Ideal skate 10th Birthday party, Lodown magazine exhibition


capsule vs stati’k:
 2 rooms with
 live performances by
bola (skam records) + gescom (members of autechre)
floach + papa november
lodown magazine exhibition launch (berlin)
ideal 10th birthday > skate ramp + gambling
wax fondling: mr.ben + dj log + satori + jeff spicoli + capsule
 + for your pleasure inflatable sumo wrestlers

discover the blueprint of a specific subculture, who have set their focus on playing with and sampling urban mechanisms and transforming them to their own art of expression, deeply rooted in american pop art, electronic music, skateboarding, or whatever. enjoy more than exploit.< marok 2000 a selection of material from Schizophrenic, the second book by berlin based magazine Lodown, featuring new work from marok commissioned by capsule
28th september – 28th October exhibition curated by capsule

sponsored by Carhartt , west midlands arts, medicine bar

to find out more about lodown magazine check out

Manchester’s Bola is Darrell Fitton, whose 1995 debut 12-inch for Skam under that name helped shoot the now-collectible label to underground notoriety. His self-titled Skam EP combined vaguely funk-fueled rhythms with harsh, austere synth textures and almost industrial-grade distortion.Soup, Fitton’s LP debut is an impressive synthesis of the machine-beat ambiance of post-techno with warm, wistful analog soul.
Text taken from Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

Gescom, the more dancefloor-friendly identity of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, focuses on the more uptempo tendencies of Autechre paired with a harder, rougher, more driving rhythmic edge, Gescom material remains committed to the more adventurous side of electro/techno even as it gives DJs a bit more backbeat to work with. Text taken from Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

to find out more about gescom and bola check out the skam website


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kid 606 + gold chains + iacon


gold chains

where to start with kid606? some would say that simple words cannot describe him but seeing as he is too lazy and/or busy to make a quicktime movie of his life story words will have to suffice. When not working on more emo-jungle-digital-indie-trashy-punk-noisy-wicked- electro-techno-hardcore-IDM-soul and fuck hits to follow up his “don’t sweat the technics” full length, in his spare time kid606 likes to do remixes for other people or get other people to do remixes for him.

Kid606 like to namedrop (in no particular order)godflesh, the misfits, swans, sex pistols, throbbing gristle, techno-animal, cramps, napalm death, ice, neurosis, eyehategod, joy division, jesus and mary chain,richard devine, stuff on mego like fennesz and farmers manual, mouse on mars, twisted science, vomit lunchs, autechre/gescom, coil, public enemy, v/vm, ambush, I-sound, christoph de babalon, pole, wutang,mase, chain reaction stuff like porter ricks, sonic subjunkies, lexuanculpt, warsaw, good electro like schematic, romullo and his brother, main, heroin, NWA, scala, merzbow, locust, mark van hoen, the crimson curse, lowfish,solvent, gentle giant, the rapture, david kristian, sensational, Dj pure, to roccoco rot, the jungle brothers, matmos, ken ishi, photek, puppy, somatic responses, minor threat,michael nyman, steve reich and gavin bryars.

to find out more about kid 606 and his record label check:

Everybody is talking about this new rap music,” proclaims Gold Chains (a.k.a. Topher LaFata) over some dubby beats on his self-titled EP, soon to be put out by Kit Clayton’s Orthlorng Musork label. No doubt! The San Francisco mic master garnered a mention in Spin before releasing a single track. Maybe its because they had nothing to else interesting to write about that month. But more likely it’s because once the rapper lets his rhymes loose over his bass-thumping, techno-damaged beats and blends them with hip-hop, dub, and a touch of bittersweet pop, babes start dancing and people start feeling good about themselves. What does Gold Chains have to say about this?

“I’m just a normal cali punk rock kid living one day at a time trying to fill the world with beauty, love and revolution.”

Looks like he is doing a good job so far.

iacon dj collective combine their unique blend of visuals with an ecclectic mix of samples played through a distortion pedal. They have played at several capsule events under the name of wonderland, and has included the chicks on speed night as well as being the first sonic visual commission at capsule.


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spirit caravan + dukes of nothing + for my brain


spirit caravan (ex obsessed + st vitus)
dukes of nothing (ex iron Monkey)
for my brain

Between them, the three members of spirit caravan ruled the us doom rock scene throughout the 80s and 90s, variously serving time in saint vitus, the obsessed, pentagram, iron man, wretched and unorthadox.
If you’re partial to a bit of sabbath this is the band for you!!!

