Disciples Of Sabbath – Ufomammut Bring ‘ORO’ To Birmingham In Its Entirety!


We’re thrilled to announce that Ufomammut will be playing all of their new magnum opus ‘ORO’ at Supersonic this year! Birmingham is the perfect place for this spiritually charged metal odyssey to take place, not just because of its gritty, post-industrial aesthetic; the city is unquestionably where the screeching, fanged foetus of heavy metal was violently ejected from the cosmic womb and let loose to terrorize the world at large. Despite what some journalists will tell you, the exact moment when this happened is easily identifiable and can be pin-pointed when Tony Iommi first summoned that planet-obliteratingly evil chord that opens Black Sabbath’s infamous titular song. The streets and factories of Birmingham did more than act as the genre’s birthplace, as the industrial environment that Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward grew up in played a pivotal role in influencing the bleak and terrifying sound that epitomised the genre’s early classics. It’s hard to imagine ‘Electric Funeral’ coming out of anywhere but the turbulent mechanical landscape of Birmingham circa 1970, as metal’s most important 4 piece allowed themselves to vent away the pent-up depression brought on by menial factory jobs, against the backdrop of the most ominous riffs in existence -“dying world of radiation, victims of mad frustration” indeed.

As part of Capsule’s Home Of Metal initiative, we’re proud to present the Crossroads of Sabbath walking tour this year, an in-depth look at the city that changed the face of music forever led by music historian and Sabbath enthusiast Rob Horrocks. It’s heartening to know the world is still populated by a healthy number of Sabbath devotees as the tour is completely over-subscribed and is now fully booked! But don’t worry if you missed out on tickets as Supersonic has more than enough riff related goodness for you this year, with a couple of bands cut from the same recognisable lineage that Sabbath themselves prompted all those years ago.

First up is the hugely influential guitarist Dylan Carlson. His band Earth (which, incidentally, is what Bill, Geezer, Ozzy & Tony referred to themselves as in their early blues-rock incarnation) are perhaps the most extreme manifestation of Sabbathian lore to rear its head thus far. Records like ‘Earth 2’ and ‘Phase 3: Thrones & Dominions’ took gargantuan Sabbath style riffs and reduced them to a crawl, producing a long, resonant drone that enraptured many across the globe (not least two youngsters named Anderson and O’Malley). This special set finds Dylan distancing himself somewhat from his Earth colleagues, and branching out with a new set of musicians. Dylan’s solo work has been shrouded in secrecy so far, but it would not be entirely unfounded to expect a continuation of the mystical, folky direction Carlson has pursued on the last two Earth records, the ‘Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light’ duology. However, Dylan could well have a trick or two up his sleeve, making this an essential experience for Earth fans!

Italy’s finest space-doom trio Ufomammut are making the pilgrimage to Supersonic this year, riding a wave of inspiration off the back of their recent two-part album ‘ORO’. Despite sharing traits with many of their amp laden, doom saying peers, Ufomammut’s style is very unique and distinctive, with a rich psychedelic aura and a visceral, gut-punching intensity. If you replaced Electric Wizard’s weed stash and horror movie collection with several grams of peyote and a copy of Pink Floyd’s ‘Meddle’, the ensuing voyage would seem like a pleasing parallel to the path Ufomammut have carved out for themselves. In the two years that have passed since their humongous modern day classic ‘Eve’, the band have returned from the wilderness like psychedelic visionaries, armed with the two records that comprise ‘ORO’, ‘Opus: Primum’ and ‘Opus: Alter’. A dense and imposing body of work, the ‘ORO’ saga is more than the sum of its parts, and Ufomammut have a real treat in store for us this year. In addition to this exclusive sneak peek at their new video, the band has just revealed that they’ll be playing ‘ORO’ in its entirety at the festival, offering an ecstatic voyage into a vast, deep space riff utopia that will consume and unravel the very fibre of your being. And what self-respecting Sabbath fan wouldn’t want that?

