The Furies


‘The Furies’ – a dirty girl band
at mac, Saturday 22nd October, 9pm

Birmingham’s own Kindle Theatre plunder the city’s native sound of Heavy Metal to create a ballsy gig for you to come and get sweaty to.  ‘The Furies’ smashes together rock, metal and soul songs with text and poetry to drasticall retell the story of Clytaemnestra – a woman betrayed. Told through the eyes of Clytaemnestra’s band ofFuries; hot, sensual, with a glint in their eye, this is the ultimate tale ofrage, revenge and envy.

“Joan Jett, Ramones, Bowie, Rocky Horror, Angela Carter… Fantastic, they had the audience in their palms”
Audience feedback, BE Festival 2011, winner of the European Touring Prize

Age recommendation 15+
Tickets £12/£9, available through mac box office: 0121 446 3232 + online HERE



Supersonic Kids Gigs


After the success of our first Supersonic Kids Gigs in 2010, we return with another programme of big sounds for little people!

Tickets  will be £10 for 1 child +  1 adult and available from


As well as performing at the main festival, Lucky Dragons and The Berg Sans Nipple will be performing a special Supersonic Kids Gig this year, exploring experimental music aimed and kids and their families.

Saturday 22nd October

Lucky Dragons’ performances put the audience at the heart of the show, and encourage participation with the artists and with each other. Playing together whilst engaging with new sounds. The artist duo regularly conducts workshops to find new ways to engage people in experimental sounds

Sunday 23rd October

The Berg Sans Nipple is Lori Sean Berg and Shane Aspegren. The former is a suave Frenchman from the dirty rues of Paris, the latter hails from the dusty plains of Nebraska. Two drums, synths, samples, a ton of percussion and vocals hardcore kids gone gamelan, caught in devastatingly beautiful melodies and a mind bending rhythm section.


Kids gigs


Saturday 23rd October
11am + 2.30pm
mac Cannon Hill Park Birmingham B12 9QH
Tickets £5 Bookings 0121 446 3232
For 2 – 7 year olds and their families
A 1 hr workshop & performance exploring experimental music aimed and kids and their families.
Ever since Schoenberg and Kandinsky became pen pals back in 1907, avant-garde art and experimental music has been attempting to find some common ground.  But, it’s not been easy.  While modern art is a mass phenomenon, experimental music is often derided and ignored by the masses.  Here’s our contribution towards a solution: ‘Big Sounds for Little People’.  If you couldn’t guess from the snappy title, it’s a gig, for kids and their families, which aims to introduce children to experimental music at an early age.

Featuring US based, Dosh, a one-man band, a virtuoso, and West Midlands local circuit-bending fiend Glatze.  Glatze uses customised instruments (including: circuit-bent Furby dolls and kids’ toys) that have been specially rewired to create all sorts of musical wizardry. Dosh a multi-instrumentalist; combines a host of instruments into an exciting and unique live experience.  See firsthand how these unlikely instruments are used to make noise / sound / music, and to have a go yourselves.

Produced by Capsule + mac with support from Bright Space + SAM