“Formed by the godfather of heavy rock, scott ‘wino’ weinrich’ (ex st. vitus, ex obsessed), spirit caravan’s recent london show was seen by the stoner faithful as gig of the year. The loudest band on the planet, the caravan blend old school rock values with heavy, free jazz interludes, powered by wino’s legendary guitar tone”

for more info about spirit caravan

Already hotly-tipped the mighty Dukes Of Nothing – a band recently cited by the NME as ‘Ones To Watch’ in 2001 and featuring former members of Iron Monkey, Fabric & Acrimony, along with drummer Chris Turner from Orange Goblin, the Dukes have spent the past few months perfecting their ‘Motorhead meets Black Flag’ sonics, and laying plans for a series of seven-inch singles this year (starting with the release the CD ‘Ten Tonnes’ in May on Eccentric Man Records, closely followed by a split 7″ single with the Hookers in June 2001 on the Butchers Hook label).

People naturally expect a continuation of the seismic sludged out doom that the MONKEY were renowned for the world over. However, as they hit the stage for their debut show at London’s Garage in March 2000, it was apparent that these boys had been doing their homework, and what rushed forth from their battered amps was something far scarier: high octane no holds barred full contact rock ‘n’ roll abandon – guns blazing, headstocks pointing to the heavens and speed grimaces a mile wide.

It was the band’s conscious decision to pick up the tempo and look back at the music that inspired them in younger, less cynical days: BLACK FLAG, MOTORHEAD, AC/DC, DISCHARGE, SAINT VITUS, CELTIC FROST and other behemoths of their teens. This ain’t retro baby, just the carrying on of traditions that just aren’t that prevalent these days. Sure, they like a couple of those new fangled bands, but deep down, the shit that REALLY excites them comes from an era when real men wore Denim and Leather, body piercing was unheard of and MTV played nothing but wall to wall Dire Straits.

Fine tuning, finer songs and a smattering of shows later (guest appearances with the likes of HIGH ON FIRE, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, ORANGE GOBLIN, HELLACOPTERS & UK SUBS amongst others), the troops are ready to take on all comers. A handful of 7″s, a mini album on their label, ECCENTRIC MAN, and an upcoming tour with SPIRIT CARAVAN are the band’s first steps towards world domination.

for more info about dukes of nothing:

For my brain are a london four-piece making their debut with a unique brand of twisted rock n’ roll. influences include Pussy galore, Butthole Surfers, Black Sabbath and Trail of Dead.


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chicks on speed + sand + Ravi Deepres


capsule + fierce! presents
d>generate:a live performance by:
chicks on speed . sand . ravi deepres
luke vibert (dj set) echoboy (live)

adam regan (leftfoot/different drummer) .chris read
sir real (house of God) . wonderland dj collective .

“Chicks On Speed have an undefinable stance where fine art, graphic design, rock n roll, the avante garde, performance, politics, feminism, electronica, techno and consumerism collide but where the communication of ideas in whatever medium is paramount”
The Face

A unique collaboration between internationally acclaimed Berlin based music and performance trio chicks on speed, Birmingham based musicians sand and visual artist ravi deepres, is set to be the highlight of an evenings entertainment at medicine bar, birmingham.

A poster campaign in and around the city centre will be devised, created and implemented by Chicks on Speed, who will be in residence at Capsule/the Medicine Bar, working on installation material for one week prior to the event.

Chicks take on the Beatles during the week, performing on the roof of the Ikon Gallery. All of the artists have been commissioned to work together, prior to the event, Chick A, Chick M and friends providing text, performance and costume with Sand (Satellite Records) Layering musical elements and Birmingham based artist Ravi Deepres providing visual projections.

Saturday night will see the fruits of a two month collaboration – under the title d>generate. The Custard Factory lake is being transformed to house this one-off sonic/visual performance a piece commissioned specifically for the event.

For more information on chicks on speed check:

“avant jazz collective Sand suffer from a split personality.Their singles for London satelite label exploit vinyls binary system:play one side and you’re presented with an update of Forth World fusionist John Hassel’s mutant ethodelia and EMC’s spartan vistas. Put the needle to the filp and now you’re locked into feral metal freefall, swept up in sensurround of agitated electronic noise.”