Dylan Carlson will play Supersonic on Saturday 20th October, and Ufomammut will appear on Sunday 21st October.


The crossroads of Sabbath – fully booked


This walking tour is now fully booked and we have no places left – it was massively oversubscribed. We’ll have lots more activities for you to get involved with during the weekend of Supersonic – to be announced in the next couple of weeks so watch this space. Why not sign up for Imperfect Cinema’s DIY film workshop and create visuals for Drunk In Hell’s live set at Supersonic.
If you haven’t bought your tickets yet of course now is the time – details of where to get them from are HERE


Supersonic festival podcast no.2


The second of three Supersonic Festival preview podcasts lovingly created by Chris Downing for your listening pleasure.

Politicians & Paedophiles (Feat. Daddy Freddy) By The Bug

Urgelblut By Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

The Beginning Of The End By Flower Corsano Duo

Vevor Of Agassou By Lichens

A Warm Front, Coming From The North By Warm Digits

Geen Dank By Thomas Ankersmit

Hafgee By PCM

Black Dog In The Sky By Richard Dawson

Form And Function By Hookworms

Infearnatural By Ufomammut

Untitled By Tomutonttu

Charioteer By Ore

Uni Pöllönä Olemisesta By Islaja

Black Addict Otter By Clifford Torus

The Earth Is Cold By SWLLS

Refusal Fossil By Ruins Alone

Sigil Of Brass By Earth

True Warriors Endure The Idleness By Kevin Drumm

Weekend tickets are just £80 and available from HERE
First Supersonic 2012  podcast LISTEN HERE


Justice Yeldham and his amazing Vinyl Rally



As arelative newbie to noise music, I decided that the easiest route to ‘enlightenment’ that I could take would be through the relationship between music and visual art. One thing that is at the top of my anticipatory list this year is the Vinyl Rally, an installation by Australian artist Justice Yeldham. Justice, AKA Lucas Abela, initially classed himself as a Turntablist with early attempts ranging between stabbing vinyl with Kruger-esque stylus gloves to performing deaf defying duets duels with amplified Samurai swords. Perhaps some of you may be more familiar with his performance work- a breathtaking combination of sound and visuals, whereby he uses a piece of glass to curate an exhibition of cacophonous sound. The performance is not for the faint hearted- Justice eats, smashes and crunches the glass and it is safe to assume that he will probably undertake his show barefoot. 

With the Vinyl Rally having previously travelled the Seven Seas and now finally landing in the UK, Supersonic festival-goers are in for a treat. A treat that is sure to tempt the senses into new realms through noise, visuals and most importantly, direct participation. You become the one in control, guiding the car around the track with the attached stylus scratching against the vinyls themselves creating a noise sequence that will never be created again.

In a world where computer games are taking over, what is so refreshing about the Vinyl Rally is that the player is not separated from their game by a lack of reality; you are part of the game itself. Justice Yeldham has chosen to reference old school Arcade games in his choice of seating, controls and general conception, transporting the player down memory lane, perhaps back to childhood. For me, perhaps the most exciting thing about the installation is the chance to quite literally sit back in the driver’s seat, away from the reality of the road and into the imaginary world of the Rally. Make sure not to miss out on tickets for Supersonic 2012 if you are wanting to catch any part of Justice Yeldham’s work.

Why not have a listen?

To find out more about this year’s line-up, read more here.


Hooray – we hit 100%


Wonderful news, we have just reached our 100% target with our We Fund campaign. 80 very generous folks helped us to raise £5000 which will go someway to helping us deliver our 10th birthday edition of Supersonic Festival. We are massively humbled by what a group of people can achieve together. Of course now it’s over to you guys to purchase the tickets. Many thanks and we can’t wait for Supersonic, which will be full of additional surprises.
From all of us at Supersonic HQ – THANKS x
Until then here is a taster from last year.


Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra directed by Mike Hurley


Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra directed by Mike Hurley

BIO aims to create a focus for creative music making in Birmingham and the wider Midlands area.  It will be made up of musicians who are concerned with improvisation regardless of their particular chosen area of musical activity.  Although at the heart of its activities will always be improvisation it will also seek to encourage composition initially at least in the form of BIO-Activities provided by members of the group and a pool of pre-existing classics.  It will also seek to generate creative partnerships with like minded people from across a broad range of disciplines whether they be musical or from art forms.



SOUNDkitchen’s cinema for the ears


SOUNDkitchen’s cinema for the ears

SOUNDkitchen is a collective of sound artists and composers bringing new and experimental sounds to Birmingham through exciting line-ups, eclectic electronic performances and collaborations.  We’ve got some more information on what they’ll be presenting at Supersonic and have picked out some highlights here.  These performances all run 12-8pm so they’re ideal for checking out before the bands start later in the afternoons.

Saturday 22nd October

2-3pm: BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre). A multi-channel work curated by Jonty Harrison.
4-4.30pm: Imaginary Landscapes – Through the Moors.  This piece tracks a journey made by Chris Tarren from his home in York out to the North-East coast, featuring multi-channel spatialisation, field recordings and experimentation that varies the sensations of reality in the material used.
5-6pm: Entre Terre et Ciel by Annie Mahtani and Julien Guillamat. Based on field recordings made around the village of Azet in the Pyrenees, this interesting piece features sounds from varying altitude levels from the bottom of a valley right up to a mountain path.

Sunday 23rd October

2-3pm: BEAST performance 2.
4-4.30pm: Iain Armstrong performs a laptop set of raw and processed sounds, focussing on aspects of noise.
4.30-5pm:  Shelly Knotts processes the sound of the steel pan, weaving intricate metallic textures in an improvisation across SOUNDkitchen’s installation.

In addition, there are installations present for the duration of the festival. SOUNDkitchen will be airing field recordings and composed pieces in their site-specific installation. They’ve asked a variety of collaborators to produce work that ties in with Capsule’s Home of Metal exhibition by producing work along the themes of home and metal.





Spectacle at Supersonic

Supersonic invited six artists to create illustrations in response to this year’s theme of ‘Spectacle’. The term was borrowed from the Roman practice of staging circuses, in the famous “Bread and Circuses” philosophy of the Roman elite to maintain civil order without solving underlying social and economic problems.

Like the festival itself, ‘Spectacle’ operates in two contexts simultaneously. On the one hand, it refers to high culture performances where the draw for an audience is the impressive visual accomplishment. On the other hand, it refers to low cultural shows operating in a folk environment.

The artists are:

Chris Bourke
An artist and printmaker from Worcester, he spent over a quarter of his life owning and running a skateboard shop. He now makes art full time. His work is influenced by music, politics, nature, skateboarding, tattoos, life and death.

Craig Earp
Earp likes drawing strange bony twisted shapes with teeth, an obsession of his since watching John Carpenter’s The Thing and Alien when he was a schoolboy.  His digital art mostly combines photo montage and illustrations together into what he calls ‘Organic Disturbances’; scenes of nature in its decay, its death, brought together to form an outlandish beauty.

Harriet ‘Alana’ Shephard
As a teenager, Harriet frequently trekked into Birmingham to see various Capsule shows; droning guitars, sirening feedback and enough bass to make your jeans shake, always left her feeling spellbound; a euphoria that has continually fed into her work. Since moving to the Big Smoke, embarking on the epic quest of doing an illustration degree at Camberwell, Harriet began skateboarding; now an important aspect of her practice as an illustrator. In between drawing Heavy Metal legends and comics about mis-adventures with famous skateboarders. Harriet also runs Brash, a skate zine, which features the combination of artwork, interviews, reviews and comic strips, now in its third issue.

Jake Blanchard
A freelance illustrator born and raised in the Peak District, the countryside is a huge influence on Blanchard’s work today. He has worked on a variety of different projects including record sleeves, gig posters, skateboards, t-shirts and newspapers and has exhibited throughout the UK as well as in Paris, Copenhagen, Boston and Waiheke Island (New Zealand). He also runs his own record label and publishing company, Tor Press.

