Supersonic Festival Podcast No. 3


Here’s the third and final edition of our festival podcasts, an awesome selection of Supersonic related artists loving chosen by Chris Downing. If you missed out on them beforehand, the first and second editions are still available for streaming!


1. Jarboe – Ascend

2. Mothertrucker – Festival Strength

3. Lau Nau – Painovoimaa, Valoa

4. Hype Williams – Businessline

5. Hey Colossus – Almeria, Spain

6. Doomsday Student – Ape In Love

7. Napalm Death – The Crucifixion Of Possessions

8. Stian Westerhus – Trailer Trash Ballad

9. Nicholas Bullen – Proximity

10. Merzbow – Slave New Desart

11. My Disco – A Turreted Berg

12. Oxbow – S Bar X

13. Modified Toy Orchestra – Monkey Hands

14. Moonn – Night Of The Vampire

15. Gnod – Why Don’t You Smile Like The Other Children

16. Body/Head – Live

Weekend tickets are just £80 and available from HERE


Supersonic festival podcast no.2


The second of three Supersonic Festival preview podcasts lovingly created by Chris Downing for your listening pleasure.

Politicians & Paedophiles (Feat. Daddy Freddy) By The Bug

Urgelblut By Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

The Beginning Of The End By Flower Corsano Duo

Vevor Of Agassou By Lichens

A Warm Front, Coming From The North By Warm Digits

Geen Dank By Thomas Ankersmit

Hafgee By PCM

Black Dog In The Sky By Richard Dawson

Form And Function By Hookworms

Infearnatural By Ufomammut

Untitled By Tomutonttu

Charioteer By Ore

Uni Pöllönä Olemisesta By Islaja

Black Addict Otter By Clifford Torus

The Earth Is Cold By SWLLS

Refusal Fossil By Ruins Alone

Sigil Of Brass By Earth

True Warriors Endure The Idleness By Kevin Drumm

Weekend tickets are just £80 and available from HERE
First Supersonic 2012  podcast LISTEN HERE


Supersonic podcast no.3


With exactly 2 weeks until SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL 2011, here is the final of our 3 preview podcasts, lovingly put together by Chris Brumcast to give you a taster of what will be on offer. Enjoy and make sure you help us by spreading the word far & wide and encouraging all ya mates to have a listen.
There are still a ltd number of both weekend & individual day tickets available and they can be purchased from HERE.
If you would like further info on any of the artists performing at this years festival or to see what films, exhibitions and workshops we have available see HERE

1. Happiness, Happiness
By Klaus & Kinski

2. From Within We Are
By Nathan Bell

3. Skies Burn Black
By Selfless

4. Capture This (Ii)
By Byetone

By Orthodox

6. Scotch Chiken
By Dj Scotch Egg

7. Rain Washes Over Chaff
By Cut Hands

8. Head And Feet Only Man
By Mike Watt

9. In Hungary They Used To Burn Bagpipers
By Ore

10. Fuck The World
By Turbonegro

11. Absent Afternoon
By Barn Owl

12. Ballin’
By Drumcunt

13. Mara
By Kogumaza

14. Ghost
By The Berg Sans Nipple

15. Gag
By Drunk In Hell

16. Speak Of The Devil, Speak Of The Sea
By Monarch


ARTSCARE podcast featuring Electric Wizard, KARP, Scorn, Lucky Dragons and many more


ARTSCARE podcast featuring Electric Wizard, KARP, Scorn, Lucky Dragons and many more.

Our good friends over at ARTSCARE in Bristol have put together a fantastic new podcast featuring some of the Supersonic acts. ARTSCARE are a DIY crew promoting great unsigned talent from Bristol and beyond. They specialise in limited edition CD runs, online promotion and showcase events for artists and bands who are willing to pitch in, roll their sleeves up and be proactive. Righteous people in other words. Enjoy their sounds here:

ARTSCARE have also produced a History of Metal in Bristol documentary.  Check out part one here.