For more information about sand

luke vibert takes to the decks in the Medicine Bar venue,
“After his many moves and moods and interludes and so on, so forth and thereafter, Mr Vibert, as Mr Wagon Christ, has ended up producing his first album for his spiritual home-buddies, Ninja Tune. Thoughtfully taking us on a Vibert tour of the past 4 years “Musipal” presents a mixture of new tracks and previously unreleased archive material.”

supported by a host of fine upstanding Birmingham DJ’s:
adam reagan (Leftfoot/Different Drummer), chris read (Substance) and wonderland dj collective

echoboy, having recently toured with the likes of add N To (X), Doves and elastica will be gracing the lake side stage with a live set

“You listen to a Bob Dylan record, listen to a Television record, listen to a Kraftwerk record, listen to a Chemical Brothers record and then put it all together. All these are the best people of their day, so if you put it together then you should have the perfect hybrid,”
Richard Warren, Echoboy

for more info


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Billy Mahonie + Geiger Counter + Buick 6


billy  mahonie
geiger counter
buick 6

Billy Mahonie are an instrumental rock band who have been playing music for the last three years. Their album The Big Dig was released on Too Pure in 1999. Recently they have ditched some of the laid back facets to their music and drifted further into the realms of heavy rock, jazz, and folk, bringing forth a heavier, sharper and more focused sound which will surely foil the pigeon holers and rock intelligensia. They will be playing material from their new album What Becomes Before which is due fro release on Southern Records on August 28th 2001.

For further info on Billy Mahonie check:

s this Prog Rock or Math Rock taken to the extreme? No over indulgent vocals, no over the top stage antics. Just good hard music, that grabs you by the throat and spits you out onto the floor. These guys seriously rock big time! Jon and Crawford you may recognise from bass wranglers Rothko, but Jon swaps instruments from bass, to more at home guitar. Last release Ekranoplan is a gem. See them live and prepare to be pinned against the wall! Like all your favourite rock bands without the singers.

For info on Geiger Counter check:


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Fly Pan Am + Karamasov + DOTB


fly pan am

Fly Pan Am is a young Montreal-based instrumental rock quartet whose ear for melody, honed in large part through obsessive exposure to the French pop tradition, is combined with a strong forward-looking experimentalism, driven by a deep-rooted faith in the unfulfilled possibilities of minimalism and electronic/tape-based sound in rock composition. Fly Pan Am engage a tradition of art-punk that encompasses the Velvet Underground, Talking Heads and Sonic Youth, maintaining an exuberant innocence tempered by a sense of structural refinement similar in spirit to that of early Stereolab. The straight-up metronomic drumming, with its obstinate refusal to add flourishes or fills, establishes a steady found .ation upon which bass and guitar lines can weave and shift at will. Tape-based experimentation by all the members of the group add drones, transitional accents, and abrupt interruptions to the live band material. The result is a constantly evolving rhythmic entity which recalls the grand instrumental textures of Godspeed You Black Emperor!, the minimal economy of the Velvets and the angular structures of New York’s No-Wave scene.

Montreal, which has also given us Godspeed You Black Emperor! (with whom, in Roger Tellier-Craig, Fly Pan Am share a guitarist), is clearly enamoured of the slow revolution, the minimalist hook, and the glorious chiming climax.
Ralph Parfect – NME, September 30, 1999

To find out more about Fly Pan Am check:

Karamasov are Satellite records newest signing and are an anglo-german four piece consisting of Adam Stewart (electronics and programming), Berit Immig (drums, percussion, occasional vocals), Harry Rambaut (bass) and Johannes von Weizsacker (guitar and cello).
When Adam and his sampler moved in with Johannes and Harry some musical experimentation led to the idea to form a band. This was cemented when Berit (a classically trained percussionist) came in on drums. After several name changes they settled on Karamasov after the book the Brothers Karamasov by Dostoevsky although the choice was more to do with the sound of the name than any great affiliation to Russian literature. The band were fully formed in December 1997 and have been playing killer live sets ever since.

To find out more about Karamasov check:

dreams of tall buildings were formed at the end of 1999. their sonic venture began by recording sound textures from media, sounds from their environment and surroundings. they have been known to use type writers and super 8 projectors in order to create unearthly rhythms rather than using traditional percussion. they avoid becoming slaves to genre by having a doctrine which is as evolving as their sound constructions themselves. their sound ranges from minimal microwaves, breathing and non notes to hideously distorted trumpets and string loops sounding like miles davis stabbing stan getz in a floatation tank .


L’altra + Rothko + Solway Fifth


L’altra (Chicago)<br>
Rothko (3 bass action) <br>
Solway Fifth

L’altra is comprised of: Lindsay Anderson, Joseph Costa, Ken Dyber (owns and runs Aesthetics) and Eben English (also plays in Del Rey). The group formed in the autumn of 97, based on a flyer Ken hung in the local record store looking for people to play with. Joe called, and he, Ken and Lindsay played (who Joe moved to Chicago with), and thus the nucleus of the band was created. About a month or two later Ken introduced them to Eben, who had moved to Chicago with his band Del Rey. From there, things just fell into place. In the winter of 99, Marc Hellner joined the group for a short stint, but after about a half a year or so, he left the band to focus more time on his Pulseprogramming project. They are on aestetics record label (same as isotope 217)