Sophia Alda
Since graduating from Brighton University in 2009, Sophia Alda has undertaken a variety of jobs, large and small, and exhibited widely, most recently in Leeds, Edinburgh and London. She works primarily in gouache, with a vibrant, acerbic style, and produces apparel, books and prints. She also works as a restorative decorator, where her most exciting project to date involved gilding a lion’s face.

Thomas J Hughes
Horror films of the 1970s, Marvel comic books, traditional doom metal, twentieth century science fiction television serials and Yes album covers are just a few of the things that inspire Thomas in the making of his work. His work is created using a variety of materials, with an emphasis on hand-drawn illustration and typography.


Test your know-how at the Supersonic quiz


Test your know-how at the Supersonic quiz

Reckon you can name-that-riff in 3 seconds flat? Know your Neubauten from your Neurosis? Crystal clear about the precise differences between drone doom and funeral doom? Then pit your wits against the best in the Club Unlikely Supersonic quiz. It’s free to enter and you can field a team of anything between 2 and 6 people. The only possible drawback?  It’s on Sunday afternoon so, depending on your preferences the night before, you might need a little pick-me-up to get the brain ticking over.

So, Sunday: 2.30pm start at 70eights. Please have your teams registered and ready to fire for 2.15pm.

Here’s some classic quiz action to get you in the mood.


Kids gigs with Lucky Dragons and The Berg Sans Nipple


Lucky Dragons and The Berg Sans Nipple to play Kids Gigs at Supersonic 2011

It’s hard to imagine to two more perfect bands to play our Supersonic Kids Gigs than Lucky Dragons and The Berg Sans Nipple.  These will rule!   If everyone isn’t running around clapping and smiling in five minutes, we’ll need to think about refunds.

Lucky Dragons are all about people coming together to make sound, to make an event, to make something new and joyous.  It’s not by accident that they refer to their live shows as ‘actions’.  They encourage participation and this Supersonic live show promises to be all about (re)discovery and (re)turning to play to learn about ourselves and make new connections.  There’s a live video link below and more Lucky Dragons live films are here.

The Berg Sans Nipple are a Frenchman and a Nebraskan.  With two drums, synths, samples, a ton of percussion and vocals, their sounds hop-skip past each other, caught in devastatingly beautiful melodies held tight by a mind bending rhythm section.  Their new video ‘Changing the Shape’ (link below) is a fantastic twist on the age-old game of exquisite corpse where an image or story is built up person-by-person using instinct and imagination.  Let’s play!



The Berg Sans Nipple – Change The Shape from Clapping Music on Vimeo.


Supersonic live Q&As



Supersonic live Q&As

We’re pleased to present two live Q&As with acclaimed artists at Supersonic this year. Following in the footsteps of Michael Rother (Neu!) and the Fear of Music panel at Supersonic 2010, Tony Conrad and William Bennett will be taking part in two separate Q&A sessions.

William Bennett will be discussing the influence of West African sounds on his own work, his new Afronoise project as Cut Hands and his music’s inclusion on the Vice film ‘The Vice Guide To Liberia’. Meanwhile, Tony Conrad will be in conversation at this year’s festival with the help of the ever inquisitive The Quietus, discussing his cross artform  approach, moving between the world of visual art, film and sound.




The Furies


‘The Furies’ – a dirty girl band
at mac, Saturday 22nd October, 9pm

Birmingham’s own Kindle Theatre plunder the city’s native sound of Heavy Metal to create a ballsy gig for you to come and get sweaty to.  ‘The Furies’ smashes together rock, metal and soul songs with text and poetry to drasticall retell the story of Clytaemnestra – a woman betrayed. Told through the eyes of Clytaemnestra’s band ofFuries; hot, sensual, with a glint in their eye, this is the ultimate tale ofrage, revenge and envy.

