Sunday Film Club: Christmas Shorts


Sunday Film Club presented by KINO 10 sees a quirky mix of films for each month of the Discovery season. Tickets are £5, FREE for under 12s

15 December at 2pm

Family friendly Christmas shorts:  The Snowman (Dir. Dianne Jackson & Jimmy T. Murakami) 1982
+ Peter and the Wolf (Dir. Suzie Templeton) 2006

Screening of the seasonal classic short The Snowman with live musical accompaniment, Suzie Templeton’s Academy Award winning animation Peter and the Wolf, and more.


Sunday Film Club: Silent Comedy Shorts


Sunday Film Club presented by KINO 10 sees a quirky mix of films for each month of the Discovery season. Tickets are £5, FREE for under 12s

10th November at 2pm
In November, we’ll be playing host to the UK’s most prominent silent film accompanist, Neil Brand, who will be doing something completely magical on the piano as he accompanies Charlie Chaplin in his 1917, 20 minute film, The Immigrant, Buster Keaton in his classic short One Week, and a surprise film from another silent comedy giant. A real treat for the eyes and ears.

Silent comedy shorts: The Immigrant (Charlie Chaplin) + One Week (Buster Keaton)
A programme of silent comedy shorts with live piano accompaniment.

Pop-up cinema purveyors, KINO 10 are taking over the new library theatre for a season of family-friendly Sunday afternoon film screenings. With a mix of live theatre and music accompanying the films, and featuring films as old as cinema itself, this is a programme of experiential audiovisual delights that you won’t find in the multiplexes.


Sunday Film Club: The Witches


Sunday Film Club presented by KINO 10 sees a quirky mix of films for each month of the Discovery season. Tickets are £5, FREE for under 12s

Sunday 22nd September at 2pm

Children’s horror classic The Witches
Feature film screening of this classic with live theatrical interactivity from Little Earthquake.

Everything you have heard is true – there really are witches living amongst us and Helga von Plopp is the worst of them all! She wants to turn every child in the world into a mouse! The witches are about to have a big meeting to put their horrible scheme into action!

But Martin and some of his friends have formed a secret movement called S.T.E.W. – Stop The Evil Witches – and they need your help to spoil the witches’ convention and to foil their wicked plans!

You’ll need to blend in, so disguise yourselves with a funny wig or a funny hat – and wear gloves on your hands, just like the witches do! Meet Martin at the conference table to receive your special instructions! And no matter what happens – don’t eat the green soup!


Shangaan Electro: performance + workshop


The high-speed dance phenomenon from South Africa has risen from streets into clubs and venues all around the globe. The creation of charismatic producer Nozinja, this is a very contemporary product of Africa. Based in Soweto, Nozinja saw the chance to update Shangaan music for the 21st Century; replacing its traditional bass/ guitar instrumentation with midi- keyboard sounds and repitched vocal samples from rave anthems. Propelled by jacking four-to-the- floor beats and trademark drum- fills, the sound quickly became a hit at weekly street parties in Soweto, with young and old competing to show off their moves to this dizzyingly fast music, which can reach speeds of up to 188 beats per minute. The craze soon went viral in Europe and the US via a vast archive of youtube videos.

“The future sound of Africa (and) a curveball for UK dancers” –The Quietus

Dance workshop: Friday 25 October
DanceXchange, Thorp Street, Birmingham, B5 4TB
Shangaan Electro will lead FREE dance workshops, giving people of all ages and abilities the chance to learn the wildest Shangaan dance moves step by step – dazzling footwork, rubber-limbed body shakes and some crazy, colourful costumes all feature, followed by a hyper accelerated performance. Please email [email protected] for a registration form if you are interested in taking part.

Supported by Dancexchange


Box Of Light: celebrating early cinema


Before the days of film, the magic lantern was an important source of entertainment, using glass slides to create moving images and visual tricks. Birmingham played a key role in this pre-cinema world, producing thousands of lanterns for export, leading to the birth of the flipbook, and eventually the cinema. The Library boasts a hefty archive of 60,000 lantern slides, and to coincide with the Magic Lantern society’s annual conference in Birmingham, Flatpack Festival presents Box of Light, a weekend full of events, workshops and activities celebrating early cinema.