Some of the artists they have played with include: Movietone, David Grubbs, Blackheart Procession, Daniel Givens, Pulseprogramming (who they toured with), Retsin, Arial M (Papa M), American Analog Set, 33.3, Macha, Poster Children, Solex, and tons more.

for further info about l’altra check out:

rothko Three guys and three basses. This is another band that are very hard to slot into a pigeonhole – which is a good thing! You may think the bass guitar is a deep ploddy instrument, well think again, as some of the noises you hear sound like they cannot possibly come out of this instrument. Moody, deep and self indulgent – yes, but you can loose yourself in this sound and it’s beautiful. On some tracks it sounds like there’s a storm brewing, or wind whistling through the chimney pots – all made with the bass guitar. There is no singing from these guys, as just playing is hard work enough, but that doesn’t distract from the weird calming ride that the music takes you on.

This band continues to experiment and push the music boundaries, and have no particular agenda that they work to. Record collaborations have been made with bands as diverse as Billy Mahonie, Monkey Boy, The Monsoon Bassoon, Tarantel and Elephant. Live, Rothko are a completely different experience – if you go along expecting something similar to the ambient recorded sounds, then be prepared. They can quite literally be a beautiful wall of noise live and are capable of disturbing the punters who see them for the first time, with only the best PA’s being able to cope with the output being pushed through. Samples from minidisk and loops are used in the live arena, and they have played together (as in the same time on stage) with Cay, Monkey Boy, Richard Thomas, John Tye and DJ Spykid, and been used by performance artists. They often make tunes up on the spot or during sound checks!

“..are so far arse-bongingly out ‘there’ they make Tortoise look like Level 42.”

For Further information about Rothko check:


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Andrea Parker + v/vm + Sir Real + Solway Fifth


Andrea parker (mo wax 2hr wax fondling set)
v/vm (live – pure tonal offal)
sir real (dj set)
solway fifth (live – yam yam post rock)
+ statik djs nippa >spoon fluff> jeff spicoli>
eye nourishment: derek onions/capsule

V/VM. for one night only^^
and so they promise the worst…. a one off special – they’re keeping the dream alive/. a live personal attack in birmingham – for one night only, under the guises of pig and chicken heart….. sick love is no doubt assured— a set too bad to describe, like a dredger working to find the worst to make them worse. where did it all go wrong ?????what’s it all about ????? a recent show in barcelona was described as being the worst show ever seen in the city* what a lift off=====join us and celebrate the mouldy old dough.

sir real for the last eight years, following an eye-opening visit to Holland, has been an integral part of the Midlands techno scene and is one of the three original resident DJs (alongside Surgeon & Paul Damage) from notorious Birmingham club ‘House of God’. For the first four years of his DJing career, he was also resident with the ‘Third Eye Soundsystem’, another much-loved Brummy club. Sir Real has DJ’ed extensively around the UK, and has also played at Tresor (Berlin), and Simplon & Doornroosje in Holland.

For further info on Andrea Parker check:

For further info on Sir Real check:

For further info on v/vm check:


A Silver Mt. Zion + Frankie Sparo + Buick 6


A Silver Mt. Zion
Frankie Sparo
Buick 6

A Silver Mt. Zion is a group led by founding godspeed you black emperor! guitarist Efrim, together with other godspeed members Sophie and Thierry. The music was written by Efrim and arranged by the trio. Efrim plays mostly piano, some guitar, and provides the vocals on the one lyrical piece on their debut. Thierry contributes upright and electric bass, and Sophie plays violin.
To some extent, A Silver Mt. Zion was born out of a desire on the part of these godspeed players to work in a smaller musical ensemble; in effect, to escape some of the constraints that often accompany writing and arranging music democratically with nine musicians. As well, Efrim simply wanted a vehicle to realise some of his own musical ideas that would not necessarily work well within the context of godspeed.

“A Silver Mt. Zion, a Godspeed side project featuring guitarist Efrim Menuck, bassist Thierry Amar, and violinist Sophie Trudeau, forgoes the thick, orchestral sounds of the Montréal nine-piece, opting instead for a more subtly orchestrated three-to-five-piece arrangement. The result is a sound that, while every bit as powerful as that of Godspeed, is in many ways more affecting. Whereas Godspeed present a sometimes overwhelming wall of sound, A Silver Mt. Zion have turned that intimidating sonic behemoth into a sparse, penetrating beast tearing limb from limb.”