“Joan Jett, Ramones, Bowie, Rocky Horror, Angela Carter… Fantastic, they had the audience in their palms”
Audience feedback, BE Festival 2011, winner of the European Touring Prize

Age recommendation 15+
Tickets £12/£9, available through mac box office: 0121 446 3232 + online HERE




Velzuvial: Unendlich Gestischen Abstraktion – a 24 hour action


Velzuvial: Unendlich Gestischen Abstraktion

After Supersonic closes down on Saturday night, you’ll be too excited to go to bed of course.  So why not spend the night in Eastside Projects (bring your own sleeping bag)? Christian Jendreiko and Andrew Moscardo-Parker will be performing a 24-hour guitar & stringed instrument performance from 9pm on Saturday to 9pm on Sunday.

Scored and performed by the Dusseldorf based Jendreiko (also of Apparent Extent label fame) and Birmingham based Moscardo-Parker of Einstellung and Lash Frenzy, the two artists will work with various performers from Birmingham, the UK and Europe to produce an ever-evolving, deep listening experience.  Following on from Jendreiko’s 7-hour performance of GOTTESRAUSCHEN (GOD’S WHITE NOISE)
: Action for Players, Guitars and Amplifiers in 2010 that coincided with Supersonic 2010, this will be an immersive and exploratory event allowing listeners to lose all sense of themselves.

9pm – 9pm : Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd October
Eastside Projects | 86 Heath Mill Lane | B9 4AR




Supersonic in photographs by James Robinson


Supersonic in photographs by James Robinson

Supersonic photographer James Robinson has captured some amazing images at the festival in the past couple of years. (That’s Kristoph Hahn of Swans above, a man who practically defines the dictionary entry for ‘craggy’.) Robinson has been able to not only shoot live performances , but also develop an on going set of portraits of the artists off stage.

In a time when (for some folk) it can be difficult to think of musicians as people, when popular culture elevates artists to such inaccessible places, Robinson’s photographs get to the core of these musicians as real individuals.  His photographs maintain integrity and lose the myth-making nonsense.  The exhibition ‘Incarnate‘ at Supersonic 2011 reveals more of Robinson’s work.

To see more of Jamies Supersonic photos check our Flickr group




Turbonegro interview, Supersonic preview

Supersonic podcast no.3


With exactly 2 weeks until SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL 2011, here is the final of our 3 preview podcasts, lovingly put together by Chris Brumcast to give you a taster of what will be on offer. Enjoy and make sure you help us by spreading the word far & wide and encouraging all ya mates to have a listen.
There are still a ltd number of both weekend & individual day tickets available and they can be purchased from HERE.
If you would like further info on any of the artists performing at this years festival or to see what films, exhibitions and workshops we have available see HERE

1. Happiness, Happiness
By Klaus & Kinski

2. From Within We Are
By Nathan Bell

3. Skies Burn Black
By Selfless

4. Capture This (Ii)
By Byetone

By Orthodox

6. Scotch Chiken
By Dj Scotch Egg

7. Rain Washes Over Chaff
By Cut Hands

8. Head And Feet Only Man
By Mike Watt

9. In Hungary They Used To Burn Bagpipers
By Ore

10. Fuck The World
By Turbonegro

11. Absent Afternoon
By Barn Owl

12. Ballin’
By Drumcunt

13. Mara
By Kogumaza

14. Ghost
By The Berg Sans Nipple

15. Gag
By Drunk In Hell

16. Speak Of The Devil, Speak Of The Sea
By Monarch


Supersonic interviews


Supersonic interviews

A number of websites have been asking Capsule for our take on the festival – why we do it, highlights from previous years, things to watch for this year. Check out our take on things below via Rockfeedback and Wiki Festivals.

Rockfeedback interview link

Wikifestivals interview link



Meet our marketplace stall holders


Supersonic 2011 marketplace – welcome to our stallholders

Make sure you bring an extra bag or two to Supersonic – you’ll be wanting to stock up on import Neurosis vinyl and that ultra-rare, lathe-cut 8″ comp of Bardo Pond side projects. The one with the hand-stamped foil sleeve?  Yeah, that’s the one.  These fine people have got all this and more.

