Anthea recommends…


We’ve asked a number of Supersonic regulars to tell us what they’re most looking forward to at this years festival, Anthea from Thrill Jockey recommends…

Factory Floor
Have to be one of the most exciting UK bands for a very long time.  The hype is to be believed, they are a frightenly intense and hypnotic band to watch. Their Rough Trade East show this year was for me a highlight of the summer.

Swans –

Well, I think if your not totally excited about the fact such an important and constantly brutal band are gracing the stage you need to re think your life!

Voice of Seven Thunders

Are mesmerizing to both listen to and watch live. This is going to be a big highlight for me, their eponymous album which came out early in the year, is one of my personal favourite albums of 2010, so I am really excited they are is playing the festival. And waiting for the Nurse With Wound collaboration to come later in the year is making me dizzy!


Are always a must watch band for me. This is the perfect festival for them to be playing at as their singer is one of the most entertaining, compelling front men in any London band around at the moment. Pure heavy riffage, noise and destruction, excellent ingredients for things to get messy!

Eagle Twin

Really a little bit over excited ( in a Christmas morning kind of way, when you are 10 years old)  that I am going to get to see these guys play their UK debut. I am told they do not disappoint, and come highly recommended to me – so I am spreading that love!


Tony Sylvester recommends…


We’ve asked a number of Supersonic regulars to tell us what they’re most looking forward to seeing this year, Tony Sylvester recommends…

I’m ecstatic to see the Salt Lake City duo finally making their UK debut. Having trawled over to the continent at the beginning of the year to witness them live, I can safely say disappointment is not an option. I’ve been a fan of Gentry Densley’s guitar playing since the early 90s with the unconquerable Iceburn, and here the stripped back, loose approach really fires up his downtuned ferocity. And I could watch Tyler drum all night.

What would Supersonic be without an appearance from Daniel O’Sullivan? Along with O’Malley, he’s probably graced its stages more times than anyone else, except PCM of course! This year we find his newest, and my favourite of all the groups he’s been involved with – Mothlite. Shot through with a classic British literate pop sensibility, Mothlite updates the template while glimpsing back at the likes of the 4AD roster, New Order, Talk Talk and David Sylvian. The latest recordings are staggering and I can’t want to hear them full spectrum, as it were.

Previous Supersonic highlights for me (at least that haven’t involved me disrobing and getting wet) have always included the wild card inclusions of the unexpected reformations – Harmonia and Goblin being the two obvious candidates. The prospect of hearing songs that I’ve lived inside and around for half my life is making me giddy with anticipation. Bring on the Motorik!

A rare opportunity to see Andy Capper’s life threatening journey into the dark heart of West Africa.. Never fails to blow me away that the fellow actually put himself through this to bring back this film as tender as it is savage. Killer soundtrack to boot.

What can I say? Cheeky I know! But I’m carting up the gems from my soul and R&B 45s so we can all hear them over the PA and dance into the wee hours.. See you all there, people!