Matt LeMay August 8, 2000

‘My red scare’ the debut by frankie sparo is a dark & deconstructed affair, featuring lots of angular guitar, skittish electronics, and a throaty voice offering up the finest lyrical turns of phrase we’ve heard in a long while. ‘my red scare’ is redolent with film noir atmosphere: vaguely sinister & paranoid at times & languid at others, the whole record exudes oblique intimacy and the unique sensibility of a true auteur.

with arrangement help from various musicians within the constellation circle, the pieces range from spare acoustic guitar accompaniment, to electric guitar & beatbox collisions and full-on orchestrations for strings.

To find out more about asmz visit:


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Capsule Xmas Party


buick 6
dj z-love
dj brummie si
evil c
Capsule Grannies

buick 6 played a brief yet enjoyable acoustic set, followed by
an array of dj talent including dj z-love, playing total
metal,dj brummie si playing a selection of his favorite
tunes to accompany much pie eating, and of course Jenny and I had a
go too. Also playing evil c and not forgetting the
winnebago sound system.

The free and extremley potent punch certainly got everyone in the
spirit of the festive season, I think much fun was had by all,
especially us!!!


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sessions II


Active Optics:
Extreme Frequency Optisonics
by magda scylla & sima gonsai

Capsule has commissioned 3 sonic/visual investigations throughout this year. The first of which was made by ‘wonderland retail therapy’, a group of Birmingham based DJs and artists. The second event was:
Active Optics: Extreme Frequency Optisonics by magda scylla & sima gonsai

ctive Optics created & performed aproximately 40 minutes of visuals, mixed to audio ranging from the abstract extreme pure tonal frequencies of Roiji Ikeda & Panasonic, to the intricate sitar ragas and talas of Ravi Shankar & intertwined vocals of Shella Chandra

The Visuals brought together a mixture of both traditional and contemporary techniques such as 2 D computer animation and experimental digital video, with etched, hand painted shapes & colours onto 16 mm film.

The aim was to give a varied and unpredictable performance with an element of surprise – swift mood changes from meditative to anxious, dark to humerous, providing the audience with an optical and tonal sensory experience.

This project was part of Metapod.expo, a brand new festival which celebrates innovation in the UK’s Creative Industries, Metapod.expo takes place 20 – 28 October 2000
for further details of events visit


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Sand +Plone + Solway Fifth


Plone (dj set)
Solway Fifth

Sand have been writing the ‘soundtrack for the end of the world as we know it’ since their incarnation in midsummer 1995. Their music has consistently evolved through many transformations and mutations. Eight musicians ranging from extreme experimentalists to dedicated jazz players have passed through the Sand studio.

The band now have a line up of five musicians: Neil Griffiths (guitar), Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Rowan Oliver (drums), John Richards (bass) and Tim Wright (electronics).

In addition to their extensive studio work Sand regularly play live throughout Britain and continental Europe. These performances are intense, on-the-edge and heavy. Extended, contracted and remixed versions of Sand tracks are accompanied by the bold and idiosyncratic visuals of Ravi Deepres. They have played in many venues including a graveyard and an old slaughterhouse in London,squatted car parks and clubs in Paris and Milan, and the Volksoper in Vienna.

After a series of underground 12″ releases Sand’s first album “Beautiful People Are Evil” appeared in October 1999 on Satellite Records. It was received with excitement, intrigue and confusion by the British music press and public.

“shoves the rock back into post-rock so savagely it probably wont stop weeping all year.”

To find out more about sand check:

Birmingham based trio Plone will be spinning the wheels of steel, bringing together their love of soundtracks and early electronic music, should be interesting to say the least.

“It’s got the soundtrack feel of a television advert, but thankfully it’s devoid of cliché and kitsch. “we like doing more sondtrack oriented music,” explains Johnston, just because you can work with lots of emotions… well, at least three.”
Matt Corwine

To find out more about Plone visit:


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Do Make Say Think


Do Make Say Think (canada)
Buick 6
Epic 45

Do Make Say Think evolved out of early experimental and improvised home recordings by founding members Charles Spearin (bass, trumpet), Justin Small (guitar) and James Payment (drums).

Sublimating their rock instincts through dub and lounge filters, they began to brew up a heady batch of psych-tinged instrumentals. Collaborations with fellow Toronto-area musicians Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, horns, keyboards) and Jason MacKenzie (drums, keyboards) led to the formation of a proper band, where the signature chill vibe, marked by syncopated rhythms and repeating melodies, took shape. Jason’s growing collection of old synths led him away from the drum kit and into full-time knob-twiddling, so drummer Dave Mitchell was added to the group in mid-1998.
Do Make Say Think are now a finely-calibrated musical Sputnik tracing stardust orbits around the good green Earth. Ultimately, Do Make Say Think remain very much a rock band, devoted to brash riffing and blissful repetition, but moving towards more sublime dynamics and harmonics.

