Tony Sylvester recommends…


We’ve asked a number of Supersonic regulars to tell us what they’re most looking forward to seeing this year, Tony Sylvester recommends…

I’m ecstatic to see the Salt Lake City duo finally making their UK debut. Having trawled over to the continent at the beginning of the year to witness them live, I can safely say disappointment is not an option. I’ve been a fan of Gentry Densley’s guitar playing since the early 90s with the unconquerable Iceburn, and here the stripped back, loose approach really fires up his downtuned ferocity. And I could watch Tyler drum all night.

What would Supersonic be without an appearance from Daniel O’Sullivan? Along with O’Malley, he’s probably graced its stages more times than anyone else, except PCM of course! This year we find his newest, and my favourite of all the groups he’s been involved with – Mothlite. Shot through with a classic British literate pop sensibility, Mothlite updates the template while glimpsing back at the likes of the 4AD roster, New Order, Talk Talk and David Sylvian. The latest recordings are staggering and I can’t want to hear them full spectrum, as it were.

Previous Supersonic highlights for me (at least that haven’t involved me disrobing and getting wet) have always included the wild card inclusions of the unexpected reformations – Harmonia and Goblin being the two obvious candidates. The prospect of hearing songs that I’ve lived inside and around for half my life is making me giddy with anticipation. Bring on the Motorik!

A rare opportunity to see Andy Capper’s life threatening journey into the dark heart of West Africa.. Never fails to blow me away that the fellow actually put himself through this to bring back this film as tender as it is savage. Killer soundtrack to boot.

What can I say? Cheeky I know! But I’m carting up the gems from my soul and R&B 45s so we can all hear them over the PA and dance into the wee hours.. See you all there, people!


The Quietus talk to Hallogallo


The Quietus went and chatted to Michael Rother about Hallogallo

Michael Rother’s pedigree as a Krautrock pioneer is close to unparalleled, with a roster including Kraftwerk, Neu!, and more recently, Harmonia, his project with Cluster’s Hans Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius. But it is his work with the much-missed motorik innovator Klaus Dinger for which he is best known. Latest project Hallogallo was originally intended as a reunion of sorts with Dinger, before the drummer’s tragic death in 2008. Now Rother is making his first appearances in years, with Hallogallo 2010 – consisting of Rother, the majestic Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth on drums, and bassist Aaron Mullan of the Tall Firs.

Read the full interview here


Goblin footage from 2009


Just online, footage of Goblin from last years Supersonic Festival – re-live their incredible performance. 2010 Supersonic is of course headlined by Swans, Hallogallo and Godflesh.
Limited weekend tickets are still on sale HERE


The Quietus vs Hallogallo


We’re delighted to announce a very special live interview with Hallogallo over the weekend of Supersonic Festival hosted by The Quietus. It will take place on Sunday in the Theatre Space.

The Quietus is a music and culture online magazine (recently voted Website of the Year by Record of the Day) now well into its third year of existence.

When editors Luke Turner and John Doran are asked to describe their remit, for want of anything sensible to say they often reply, “We cover all music that was recorded after 1974, the year that Kraftwerk’s Autobahn created modern popular music.” So it was with great pleasure that we were asked to be part of the festival this year, not just because of the typically excellent line-up chosen by Lisa and Jenny, but because it gave us a chance to work with former Kraftwerk and Neu! guitarist Michael Rother. On top of this we’re overjoyed by the return of Swans, Godflesh and Napalm Death, are looking forward to broadcasting our daily radio programme (tune in) and are looking forward to having a dance to Factory Floor, Gnod, Barn Owl and Gum Takes Tooth. Most of all, John is looking forward to a weekend where the only sustenance and fuel he needs will be extreme music, thus avoiding the curious incident involving a Coventry Station platform and a truncated journey down a tunnel that was full of red flames, not heavenly light that occurred in the bloody aftermath of Supersonic 2008.”

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Motorik Skills


Motorik Skills:Apache Beat 101 presented by Hallogallo and The Quietus

The word ‘motorik’, which literally means ‘motor skill’ in German, was originally coined by journalists to describe the minimal yet propulsive four four beat that underpinned a surprisingly small amount of leftfield German rock music from the early 70s. It was a hallmark of Klaus Dinger’s drumming for Neu!, although he rejected the term, preferring to call the rhythm the ‘Apache beat’. This metronomic approach could be heard bubbling through in Kraftwerk’s ‘Ruckzuck’, and early Can fare such as the blistering ‘Mother Sky’ and ‘Father Cannot Yell’ but was cemented as we know it now by Neu!

This beat has retrospectively come to be seen as the war drum of modernity; the pulse pushing music and the listener into the future. It is often associated – with good reason – with the great transport networks of Germany, the railway lines and the autobahns. In fact the rhythm even mimics that of a car speeding along the open road or a train clattering along the rails: fast, measured, travel never ending across Europe endless. It was the rock beat stripped back to a glittering chassis. It was the minimalist framework on which subtle improvisation could take place.

Of course, when I had the temerity to say all this to former member of Kraftwerk and Neu! guitarist, Michael Rother, he laughed and said that in fact the inspiration for this measured German rock beat had come from something altogether less mechanistic and more fluid: a game of five-a-side football including himself, Klaus Dinger and Ralf Hutter.

As a bonus to fans we’ve invited Michael Rother on stage to take part in a Q and A discussing the motorik beat, hallogallo, Harmonia and Neu!.

Hosted by  The Quietus



Individual day line up


Friday 22nd October 9pm – 2.30am
Tickets £20 BUY NOW
Headlined by Napalm Death
with Dead Fader, Demons (feat Sick Llama), Devil Man (feat DJ Scotch Egg), Drumcorps, Fukpig, Gum Takes Tooth, Necro Deathmort, PCM

Saturday 23rd October 4pm – 1.30am
Tickets £35 BUY NOW
Headlined by Godflesh + Melt Banana
with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Cave, Cloaks (DJ set), Dosh, Eagle Twin, Gnaw, Gnod, King Midas Sound, Lash Frenzy vs KK Null, Lichens, Melt Banana, oVo, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, People Like Us, Steve Troman & Dan Nicholls Duo, Stinky Wizzleteat, Tweak Bird
+ talks, films, workshops, market place, tea room

Sunday 24th October 2pm – 12.30am
Tickets £35 BUY NOW
Headlined by Swans + Hallogallo
with Barn Owl, Black Sun Drum Corps, Bong, Factory Floor, Jailbreak feat. Chris Corsano + Heather Leigh, James Blackshaw, Master Musicians of Bukkake + Khyam Allami, Mugstar, Nisennenmondai, Peter Broderick, Pierre Bastien & Male Instrumenty, Voice Of The Seven Thunders, Zeni Geva
+ talks, films, workshops, market place, tea room

Weekend tickets £75 BUY NOW