Lancashire and Somerset is humble label, currently living in the hills of Shropshire. They attempt to help and support a growing family of bands like Nathan Bell, Kogumaza (both performing at Supersonic 2011), Enablers, McWatt and previous festival hits Mugstar, all with a like minded ethos based around truthful, honest music. Releasing mainly on the superior format of vinyl, they hope to continue to help this network grow.

First Fold is an independent record label specializing in Electronic and Experimental music. First Fold’s focus is to maintain a self regulating and enthusiastic approach to the creation of music and visual media.

Bad Egg is an independent, stalwartly DiY label which has been releasing and promoting some of Birmingham’s finest and noises since 2009. Their roster houses local heroes such as Stinky Wizzleteat, Human Hands and Fuck Your Haircut.

Burning World Records label and mailorder is based in Holland, home of the Roadburn Festival, and mainly focused on vinyl. Black metal, drone, death, stoner, doom – as long as it kicks you in the gut. As a label Burning World is the home of Roadburn Records. They’ve released records by Altar Of Plagues, Yob, Church Of Misery, Lustmord and Neurosis in the past, to name but a few. Coming up are the new Gnaw Their Tongues vinyl and White Hills Live at Roadburn on CD and vinyl.

Future Noise is a Manchester based-label, booking agency and PR company.  They work and have worked for the likes of Ufomammut, Charger, Unearthly Trance, Grifter, Morkobot, The Sontaran Experiment, Stuntcock, Lento, Paul Catten, Conan, Domes of Silence, Rise to Thunder, A Man Called Catten, Bastard of the Skies, Black Sun, Undersmile, Siena Root, OvO, Pine Barrens, Privileged to Fail Records, Full Stack Recording Studio, The Sleeping Shaman, Supernatural Cat Recordings and The Malleus Rock Artlab.

Holy Roar Records is an independent record label run by Alex Fitzpatrick and Ellen Godwin. The label began in January 2006 when they moved to London from Birmingham and put out their first release in June 2006. Since then Holy Roar Records has released over 80 CDs, records and tapes. The name is actually derived from a vision Alex had whilst on the hallucinogen LSD. The vision came to Alex, as he listened to Slayer, in the form of a lion with the face of Jesus.

Digging out musical treasures at the A + R car boot sale of recorded sound, Static Caravan have been putting out esoteric electronica and folk-pop since the late 1990s. They have worked with Tuung, Hannah Peel, Starless & Bible Black, The Owl Service and Serafina Steer amongst many others.

Southern Records has been fiercely fighting the independent corner since the late 1970’s, when the helped anarchist punks and activists CRASS found their own label.  Over the years Southern have worked with, amongst many many others, Dischord, Bluurg, Wrong, Subterranean, On-U Sound, Touch & Go, Kranky, Constellation, Ipecac, Anticon, Saddle Creek and Southern Lord. Southern is proud to support Capsule and Supersonic for another year of outstanding boundary-pushing programming. Come and say hello – they’ll have plenty of interesting stuff for sale and love a natter.

Cold Spring are the UK’s premier Label, Mailorder and Distributor for Industrial & related music: Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Noise, Ritual, Japanoise, Soundtrack, Neofolk, Doom and experimental music.

The films below aren’t from this year’s stallholders, but they are a celebration of the beautiful world of physical records and record shops!


Alva Noto interview


New inteview with Alva Noto

Our friends over at the ever-excellent ATTN magazine have just published an interesting interview with Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto ahead of his appearance at Supersonic 2011.  Take a look here.




Listen to the city with Sonic Graffiti


Plug into an alternate sound of the city

Supersonic happens at the Custard Factory complex in an area of Birmingham known as Digbeth. Built around the nearby River Rea (for easy access to transportation), the first settlement of what is now Birmingham was in fact established here in the 7th century.  Come the Industrial Revolution and Digbeth becomes one of the first centres of industry in Birmingham, beginning a long and important history of successful trading and manufacturing.  Nowadays, light industry and creative businesses sit alongside each other in the area.