Supersonic Festival podcast no2


As the weeks get nearer to Supersonic Festival 2011 we present no2. in our series of podcasts, lovingly created by Chris Downing for your listening pleasure and to give you a taster of what will be on offer as part of our program this year. LISTEN HERE


Hello Bastards –Part Chimp
Whirly-Bird – Silver Apples
Matter – Alexander Tucker
Four Violins (1964) (Edit #1) – Tony Conrad
Vinum Sabbathi – Electric Wizard
A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. – Teeth Of The Sea
If I Took Your Hand – Fire
Balance Of The 19 – Secret Chiefs 3
Splice The Mainbrace – Slabdragger
Dreams Coming To An End – Envy
Maatunut – Circle
Xerrox Sora – Alva Noto
Erinys – Zu
Oli Mulla Aarre Kallis – Pekko Käppi
The Echo From The Purple Dawn 2 – Astro

Weekend Tickets can be purchased from HERE
For more info on our line up see HERE


Supersonic podcast no.1


It’s that time of year again when things start hotting up on the Supersonic front. The wonderful Little Chris of Brumcast fame has lovingly put together a series of podcasts together for your listening pleasure. Here is the first Supersonic special – ENJOY!

Zombi Slow Oscillations
Wolves In The Throne Room Dea Artio
A.P.A.T.T. Purple Ackee
Secret Chiefs 3 Akramachamarei
The Skull Defekts No More Always
White Hills Ulan
Bardo Pond Destroying Angel (Peel Sessions)
Scorn Name’s Not Down Not Coming In
Electric Wizard Turn Off Your Mind
Lucky Dragons I Keep Waiting For Earthquakes
Zu Beata Viscera
Current 93 Sunflower
Eternal Tapestry Hermetic Secrets
Cloaks Junk
Pharoah Overlord Test Flight

Weekend tickets are available HERE


Supersonic podcast no.3


With less than 3 weeks to go until Supersonic 2010, this is the third and fina podcast created by Little Chris of Brumcast fame, to give you a real taster for what’s in store – enjoy!

1. Master Musicians Of Bukakke – Cascade Cathedral (4:13)
2. Napalm Death – Mass Appeal Madness (3:29)
3. Drumcorps – Pig Destroyer Destroyer (4:26)
4. People Like Us – Gesundheit! (1:16)
5. Chrome Hoof – Crystalline (4:01)
6. James Blackshaw – Cross (8:38)
7. Health & Efficiency – Yes I walked alone (4:23)
8. Swans – Time Is Money (Bastard) (6:20)
9. Mugstar – Technical Knowledge as a Weapon (5:40)
10. Gnod – Twin Within (13:11)
11. Mothlite – The One In The Water (4:41)
12. K.K. Null – X-02 (4:25)
13. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides – Earth Song (3:22)
14. Ovo – Ostkreuz (2:50)
15. Nicholas Bullen – Proximity (8:12)
16. Melt Banana – Dog Song (1:20)
17. Godflesh – Streetcleaner (6:43)
18. NEU! – SEE LAND (6:54)


Brum cast – Supersonic special no.1


We asked Birminghams very own answer to John Peel, Little Chris of Brum Cast fame to put together three podcasts featuring a taster of bands performing at this years Supersonic Festival to give you an insight to what’s on offer. This is the first one featuring a great selection for your aural delight, enjoy!

Playlist as follows!
1. Necro Deathmort – I fought the law and the law won because fighting is against the law (4:01)
2. Melt Banana – Mind Thief (1:44)
3. Dead Fader – Autumn Rot (3:46)
4. Fukpig – Die Bastard (0:59)
5. Neu! – Hallo Gallo (10:07)
6. Nisennenmondai – Pop Group (6:21)
7. Khyam Allami – Taqsim Nahawand (4:40)
8. Tweak Bird – Spaceships (3:30)
9. Pierre Bastien – L’Orchestre Thermo-Dynamique (4:57)
10. Godflesh – Like Rats (4:27)
11. Swans – New Mind (5:13)
12. Lichens – Kirilian Auras (11:33)
13. Factory Floor – Lying (5:07)
14. Napalm Death – Continuing War on Stupidity (3:10)
15. Bong – Wizards Of Krull (Excerpt) (6:21)
16. People Like Us – The Doody Waltz (5:54)

Tickets are available from