“There has always been and will always be Samekhmem.

Seek not to understand the birth of Samekhmem.

True comprehension of this is beyond regular thought.

Place your mind, instead, in the center of the universe and allow yourself to dwell in the infinite.

When you know Samekhmem, you will realise that you have always known Samekhmem.

This truth extends beyond all imaginable constraints.

You will know the eternal message of Samekhmem.

It has always been heard by you and you will always be part of it.”

Samekhmem are performers of the Sacred Eternal Drone – that has always been and will always continue. Join the followers of Samekhmem, as a follower you can experience, contribute to and dictate past and future performances.

Experience a Samekhmem performance, witness the perpetual Sacred Eternal Drone, as part of ‘The Event’ on Friday 21st October at Minerva Works, 5pm-10pm.

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The Event


Abstract Cabinet Show at The Event, 2009


Anybody attending this year’s Supersonic Festival will be happy to hear that another exciting arts festival will be taking place in the Eastside area of Birmingham at the same time. The Event is a contemporary arts festival showcasing the best in artist-led activity and  will take place from 21 – 30 October 2011 at a variety of venues including former industrial warehouses and recently opened artist-led gallery spaces.

The Event is delivered by some of the city’s key artist-led groups to explore a range of contemporary arts activity including visual arts, performance, live art, film, video, web-based, installation, intervention and sound, all demonstrating the diversity of the thriving arts community in the city.

Check the website for news of the programme along with special collaborative events.