“As that South Park film made mercilessly plain, Canada is not a nation usually associated with its momentous contribution to popular culture. Yet, along with fellow Canucks Godspeed…, Do Make Say Think are breaking the mould by producing some of the most exciting, truly innovative music of the moment. Managing to be both unsettling and deeply beautiful, genuinely experimental yet infinitely palatable, Goodbye Enemy Airship…rarely resorts to the tired quiet/loud Slint methodology that has contributed to post-rock being pilloried in some quarters. Instead, they inject squalls of jazzy horns into opener “When Day Chokes The Night”, employ a Ry Cooder-style country twang on “The Apartment Song” and recall Future Days-era Can on the gloriously woozy “All Of This Is True”. The lasting impression is of a band overflowing with a restless flow of ideas. Stunning. “
Pat Long Select Magazine April 2000

To find out more about Do Make Say Think:

EPIC45 come from the staffordshire area of england and formed at school during 1995. Founder members Ben Holton(guitars), Rob Glover (bass) and mark oldfield (drums) starting rehearsing together in that year but it wasn’t until around late 1997 that they started listening to bands like ‘Spiritualized’ and ‘Mogwai’ and with that came the realisation that you could make 10 minute noisy instrumentals and get away with it.

After sucessful gigs in the past supporting such acts as Muse,Cay,Do Make Say Think,Rothko and Twist, epic45 return with two additions to the band with Scott Massey (keyboards/guitars) and Matt Kelly (guitars/bass) brought in to enhance the sound experience.

To find out more about Epic 45 check:


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Giant Exhibition


Exhibition of work by Shepard Fairey

What started out in 1989 as a sticker campaign targeting a college campus in Rhode Island, to create a pseudo skate posse has over ten years expanded into the worldwide phenomenon that is ‘the Andre the Giant sticker campaign’.
Legendary wrestler Andre Renee Rousimoff (Andre the Giant) who suffered with the rare disease ‘acromegaly’ or ‘giant syndrome’ is the source of Shepard Faireys work. For eleven years Shepard has played with society’s worship of corporate icons, logos or anything else aimed to steer you in a preconceived direction. Shepard Fairey describes his sticker campaign as an experiment in phenomenology

“The process of letting things manifest themselves” Faireys stickers strive to

“reawaken a sense of wonder about ones environment”in a world saturated by visual information through advertising, Giant offers us an image without any obvious product to promote, causing the public to speculate its meaning and the purpose of its existence.

Exhibited throughout America and at the Chamber of Pop Culture in London and most recently in Tokyo. Shapard Fairey sends a selection of his work to display at Capsule. Unique silk screen prints will be exhibited alongside prints most commonly seen billboarded on the streets of American cities. Look out for an increase in Giant visibility throughout the UK in the weeks leading up to the show.

You can find out more about Giant from:

Capsule would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors of the Giant show.
Level magazine have featured an article on Fairey in their August edition and will be providing free copies for the opening night.


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Billy Mahonie + Calvados Beam Trio + Buick 6


Billy Mahonie
Calvados Beam Trio
Buick 6

Funky post-Rock heroes BILLY MAHONIE return to the live circuit to play Birmingham, joined by the math/improv genius of CALVADOS BEAM TRIO and the plaintive country stylings of BUICK 6.

The night was an astounding success with over a 100 people turning up. Thanks to all of those who joined us for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

You can check out more info from the billy mahonie site:


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Wonderland Retail Therapy is made up of a collective of djs and artists, united in their passion for collecting other peoples junk.

Spending far too long in their bedrooms, incorrectly playing records, or in charity shops, car boot sales and 2nd hand record stores, hunting out obscure sounds. This results in samples, soundbites and dialogue being reclaimed, modified and taken out of context to create new meanings, ideas and stories, often amusing and always entertaining.

The show at Capsule will be a one night performance, supporting James Lavelle (mo wax). The audience will not only experience a journey through collected sounds but the incorporation of visuals. Taking the form of a sing along comic book, projections and manipulated objects.

This is the first of three commissions by Capsule which will take place as sonic/visual interventions within the club space.


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snail racing + polaris + ross


Snail racing are from Leeds and have members of Polaris, Imbis,
Month of Birthdays and Solanki. There are two girls and two boys
not to mention 3 bass players and a drummer.

Bilge Pump are also from lovely Leeds and are made up of members
from Polaris, they sing through telephones…

Ross is a local lad, living in Brum and sings country style with
acoustic guitar.