It’s these interconnected histories and threads that the Sonic Graffiti project explores.  All around the area, set into a decaying walls, there are a headphone sockets. Unplug yourself from your own world and plug into sounds from this place and beyond, dark and decayed sounds, pulling you beneath the surface and into the fabric of buildings, past lives and multi-layered histories. The project features sound works by Mr.Underwood – these are contained within the installations with each piece based on a field recording taken close to the site in which you find it. The pieces will require you to interact with them in a variety of ways to trigger or manipulate the sound.

Sonic Graffiti is a co-commission between Capsule and VIVID and is part of an experimental season entitled Crash, stimulated by the vision of J.G. Ballard.  Ballard’s writing, particularly on urban utopia/dystopia, frequently covers ground from ecological fears to the sexualisation of technology and from urban ruin to suburban alienation. His universe pervades music, film, fashion, visual arts, architecture and recent philosophical constructs such as psychogeography.

The artist Sam Underwood will tour his Sonic Graffiti project during the festival.  Meet him on Friday 21st October at 8pm or Sunday 23rd October at 8pm outside VIVID – and bring headphones.

VIVID | 140 Heath Mill Lane | Birmingham | B9 4AR


Supersonic zine on Issuu


Supersonic zine on Issuu

Ross Cotton, Capsule’s very own Lester Bangs, has produced a classic zine to celebrate this year’s festival.  If you’re in Birmingham, pick a copy up on your travels.  If not, you’re also in luck because Ross has made it available via the Issuu self-publishing site.  Click the link below for loads of pre-festival opinion, interviews, a guide to Birmingham and amazing illustrations.



ARTSCARE podcast featuring Electric Wizard, KARP, Scorn, Lucky Dragons and many more


ARTSCARE podcast featuring Electric Wizard, KARP, Scorn, Lucky Dragons and many more.

Our good friends over at ARTSCARE in Bristol have put together a fantastic new podcast featuring some of the Supersonic acts. ARTSCARE are a DIY crew promoting great unsigned talent from Bristol and beyond. They specialise in limited edition CD runs, online promotion and showcase events for artists and bands who are willing to pitch in, roll their sleeves up and be proactive. Righteous people in other words. Enjoy their sounds here:


ARTSCARE have also produced a History of Metal in Bristol documentary.  Check out part one here.


$100 and a T-shirt


$100 and a T-shirt- a film about zines

‘$100 and a T-shirt’ is a cultural analysis of what causes zine makers to tick; what the hell zines are, why people make zines, the origin of zines, the resources and community available for zine makers, and the future of zines. The film interviews around 70 zine makers, ex-zine makers, and readers from the northwest USA. Four years in the making, the film features footage of the Portland Zine Symposium, a zine bicycle tour of Portland, and activities bringing zine culture to life. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about zine history and about what writers are doing right now to make their publications relevant to the 21st Century, this film may give you some clues.

Also, look out for our zine panel discussion that follows the film, and make sure you take a look at the Birmingham Zine Festival exhibition and stalls.



$100 & A T-Shirt from Cantankerous Titles on Vimeo.


Fonal Records shorts


Fonal Records is an independent record label from Finland that has been releasing experimental music since 1995. Initially established by Sami Sänpäkkilä to release his own recordings under the name Es, Fonal is a truly independent record label in every sense and now has over 80 releases to its name, This music video screening presents a variety of techniques ranging from animation to live action. Videos have been shot with mobile phones, super 8, 16mm film and Red One cameras, and all have been made with a zero budget. This special programme includes work from such label luminaries as Lau Nau, Kemialliset Ystävät, Paavoharju, Islaja and Shogun Kunitoki.


Eleanoora Rosenholm: Valo kaasumeren hämärässä from Sami Sänpäkkilä on Vimeo.