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Evil Blizzard studio-232-EditEvil Blizzard studio-232-Edit

Evil Blizzard studio-232-EditEvil Blizzard have spent the past 12 months or so terrifying and delighting audiences in equal measure. Upon experiencing them live, some people have absolutely no idea what to make them, the rest become instant converts.

Already garnering a healthy grassroots following, they seem well on their way to establishing their own ‘Blizz Army’, whose die-hard devotion is not dissimilar to that seen in for example, Turbonegro‘s Turbojugend. Here, however, denim has been swapped for disturbingly warped latex masks and a penchant for the truly weird. Being in the audience at an Evil Blizzard gig is like being a Peeping-Tom at behind the scenes of a freakshow. Only at some point you get noticed and invited to join the party.

The band were ‘discovered’ at an early gig by Manchester music legend Mark E Smith who promptly asked them to tour along side his band The Fall. Smith has gone on record to say Evil Blizzard “…give me hope that music is alive and kicking”.

Hailing from Preston, Evil Blizzard comprise four bass players – Prowler, Filthydirty, Kav and Stomper, as well as singing Drummer, Side. Originally there had been a guitarist, but following a heart attack , he bailed. Like moths to the eternal flame, bass players continue to be drawn to the band’s masked cult and as such, they frequently play with a 5th guest bassist.

Recently interviewed for The Guardian, Side the band’s vocalist commented: “When we supported the Fall, half of the crowd said: That’s the absolute worst thing I’ve ever seen. The rest thought it was fucking brilliant”. Recent media coverage from just about everywhere has seen the band  (deservedly) sell out numerous shows.


Their music itself is reminiscent of grimy, doomy Hawkwind mixed in with Black Sabbath‘s most tripped out moments. There’s a healthy dose of psychedelic electronics and theatricality that the Crazy World of Arthur Brown (circa 1968) would have been proud of.  Heavy, hypnotic bass riffs are -obviously- abundant and the sheer level of strange makes you feel at times like you’ve stumbled into a bizarre David Lynch-esque nightmare. All this is topped off with Side’s mournful, demented vocal style. At points in their live show they like to whip out a baby’s head theramin and pounce into the audience getting them to join in. Don’t let the masks fool you though, there is real music here and it’s catchy (in the best possible sense) at that.

“My face began their set stoic and expressionless, and ended up melted. Immense, Al Cisneros-gone-postpunk basslines powered songs ripe-to-bursting with chemical ooze and brainworm vocal mantras; it served, there and then, as a unifying force, but the grotesque latex masks each member wore suggested that a sadistic part of them relished soundtracking someone’s bad trip.” – The Quietus 

Capsule first welcomed the band to perform at Bring To Light, our mini-festival for Discovery Season at the end of last year. We are now excited to  welcome them back to Supersonic Festival, our signature annual event.  For your last chance to get tickets for the festival go HERE.

Evil Blizzard need to be experienced, words alone just don’t do them justice.


Supersonic 2014 Ltd Edt – playlist feat. final additions


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Supersonic Festival 2014 Ltd Edt had sold out in the first weekend of ticket sales, but due to the addition of a second stage we’ve been able to increase our capacity and offer up another 200 tickets for sale. Half of these extra tickets have already gone! So this really is last chance saloon for those of you who want to be part of Supersonic’s 2014 return: Be quick, tickets here.

With a second stage of course comes a whole new line-up of acts and we’ve picked out some corkers for you. A mix of both well established names like Seattle resident Chris Brokaw and also those who’ve been creating a buzz more recently including Anta, Evil Blizzard, Rattle, Khünnt and Sly & The Family Drone. The festival also welcomes some local bands who’ve made an impression on us including Backwards, Youth Man and Opium Lord. For more information on all these acts and why you should see them, plus the rest of the line-up go here.

We’ve picked out some tracks from some of these performers, plus a few extra tracks from the final additions to the main stage including Pharmakon, Felix Kubin and Alien Whale. Have a listen and get geared up for what is sure to be a great weekend of music and much, much more! 


You can also listen to our previous playlist which includes songs from many of our other performers this year.

