowly mutate giving a feeling of evolution inside each song. The vocals have a monotone quality, producing, on some tracks, a noticeable hypnotic effect of the sort that tends to be appealing to the devotees of the many various genres of druggishly-bent, “space” music – but which not all music calling itself stoner rock necessarily is able to cause.
On January 2008, Hakius left the band and was replaced by drummer Emil Amos, of Grails. In 2011 Robert Lowe (Lichens) joined the group.

Al Cisneros – bass guitar, vocals
Emil Amos – drums
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – Vocal, Keyboards, Percussion, Tambura

Just three years into their dual-tuba project, Birmingham’s ORE continue to evolve rapidly. From early drone/doom beginnings their music has lately drawn inspiration from Indian classical music and other improvisational influences to become something much more difficult to define.

Autumn 2013 sees them celebrating the release of their new double A side 7″ in collaboration with Japanese noise master KK Null on Endtyme Records (a record born from their Supersonic 2012 collaboration), and for this performance they will be joined on drums by regular live collaborator and jazz percussionist Lydia Glanville.




OM formed in 2003 when former Sleep members Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius began to play again after a six year hiatus. The two began rehearsing without the addition of guitar or other instruments. OM’s first three albums feature Cisneros (bass/vocals) and Hakius (drums).

In January 2008 Hakius left the group. Cisneros recruited drummer Emil Amos of Grails.

We’re very pleased to announce that tuba duo ORE will support, adding to the abstract doom theme of the night.

They have recently released their first EP ‘Beyond Tree and Stone’, which can be purchased digitally via


Boris + Joe Volk


Boris formed in the early ’90s as a four piece just-for-fun endeavor with the sonic template of influences like Melvins and Earth. By the time of its 1996 debut as a trio Absolutego (later released in the US via Southern Lord in 2000), Boris had already hit its stride in creating unique ground-rattling heavy, melodic music. The group, bassist/vocalist Takeshi, guitarist/vocalist Wata and drummer/vocalist Atsuo went on to release nearly 20 studio albums, as well as numerous collaborative albums — including projects with Merzbow, Sunn0))), Ian Astbury and Michio Kurihara of Ghost (who also currently tours with the band as second guitarist and frequently guests on albums) — EPs and singles on various labels throughout the world.

Support will be from Invada Records’ Joe Volk who will release a split with Boris this December.

Opium Lord make desolate Doom-Sludge with a coal black heart. Filthy grooves meet abrasive noise to convey a menacing atmosphere akin to the dodgiest drinking establishments. Features current-and-former members of Mothertrucker, History of the Hawk and Stinky Wizzleteat.


Unsane + Big Business



New York City’s Unsane assisted in pioneering a more aggressive, less studied version of noise rock, one that blended the scum/art industrial sturm und drang of Foetus, the Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Sonic Youth with the decidedly more straightforward hardcore idiom favored by acts like Sick of It All. As a power trio, Unsane relied upon a hammering, power-press rhythm section, a searing Telecaster howl, and distorted vocals that resembled nothing if not the sound of a man trapped in the New York Subway system .


March 20th 2012 sees the band’s 7th full length ‘Wreck’ out on Alternative Tentacles Records. For over two decades they have represented a harsh, aggressive, honest, and intelligent voice of New York’s Lower East Side.



Big Business started as a two piece band composed of Jared Warren of Karp and The Tight Bros From Way Back When, and Coady Willis of Murder City Devils. Their sound has been characterized as a bombastic and frantic low end attack, marked by Warren’s signature vocal delivery. The band released its first album, “Head for the Shallow”, on January 25, 2005.


In late 2006, after relocating to Los Angeles, Jared and Coady both became members of The Melvins, first appearing on “(A) Senile Animal”.



Formed some time in 2008, Stinky Wizzleteat have garnered some sort of a reputation, leaving a trail of blood, sweat and broken amplifiers behind them.  United by a mutual love of the Bad Brains, Wizzleteat carve out a sound informed by groove from across the musical spectrum, whilst staying fully committed to heaviness, good times and volume.