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Pelican + Torche


“Thunder Pop.” Sure, this sound was hinted at by TORCHE singer/guitarist/songwriter Steve Brooks’ former group Floor, founded by the mighty Black Sabbath and nearly accomplished by mainstreamers Queens of the Stone Age… but such truly anthemic, triumphant and absolutely massive heavy rock has never been so downright catchy! The mind-rupturing debut album by the Miami, FL quartet—which also features former Floor guitarist Juan Montoya (who, along with Brooks, also played in the mighty Cavity), drummer Rick Smith (ex-Tyranny Of Shaw) and bassist Jon Nuñez—echoes the scooped-EQ tones (all lows and highs with precious little mid-range) of the Melvins classic Ozma, the infectious riff-rock of Nirvana’s Bleach and glissando multi-part harmonies of classic Beach Boys.

TORCHE’s gloriously sung, harmonized and soaring vocal arrangements accompanying the most monolithic riffs of modern times, is truly a massive sound made all the more devastating by the album’s masterful production. The lumbering sludge of opener “Charge of the Brown Recluse” heralds the coming rockpocalypse of raging tracks like the behemoth chamber pop of “Mentor” and the head-bobbing sliding harmonic guitar lines of “Rock It.” Chiming hook-laden tunes like “Fire” and “Erase” are streamlined thunder pop chunks that get right to the point and self-immolate in just over two minutes.

After Floor, er, collapsed in June 2004, Brooks and Montoya immediately started thinking up plans for a new band that would continue where their former group left off. Robotic Empire label founder (and huge Floor fan) Andy Low suggested that the new band work with his friend, Smith on drums. The lineup soon solidified with Nuñez, one of Smith’s long-time friends. TORCHE had ignited.

Unhindered by the impositions of the vocal yoke, Chicago instro-sorcerers Pelican transcend the limits of time and space to expound upon the stunning finesse and painstaking subtlety with which they command their already indelible sonic signature. Restoring instrumental composition to its former glory is no insignificant task, and to do so with such remarkable authority and presence is a testament to the sheer will and unmitigated talent of Pelican’s membership. Levying cinematic melody upon glacial heaviness, they achieve the sort of inevitability usually reserved for weather systems and natural disasters.


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Emerging from the same NYC rock underground that launched the careers of HELMET, JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION and SURGERY, NYC’s UNSANE are a legendary rock powerhouse. The trio’s distinct brand of cacophony has spearheaded the international noise rock movement and embodies uneasy listening at its most confrontational! UNSANE’s cold, ugly urban synthesis of screaming, distorted vocal howls, gargantuan bass, strangled guitar wranglings and regimented drum assault paved the way for countless others to follow.



Beestung Lips
Spewed up from the murky depths of Birmingham at some point in mid 2006, Bee Stung Lips is a four-headed hideous beast, with blood-shot eyes and tentacles stretching far back into the Midlands music scene.
Chewing on notes from The Jesus Lizard, Hot Snakes and Oxbow, and then spitting them back out, with additional nods to literary giants such as Charles Bukowski and John Fante, they create a provocative mixture of wilfully abrasive noise and viscera-shredding rock ?n? roll. Howling, anguished, and convulsive vocals tussle with rapid-fire drums, riotous guitar and blistering bass lines, before collapsing into a chaotic heap, breathless and foaming at the mouth.
Fiercely intelligent, yet unashamedly reckless, Bee Stung Lips possess an irrepressible addictive fury along with an abundance of technical aplomb. Rapidly garnering a sizeable reputation for their infamous live performances, they are currently rampaging across the UK in a whirlwind of chaos, phlegm, and bare flesh.



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Throughout their six-year career, this Japanese quartet has ascended consistently in both popularity and critical acclaim. But still elusive is the successful translation of their powerful and violently beautiful live performances to their recordings, until now. This band isn’t heavy like Black Sabbath. They’re heavy like Beethoven.

Someone whos wielded an influence on the estimable likes of Neurosis and Ministry and even Korn, living legend Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Final, Techno Animal, et. al.) brings us his most intensely personal offering to date in Jesu. Combing a wounding groove with a soul-wounded clean-tenor, Broadricks latest muse burrows deep into the corpus and then starkly paints with repose and resignation. Enigmas never rest, and neither does Jesu.

Formed in October 2003 Mothertrucker is Charlie Butler (Guitar), Tom Moffat (Bass), James Davison (Drums), Chris Scrivens (Guitar) and Bruce Goodenough (Guitar) from Birmingham in the UK.

With influences coming from a wide range of bands like Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Mogwai, Tool, Slint, Red Sparowes, Pelican & Isis; Mothertrucker blend together the harshness of metal, the ambience, texture and lulling nature of post-rock, the groove and rolling rhythms of stoner rock and the gruesome dark feelings of doom with the aim of fusing all this into one as a truly cohesive sound.