Get your tickets here now


Second stage added and extra tickets on sale



Following the initial announcement about Supersonic Ltd Edt 2014 where tickets sold out in a weekend we are delighted to be able to  make available another 200 tickets due to the opening of a brand new venue, Alfie Birds at the Custard Factory, we just couldn’t resist partnering with this new space and adding a second stage. BUY TICKETS


Adding to an already impressive line up (including Swans, Wolf Eyes, Matmos, Sleaford Mods and many more) are an array of weird and wonderful performers, and what band fits both categories “weird” and “wonderful” more aptly than Evil Blizzard, who shall bring their critically acclaimed, uniquely bizarre noise rock to the event. Meanwhile, Pharmakon’s confrontational power electronics and deathly industrial sounds will reverberate loudly around the Custard Factory, impossible to ignore. For something different, veteran performer/film composer and member of rock bands Codeine and Come, Chris Brokaw shall perform solo in support of his latest album.

Kubin Twins - by Dorle Bahlburg

Excitingly, Khünnt (featuring Richard Dawson and Pigs x 7) shall perform at Supersonic Ltd Edt 2014, exploring the boundaries of esoteric music, from minimalist noise and ESP screams to live improvisation, fog-beat and psychedelic city mantra. From these savage sounds we traverse to the futurist pop, electroacoustic and chamber orchestra music of Felix Kubin. And on another part of the musical spectrum, Sly & The Family Drone‘s egalitarian approach will propel the audience and band together into a shamanistic setting of catharsis and anarchic celebration.

Opium Lord

What Supersonic event is complete without something heavy? Enter Opium Lord, who’s desolate doom-sludge, filthy grooves and abrasive noise will satisfy those with a penchant for dark sounds. Also ticking the boxes for loud, visceral, imposing and intelligent music are Bristol based ANTA who have also been added to the line up.


To mark the release of their first record, a 10″ EP, on London -New York label care in the community recordings, Alien Whale have been added to Supersonic Ltd Edn, musically exploring their roots in free-form rock ‘n roll with an ecstatic energy.  Also taking to the stage at Supersonic Ltd Edn 2014 are Rattle, two of Nottingham’s most unique and recognisable drummers (Theresa Wrigley of Fists and Katharine Brown of Kogumaza) and aided by Kogumaza’s Mark Spivey shall perform their hypnotic and dance-floor filling music, that recalls This Heat or ESG.


And finally, Capsule add two exciting local bands to the Supersonic Ltd Edn bill which includes, Birmingham based, Youth Man who shall present their hyperactive, non-stop form of post-punk which sounds like the Pixies playing Minutemen covers, heavily influenced by the Dead Kennedys. Also added are Backwards, featuring ex-members of Beestung Lips, Una Corda and Napalm Death – who serve up a heady brew of distortion with two bass guitars, drums, voice and electronics.


Of course as well as adding more performers we also have a number extra curricular happenings across the weekend at the Custard Factory and other locations also. Don’t forget to check out the Bill Drummond exhibition at Eastside Projects, he shall be leading a re-enactment of two historical performances given by The17 choir. The first was in Moscow on the 28 September 2006, the second in Saint Petersburg the following day. The re-enactment will involve 34 people, 17 of whom will act the part of those that were The17 in Moscow, the other 17 will act the part of those who were The17 in Saint Petersburg.   The17 choir creates music that follows no musical history, or necessarily has words, melodies or rhythms. This is a ticketed event taking place at Eastside Projects on Saturday at 2pm.

Still to come in the near future…more information about Capsule’s inaugural ‘Labs’ (artist development and commissioning scheme) devised to create more opportunities for commissioning experimental, cross-disciplinary art, which Capsule intend to launch at Supersonic Ltd Edn.



Evil Blizzard


Evil Blizzard studio-232-Edit

Four bassists, a singing drummer and a baby’s head Theremin. This in short is Evil Blizzard.

Mysterious, masked merchants Evil Blizzard have achieved a lot in a relatively short period after being ‘discovered’ by Manchester music legend Mark E Smith at an early gig. He immediately signed them up to tour with his band The Fall stating that Evil Blizzard “…give me hope that music is alive and kicking”. Playing a kind of grimy doom rock, the mournful vocals and psychedelic electronics veer at times towards a trippy Black Sabbath. But by and large Evil Blizzard are just the perfect storm of …oddness. Live the band employ tried-and-tested confrontation tactics such as onstage fights and pig masks. Every generation needs its own shock-rock panto, but all too often this is at the music’s expense. Not the case here. The bass riffs are both impending and hypnotic, beckoning the audience in to their own weird and dangerous world. Evil Blizzard need to be experienced, words alone just don’t do them justice.

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