Supersonic Festival – London Taster


Supersonic Festival, the world renowned event for adventurous music, art film and beyond is celebrating its 10th birthday.. We love a party so are expanding our celebrations by hosting two very special taster shows in London and Birmingham in August.

King Midas Sound

The roots of King Midas Sound were planted when Kevin Martin, industrial dance veteran and the brain behind experimental dancehall project The Bug, set about collecting together vocalists for his 2008 album, London Zoo. Where The Bug had a hard carapace, firmed up with industrial beats and dubstep bass, King Midas Sound more resembles a phantom presence: a ghostly fog of sound that seeps through air vents and creeps through cracks in window panes. Heavy with urban dread but awake to the promise of a better life.

JK FLesh

Godflesh, Head of David, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Jesu, Greymachine, Palesketcher – just some of the projects from the insanely prolific Justin Broadrick who this year raised his Techno Animal moniker JK Flesh from the dead to promote his recent album Posthuman. Once again proving his mastery of all things brutal. This material will be showcased for the first time in the UK all thanks for Supersonic. Expect soul-crushingly dark beats and bass, layered with Broadrick’s inimitable guitar and vocal fuzz, that will resonate with fans of Godflesh and the post-dubstep landscape alike.


A musician, circuit-bender and all-out live music nutter, hailing from Kernow and now based in the West Midlands. His sets are an orgy of customised electronic equipment, with circuit-bent kids’ dolls sitting alongside doctored loudspeakers, squealing guitars and a fun-at-all-costs mentality!


Godspeed You Black Emperor! + Kepler + Iacon



Montreal group Godspeed You Black Emperor! are the reluctant heroes of avant rock, whose electric elegies and vaulting idealism seem perpetually at odds with the world.

Listen… we all stop paying rent tomorrow and have a meeting somewhere, all the millions of us who lose everyday and know that things are fucked and know that we’re fucked and that mostly we’re powerless to change it. We stop paying rent tomorrow and sit down and figure out what the fuck a little. Let’s do that – let’s not talk about rock music anymore, let’s ease up on the careless adjectives a little bit, let’s fuck the rent and have ourselves a little meeting about the state of things finally … and let’s stop talking about the millenium. THE END OF THE WORLD WILL NEVER FUCKING COME… Love, Godspeed You Maudlin Emperor! 21/6/99

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Kepler share a diffuse rock ethic with groups like GYBE with whom they have toured. If this Canadian quartet lack the focussed sparseness and fragile clarity of, for example early Low, they more than compensate with a looser feel and an experimental openness with inventive arrangements. “Upper Canada Fight Song” and “The Changing Light At Sandover” are particularly fine examples of their subtly drawn out style.
WIRE Issue 26 (Tom Ridge)


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