Supersonic & Paragon hotel partner up for discounted audience rates



We’ve partnered with The Paragon Hotel to offer our audiences discounted rates for Supersonic Festival 2014. The Paragon is conveniently location only a 5 minute walk away from the festival site and so is perfect if you want to enjoy the festival without trekking across the city. It is also only a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre, so you can have the best of both worlds should you want to explore the city in your free time.

Paragon Hotel 
145 Alcester Street, Birmingham, B12 0PJ
0121 627 0627

Discounted rates shown below, please quote SUPE300514 when booking.

Single room:

£42 Room only

£47 Room + breakfast

Twin/Double room:

£47 Room only

£55 Room + breakfast


Join The Outcrowd In Celebrating The Festival Of The Rea…


Describing themselves as “a shambolic visual collection of hoodlums and battered psyches”, it’s clear that the Outcrowd aren’t your run-of-the-mill arts collective. Since their humble beginnings in 2004 by two artists named Lawrence Roper and Simon Peplow, the group have put on a number of exhibitions, shows, workshops and installations, all with a very distinct and engaging visual aesthetic. The Outcrowd has blossomed into a large network for creative individuals to express themselves in whatever manner they so desire, and this time they have a real treat in store for Supersonic attendees.

After investigating the curious and bizarre old traditions based around the area of Birmingham’s birth place, the crossing of the River Rea (or Digbeth as it’s known today), the Outcrowd stumbled across tales of the lost Festival of the Rea. This long-forgotten celebration was born out of Pagan and traditional religious traditions, and its influence can be felt in similar festivals still celebrated throughout Europe. Rather than allow this ancient tradition to disappear into obscurity, the Outcrowd will be re-creating the Festival of the Rea at Supersonic this year (a sort of festival within a festival, if you will), with a host of mythically inclined artists in tow. The collective will construct a shrine, known as the “house of Beorn”, the first to be built in the area for over a century. Festival goers are encouraged to contribute their own offering to this ramshackle, weathered and sacred cabin during the festivities, so so you too can play a part in keeping this esoteric practice alive!

Artists confirmed for the exhibition are:

Marcus Oakley

Jake Blanchard

Rob Flowers

Holly Wales

Stewart Easton

Steven Smith

Rue Five

Adam Higton


Arran Gregory

Simon Peplow

Lawrence Roper

Stef Grindley

Tsz Ludford

Lucy McLauchlan

Ben Javens


Listen to the city with Sonic Graffiti


Plug into an alternate sound of the city

Supersonic happens at the Custard Factory complex in an area of Birmingham known as Digbeth. Built around the nearby River Rea (for easy access to transportation), the first settlement of what is now Birmingham was in fact established here in the 7th century.  Come the Industrial Revolution and Digbeth becomes one of the first centres of industry in Birmingham, beginning a long and important history of successful trading and manufacturing.  Nowadays, light industry and creative businesses sit alongside each other in the area.

It’s these interconnected histories and threads that the Sonic Graffiti project explores.  All around the area, set into a decaying walls, there are a headphone sockets. Unplug yourself from your own world and plug into sounds from this place and beyond, dark and decayed sounds, pulling you beneath the surface and into the fabric of buildings, past lives and multi-layered histories. The project features sound works by Mr.Underwood – these are contained within the installations with each piece based on a field recording taken close to the site in which you find it. The pieces will require you to interact with them in a variety of ways to trigger or manipulate the sound.

Sonic Graffiti is a co-commission between Capsule and VIVID and is part of an experimental season entitled Crash, stimulated by the vision of J.G. Ballard.  Ballard’s writing, particularly on urban utopia/dystopia, frequently covers ground from ecological fears to the sexualisation of technology and from urban ruin to suburban alienation. His universe pervades music, film, fashion, visual arts, architecture and recent philosophical constructs such as psychogeography.

The artist Sam Underwood will tour his Sonic Graffiti project during the festival.  Meet him on Friday 21st October at 8pm or Sunday 23rd October at 8pm outside VIVID – and bring headphones.
VIVID | 140 Heath Mill Lane | Birmingham | B9 4AR


Sonic Graffiti


Tomorrow will see the launch of an exciting new commission between VIVID and Capsule:


Walking the streets near to VIVID and Supersonic Festival, the ubiquitous signs of
neglect passing you by, your attention is captured by a symbol you’ve seen somewhere
else before…

Set into a decaying wall there is a headphone socket. You unplug from your own music
and plug yourself into the city. The sounds you hear are of and from this place, dark
and decayed. As you listen you examine the surface before you more closely. You’ve never
paused here in this way before. What beauty you have missed.

A special “Crash EP” featuring four compositions by Mr.Underwood will be
contained within the installations. Each piece is based on a field recording taken
close to the site in which you find it. The EP will be available for download but you
are encouraged to listen to the pieces in situ, as the chance sounds that surround
you at the time of listening are considered part of the compositions. The pieces
will require you to interact with them in a variety of ways to trigger or manipulate
the sound. Go explore! Headphones are available from VIVID during exhibition
opening hours for a small deposit.

Join Mr. Underwood for a special tour, leaving from VIVID on Friday 23
September, 6pm. Meet at VIVID reception at 6pm. Bring your own headphones