Supersonic festival podcast no.2


The second of three Supersonic Festival preview podcasts lovingly created by Chris Downing for your listening pleasure.

Politicians & Paedophiles (Feat. Daddy Freddy) By The Bug

Urgelblut By Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

The Beginning Of The End By Flower Corsano Duo

Vevor Of Agassou By Lichens

A Warm Front, Coming From The North By Warm Digits

Geen Dank By Thomas Ankersmit

Hafgee By PCM

Black Dog In The Sky By Richard Dawson

Form And Function By Hookworms

Infearnatural By Ufomammut

Untitled By Tomutonttu

Charioteer By Ore

Uni Pöllönä Olemisesta By Islaja

Black Addict Otter By Clifford Torus

The Earth Is Cold By SWLLS

Refusal Fossil By Ruins Alone

Sigil Of Brass By Earth

True Warriors Endure The Idleness By Kevin Drumm

Weekend tickets are just £80 and available from HERE
First Supersonic 2012  podcast LISTEN HERE


Y Music podcast


Y Music is a consortium between a number of UK based experimental music promoters/agencies, made up of Qu Junktions (Bristol), Tusk (Newcastle) and yours truly, Capsule (Birmingham). The lovely Chris of Brumcast has skillfully put together a brilliant podcast featuring some of the artists Y Music are currently working with, either together or separately. Featuring Meg Baird, Aki Onda, Sleepy Sun and many more eclectic artists we passionately showcase.

Chris has also released the first of three Supersonic Festival podcasts, giving you a taster of some of the artists playing at the 2012 edition of the event, which just so happens to be its 10th year – how exciting.


First of three Supersonic 2012 podcasts

Supersonic podcast no.1


It’s that time of year again when things start hotting up on the Supersonic front. The wonderful Little Chris of Brumcast fame has lovingly put together a series of podcasts together for your listening pleasure. Here is the first Supersonic special – ENJOY!

Zombi Slow Oscillations
Wolves In The Throne Room Dea Artio
A.P.A.T.T. Purple Ackee
Secret Chiefs 3 Akramachamarei
The Skull Defekts No More Always
White Hills Ulan
Bardo Pond Destroying Angel (Peel Sessions)
Scorn Name’s Not Down Not Coming In
Electric Wizard Turn Off Your Mind
Lucky Dragons I Keep Waiting For Earthquakes
Zu Beata Viscera
Current 93 Sunflower
Eternal Tapestry Hermetic Secrets
Cloaks Junk
Pharoah Overlord Test Flight

Weekend tickets are available HERE


Supersonic podcast no.3


With less than 3 weeks to go until Supersonic 2010, this is the third and fina podcast created by Little Chris of Brumcast fame, to give you a real taster for what’s in store – enjoy!

1. Master Musicians Of Bukakke – Cascade Cathedral (4:13)
2. Napalm Death – Mass Appeal Madness (3:29)
3. Drumcorps – Pig Destroyer Destroyer (4:26)
4. People Like Us – Gesundheit! (1:16)
5. Chrome Hoof – Crystalline (4:01)
6. James Blackshaw – Cross (8:38)
7. Health & Efficiency – Yes I walked alone (4:23)
8. Swans – Time Is Money (Bastard) (6:20)
9. Mugstar – Technical Knowledge as a Weapon (5:40)
10. Gnod – Twin Within (13:11)
11. Mothlite – The One In The Water (4:41)
12. K.K. Null – X-02 (4:25)
13. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides – Earth Song (3:22)
14. Ovo – Ostkreuz (2:50)
15. Nicholas Bullen – Proximity (8:12)
16. Melt Banana – Dog Song (1:20)
17. Godflesh – Streetcleaner (6:43)
18. NEU! – SEE LAND (6:54)