Kids Gigs – Flower/Corsano Duo


Supersonic’s gigs for kids series returns this year in style, with some of the festival’s finest performing artists taking the time to play their big sounds for little people. Ideally suited for children under 7, this is a great way to introduce your children to the wonders of experimental audio, and a fantastic opportunity to show them the power and beauty of live music in a safe, child friendly environment.

First up, the Flower/Corsano Duo will be providing a psychedelic, free-flowing voyage for your young ones to embark upon. Taking place on the Saturday at 1.30pm in the Custard Factory’s Old Library, these two fine musicians will create a warm and inviting (yet distinctly avant-garde) soundscape that can’t fail to capture the attentions of listeners both young and old. Chris Corsano is a bona fide percussive virtuoso, whose energetic and unconventional drumming is sure to get your kids dancing, whilst Mick Flower will be manning the strings to provide some expansive textural accompaniment.

“I once played for a classroom full of 5 year olds and they all immediately got up and danced. That was a reaction I’d never seen before and I loved it” says Chris of his decision to play this special pre-school set. “I’d imagine that it’ll be quieter [than our other set at the festival] since little ears are sensitive to loud sounds. What we do is always improvised, and it seems like a great chance to play off the energy of an audience of kids and see where things go from there.” Playing to a room of infants is evidently a very different proposition to playing for an adult (or even adolescent) audience, forcing the musician to find new ways to perform their craft. “It’ll be a challenge to keep shorter attention spans engaged throughout the set” Chris muses, “and I wonder if it’ll be tough to keep kids focused when the music doesn’t have vocals. But I hope they get into it in the totally unselfconscious way that kids do.” It’s a pleasing thought that many of the children in attendance may look back fondly at this gig and cherish Corsano’s frantic drumming as their first musical memory. “I remember listening to LPs” says Chris, reminiscing on his earliest encounters with music. “The two that stick out the most in my memory are Devo’s ‘Freedom of Choice’ and a record of Haunted House sound effects.”

So if you’d like to share a very special musical memory with your children, bring them down to witness Chris and Mick’s adventurous sounds first-hand  on Saturday 20th October. Tickets cost £10 (parent and child) or £12.50 (parent and two children), and the gig will also include an animation workshop by artist duo Juneau Projects. And if your kids can’t seem to get enough experimental music, you can also take them to see daring Finnish folk artist Islaja the next day!

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