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Capsule Xmas party – QUI + MOSS + BEESTUNG LIPS



Qui –
The Los Angeles trio is Paul Christensen on drums, Matt Cronk on guitar, and David Yow, who joined the band last year, doing what he does best. If you’re a Scratch Acid or Jesus Lizard fan, Qui sounds like a grungier sampling of both, with a little psychedelic stoner rock thrown in.



Beestung Lips –
Spewed up from the murky depths of Birmingham at some point in mid 2006, Bee Stung Lips is a four-headed hideous beast, with blood-shot eyes and tentacles stretching far back into the Midlands music scene.
Chewing on notes from The Jesus Lizard, Hot Snakes and Oxbow, and then spitting them back out, with additional nods to literary giants such as Charles Bukowski and John Fante, they create a provocative mixture of wilfully abrasive noise and viscera-shredding rock ?n? roll. Howling, anguished, and convulsive vocals tussle with rapid-fire drums, riotous guitar and blistering bass lines, before collapsing into a chaotic heap, breathless and foaming at the mouth.
Fiercely intelligent, yet unashamedly reckless, Bee Stung Lips possess an irrepressible addictive fury along with an abundance of technical aplomb. Rapidly garnering a sizeable reputation for their infamous live performances, they are currently rampaging across the UK in a whirlwind of chaos, phlegm, and bare flesh.

Bound by hatred, disgust and despair, MOSS create the heaviest and most tormenting extreme doom in existence. An expression of horrific bleakness and mind-numbing desolation through otherworldly odes to madness, H.P.Lovecraft, and altered states.  Despite the use of extreme bass frequencies, Moss features no bass guitarist. They are on Aurora Borealis Records


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Baroness + Kylesa + Taint



Savannah, Georgia’s Baroness blow the lid off their cauldron of hall of fame riffs on their first record for Relapse and debut full-length titled Red Album. With a sound built upon a resolute sense of purpose and shaped by hundreds of explosive live shows, Baroness position themselves at the forefront of heavy music with an epic album that is at once powerful, expressive, confident, and commanding. Red Album sees the band expand its sonic vision; colossal riffs and haunting vocals roll like thunder across epic songs spanning both the intense and the sublime. As the Red Album proves, Baroness’ formidable reputation proceeds them for a reason.

Since this Savannah, Georgia quintet first formed in early 2001, worrying about genre limitations has never been a priority. Taking musical chances, however, always has been. While KYLESA are as heavy as any band out there, they are beholden to no one scene and no preconceived notions of what heavy music should be.

Taint Of South Wales are something of an enigma. Many have striven to place their sound within a handy genre definition, only to find themselves wondering whether a band so dynamic and full of surprises can really be called ‘sludge’, or whether music so antithetical to boredom can justifiably be termed ‘post-hardcore’. Taint’s 2005 full-length debut for Rise Above, ‘The Ruin Of Nova Roma’ was a crafty beast that revelled in contructing such riddles for the listener and, of course, the critic. Pigeonholes are for pigeons, after all. It’s the purpose of great rock groups to not quite fit in.




Earth are an American drone band based in Seattle, Washington, formed in 1990 by Dylan Carlson, Slim Moon, and Greg Babior; the band took its name from the first incarnation of Black Sabbath. Although they have played various styles of music, they are best known as pioneers of a minimalistic, long and repetitive form of heavy music known as drone. To a lesser extent their sound is referred to as doom metal. Earth, however, have little to do with metal in their current sound. Their early albums could be seen as a variation of the experimental doom-influenced metal of The Melvins.

Dylan Carlson has been the driving force within the band and has remained the core of an ever-changing line-up. Outside of the underground music world, Carlson is perhaps best known for having been the best friend of grunge music icon Kurt Cobain who purchased the gun that Cobain later used to commit suicide. [1] After Earth had moved to Seattle, Cobain sang lead vocals in the song “Divine and Bright”, from a demo included on the re-release of the live album Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars.

The drone doom band Sunn O))), who formed as a tribute to Earth, were named after Earth’s (and thence Sunn O)))’s) amplifiers of choice, Sunn. (Sunn O))) also have a song entitled “Dylan Carlson” on their demo). The drone doom supergroup Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine are named after the second song from Earth’s first full-length album, Earth 2: Special Low-Frequency Version.


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AUTECHRE + guests



Rob Brown (born c. 1971) and Sean Booth (born c. 1973), both natives of Rochdale. The group is one of the most prominent acts signed with Warp Records, a label known for its pioneering electronic music artists. Some journalists consider Autechre to be a paragon of IDM and one of the driving forces behind its development,[1] though Booth and Brown are ambivalent in relating their sound to established genres.