Poster designed by Tom J Hughes


AUTECHRE + guests


Rob Brown (born c. 1971) and Sean Booth (born c. 1973), both natives of Rochdale. The group is one of the most prominent acts signed with Warp Records, a label known for its pioneering electronic music artists. Some journalists consider Autechre to be a paragon of IDM and one of the driving forces behind its development, though Booth and Brown are ambivalent in relating their sound to established genres.


Oxbow + Light Trap + Transitional


Intensive, confrontational, raw and uncompromising: four words I think of when someone mentions Eugene and the boys to me. Amazing jazz infused, Birthday Party style noise, they produce a live show where you never know what might happen, an element which is as exciting as it is scary. Eugene is unpredictable and unsettling as he prowls the stage looking for unsuspecting victims to terrify and pours his soul into the microphone creating something that is undeniably powerful.

Light Trap are a trio from Birmingham, England comprised of John (Haxan, ex Doom & Sore Throat), Doug (Una Corda) and Nic (ex Napalm Death & Scorn).
They combine blackened and primitive noise rock with progressive and experimental elements.

From devouring linear drones, lush melancholy to pure unadulterated rage experienced through a back drop of churning rhythms, using Cohesive
experimental recording techniques combined with discordant world eating riffs enveloped in a signature approach to atmosphere and interspersing
melody making a truly individual record.

The line up consists again of musican/producer Kevin Laska on guitar/voice/electronics/synth and drum programming, who’s probably best known
work before transitional was with Anthony Di Franco ( ex- skullflower ) as Novatron. Dave Cochrane( who’s past and present credits to name a few
include Head of David, jesu, Greymachine and God) on Basses.

Poster by Ben Javens


Melt Banana + Glatze + Lash Frenzy vs Mort


Out of the old ashes sizzle and scream a new wave and realization simply called MELT-BANANA. A maelstrom of experimental heart surgery, Melt Banana walk on water, They effortlessly juggle all of those sharks that think they`re swimming in new, unexplored territories. Here are the imported children of the no waves gone by, a hardcore-informed, audio info overload from Tokyo`s ferocious underground. MELT-BANANA sweat out a super-adrenalized, maxi-caffeinated collision of frenzied drum rhythms and torturous guitar squeals through tiny, frantic, hyper rhythmic little songs. Front woman Yasuko O.`s ultra-high-pitched screeches and Agata`s screaming slide guitar vie for supremacy across a rhythmic frenzy that is so ridiculous and precise, it will crush you with it`s brilliance. Here are the cerebral gnashing guitars, the aggravated pep squad proclamations and the neck-snapping rhythm change-ups irresistible to those seeking a new musical truth. MELT-BANANA doesn`t sound like anything you`ve heard. Simply put, they are unclassifiable. If that`s not enough for you…. well then, back into your cave Grogar

Lash Frenzy & Mort the Sonic
Lash Frenzy is Andrew Moscardo-Parker (Guitarist in Einstellung). Under this guise Andrew has collaborated with many musicians including Kat from Babes in Toyland, ex-members of Godflesh, Mistress, Sally, Einstellung, Anal Nathrack and many others.
Mort the Sonic is Richard Morten. Richard imports raw data from image files into his MAC to create the most horrific abstract sounds. He grew up in Birmingham alongside the Godflesh boys and the many spinoff bands.
Lash Frenzy & Mort the Sonic join forces spasmodically to create huge intense claustrophobic walls of sounds. Initially the two worked together to create a ‘Digital vs Analogue’ battle but realised that the sheer brutality did nothing other than unite the two in a savage harmony. Often disorientating with strobes and smoke machines this performance will again see the two parties unite to create something special. 

A musician, circuit-bender and all-out live music nutter, hailing from Kernow and now based in the West Midlands. His sets are an orgy of customised electronic equipment, with circuit-bent kids’ dolls sitting alongside doctored loudspeakers, squealing guitars and a fun-at-all-costs mentality!