Box of Light Variety Show / 25 October /  7.30 – 9.30pm / £8
An evening of edification and entertainment featuring acclaimed performer Professor Heard, who will provide a whistlestop history of lantern shows and explain how they helped pave the way for cinema. This is followed by the Physioscope, a Victorian experiment with light and mirrors recreated for the first time in a century by Roderick MacLachlan, and the finale of the show is provided by French artist Julien Maire, whose Open Core performance includes a live dissection of a video projector.

The Icebook / 26 October / performances from midday / £5
Collaborative duo Kristin and Davy Maguire will share their beautiful and intimate theatrical performances using paper cut-outs and miniature projections. Their shows will delight small audiences using old pre-cinematic illusions and magic lanterns; to create shadows and silhouettes complemented with a film footage backdrop. This personal cinema experience will mesmerise audiences with its elegant execution of basic cinema techniques.

Projecteo /  26 October / 1.30PM / FREE (bookable)
Designer Benjamin Redford will be giving a talk about his ingenious miniature slide projector which has proved to be an online sensation and a big hit on Kickstarter. In response to modern technology and the craze for Instagram, Benjamin has created a tiny projector to share Instagram pictures called the ‘Projecteo’. This analogue approach works by creating wheels of slide film to hold up to 9 images, which can be watched and enjoyed as a slideshow.

Mirror Mirror Lantern Workshops / 26 & 27 October / FREE (drop in)
Mirror Mirror will host an array of free family workshops, where visitors will have the chance to create their own lantern slides and experiment with colour projection. Established in 2009, Mirror Mirror Education are an artistic duo united by their mutual love of early cinema and a passion for theatre, the pair work together to run workshops, events and learning activities for participants of all ages and abilities.
Box of Light’s weekend is set to include more talks and activities and a comprehensive walking tour of key locations in Birmingham’s pre-cinema history.

Box Office: 0121 245 4455 /


Adrian Utley Guitar Orchestra present Terry Riley’s ‘In C’


Adrian Utley is devoted to breaking new ground and exploring the potential of the guitar. As a member of the experimental electronic band, Portishead, Utley is jazz trained, with a passion for the minimalist approach to playing. To celebrate his love of experimental techniques, Utley’s task for the Discovery Season is to spearhead a guitar orchestra that will be re-interpret Terry Riley’s ‘In C’, which although written in 1964, is one of the most influential music pieces of the 20th century.

Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra – In C Preview from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

The audience will witness fifty three different ways of the playing the C note which will form an unforgettable performance, supported by organ music and percussionists. To commemoratethis unique concert, Invada Records will release a recorded live version in the Autumn of 2013.


Birmingham’s Pram craft fairytales from concrete reality. The second city’s spin cycle of perpetual renovation, from the slum clearances to its current cosmetic upgrade, is etched in Pram’s restless groove, an endearing and gently refusenik mix encircling early Rough Trade innovators The Raincoats, astro jazz, sci-fi soundtracks, creepy Victoriana, tropical analogue and tumbledown funk.


Rhys Chatham + Charlemagne Palestine with Ex Easter Island Head


Charlemagne Palestine is an American composer, performer, and visual artist. A contemporary of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Phill Niblock, and Steve Reich. Rhys Chatham is a composer, guitarist and trumpet player from Manhattan, currently living in Paris, who altered the DNA of rock.

Chatham and Palestine first met in the late 60s in New York, at the end of 2012; they decided to revisit their collaboration. This will be a UK exclusive and an incredible opportunity to see two giants in contemporary composition perform together.

Charlemagne Palestine

Ex-Easter Island Head are a Liverpool-based ensemble composing and performing for solid body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments. Their music – played on horizontally mounted mallet-struck guitars alongside a battery of unusual percussion – has been compared to the likes of Steve Reich, Balinese Gamelan and Claude Debussy.

Large Electric Ensemble was commissioned for the inaugural World Event Young Artists (WEYA) festival, held in Nottingham 2012. Utilising an ensemble of experienced local musicians the piece sees an ensemble of 12 guitarists playing modified ‘third bridge’ guitars from a unique graphic score to create a unique shimmering soundworld, rich in heavenly drones, overtones and repetition.