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BOREDOMS, Japan’s iconoclastic experimental music “unit”, redefine the words “fringe” and “Frontier.
They have long pushed the constraints of sanity to the edge and challenged the notions of what remains feasible within the musical form. Their experimentations with rhythm and noise produce collages of sound, color and chaos. They translate the most base human emotions into comprehensible noise; sometimes in a barrage of screams and drums and sometimes in slow languid mantras that evoke the quieter moments of life. Acknowledging no limits of taste or form, there are no boundaries, no ceiling on the possibilities of experience and expression for the Boredoms. Formed in Osaka in ‘86 with EYE Yamataka.



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Capsule & Cake



Antelope was formed in Washington, DC in 2001, and have been released on Dischord Records. They play meditative, stripped-down punk music and feature ex members of El Guapo.


Beestung Lips
Fiercely intelligent, yet unashamedly reckless, the band possess an irrepressible addictive fury along with an abundance of technical aplomb. Rapidly garnering a sizable reputation for their infamous live performances, they are currently rampaging across the UK in a whirlwind of chaos, phlegm, and bare flesh.

The Plight
The Plight is a hardcore based rock and roll band from Leeds, England who are well known for their Thin Lizzy meets Black Flag style. Recently signed to Visible Noise.


Cutting Pink With Knives
CPWK are as genre puddled as you like…electronic oriented punk with a spot of old-skool rave and a dash of grindcore.


PCM are Neil Harvey and Nik Wells and since their inception in 1990 have been mainstays of the Birmingham music scene, they deliver an uncompromisingly dark and aggressive take on drum and bass that is all their own, while still managing to instill a huge amount of dancefloor friendly breaks through the brutality of their music.


The Birmingham duo have been inspired by film soundtracks (particularly the work of John Carpenter) they meld rough electro beats and breaks with filmic strings and samples  to great atmospheric effect.

Fuck Buttons
Gloriously intense and euphoric yet challenging and confrontational with their music. They deliver layers of noise and intricate melodies but are not afraid to drone out and create slabs of sound.

Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol are 2 non-hardcore punk kids playing hardcore punk, without the bullshit or posing. basically fast, loud and fun.

+ artist duo Eagle & Feather show their Philip K Dick-inspired work ‘Kipple’.
There will also be a selection of cakes, and djs to satisfy your needs.

This event is happening as part of Gigbeth, for more information check:


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Hardcore quartet Pissed Jeans’ rock is sourced in the early-80s loose-booty sludge of Flipper and Black Flag, the tightly wound treble-spray of late-80s/early-90s noise-rock such as Drunks With Guns and the Jesus Lizard. Whereas Drunks With Guns and Flipper often dealt with chemical-induced nihilism in their lyrics, Pissed Jeans rally against bad weather and sing about overeating to deal with emotions. They’re human. They will appeal to anyone who’s ever crapped their pants and can admit it. Having a sense of shame is critical in appreciation of shit like this.


Spewed up from the murky depths of Birmingham at some point in mid 2006, Bee Stung Lips is a four-headed hideous beast, with blood-shot eyes and tentacles stretching far back into the Midlands music scene.
Chewing on notes from The Jesus Lizard, Hot Snakes and Oxbow, and then spitting them back out, with additional nods to literary giants such as Charles Bukowski and John Fante, they create a provocative mixture of wilfully abrasive noise and viscera-shredding rock ‘n’ roll. Howling, anguished, and convulsive vocals tussle with rapid-fire drums, riotous guitar and blistering bass lines, before collapsing into a chaotic heap, breathless and foaming at the mouth.
Fiercely intelligent, yet unashamedly reckless, Bee Stung Lips possess an irrepressible addictive fury along with an abundance of technical aplomb. Rapidly garnering a sizeable reputation for their infamous live performances.


Doom Patrol are 2 non-hardcore punk kids playing hardcore punk, without the bullshit or posing. basically fast, loud and fun.