Rise of Birmingham


The city’s music scene has been making an impressive impact on the national indie scene in recent years. Last year, NME celebrated the ‘Rise of Birmingham’ and the diverse indie music scene here. This night will see some performances from some of the best emerging bands in the region including:

Free School

Bringing the sunny Balearic sounds of summer and the icy kosmische sounds of winter, Free School are maximalist and minimalist all at once. But in a good way. The Birmingham duo signed to the internationally renowned Tirk label in 2011 and recently released their critically acclaimed LP ‘Tender Administration’, following two 12” EP releases and a string of remixes for the likes of Roots Manuva, Phil Oakey and Maps.

Victories At Sea

Victories At Sea are an experimental three piece, citing influences as wide and diverse as Slowdive, Boards of Canada, and M83 through to more unadulterated alternatives such as Echo and The Bunnymen, New Order and mid 80s Cure. By using various electronics and drum loops live, their traditional set up is enveloped by resonating layers of sound cast against the backdrop of the city at night.


Noise quintet whose diverse influences blend to create a mash up of genres, creating a new sound that has something for every alternative pallet. “Heavy grooves and dark noise give a beautiful backdrop to the reverb drenched power vocals that melodically dance around the room. Big choruses and dangerously boisterous breakdowns make VICTOR a band to keep your eye one and a band that definitely deserve a breakthrough into the public eye.” – Counteract Magazine victortheverbose

Youth Man

They generate an infectious energy during their intense live show as three individuals grapple with their instruments to whip up a reckless tornado of sound, flailing limbs and musical angst that is a feast for the senses.

“These riotous noise-makers bring a shambolic edge with their Pixies-influenced setup. This young three-piece encapsulate everything exciting about Birmingham music right now with frontwoman Kaila Whyte sporting a reputation for the raucous. “ Brum Notes


Leftfoot present: Omar


A British soul singer, songwriter and musician, Omar learned his craft classically, playing the trumpet, piano and percussion. Making albums since the early 1990s, his work is often compared to Stevie Wonder’s work of the 1970s. He is described by some as the father of British neo soul.

Leftfoot was founded back in 2000 by Adam Regan and Richard Whittingham, and has evolved into one of the most important left-of-centre, soul- based projects in the UK. Voted the best Club Night by Gilles Peterson in 2003, the intervening decade has witnessed Leftfoot’s pioneering progression, hosting guests across a vibrant palette covering house, hip-hop, disco, jazz, funk, soul, reggae, drum & bass, techno, Afrobeat, Latin and more.


Bring To Light


As part of the Discovery season we are producing to celebrate the Library of Birmingham, Capsule will curate a weekend of adventurous music, celebrating the very best in new music and performance. 25-27 October

Dinos Chapman

Friday’s programme will see performances in the industrial space of the Rainbow Warehouse in Digbeth, for the rest of the weekend dynamic new music will invade Birmingham’s new library.

Friday 25th October / 8pm-late/ Rainbow Warehouse, Digbeth
£15 day ticket

Shangaan Electro / Dinos Chapman / Sleaford Mods / Deafheaven / Hordes

Also on Friday, Shangaan Electro will lead FREE dance workshops, giving people of all ages and abilities the chance to learn the wildest Shangaan dance moves step by step.
Two workshops will take at place 1pm and 3pmPlease email [email protected] if you are interested in taking part.

Saturday 26th October / 3pm – midnight /Library of Birmingham
£20 day ticket

Josephine Foster / Robedoor / High Wolf / Kogumaza / Richard Dawson / Grumbling Fur

 Kids Gig – 2pm at the Symphony Hall – Free
This free event is aimed at the under 7s and features the inimitable Richard Dawson. Symphony Hall is situated very near to the Library of Birmingham, in Chamberlain Square. No need to book, just drop in.

Shangaan Electro – 3pm Amphitheatre Library of Birmingham – Free
A free outdoor performance by Shangaan Electro, the high-speed dance phenomenon from South Africa.

Sunday 27th October / 2pm – 11pm / Library of Birmingham
£15 day ticket

Masaki Batoh / Clipping / Evil Blizzard / Sarah Angliss / The Delia Darlings / Laurence Hunt

In addition we will have a merch stall provided by Milque & Muhle, Birminghams newest independent record shop selling new & second hand rare underground treats.

Go to for photos and film of Sleaford Mods’ performance.