Supersonic 2008


Please mark your calendars for the 11th-13th July 2008, for this year’s installment of what Plan B magazine called “the best organised and most wisely curated festival”. Taking place at the Custard Factory in Digbeth, with additional activity around the area.

Just added to the bill are GRAVETEMPLE featuring the living legend that is JULIAN COPE with STEPHEN O”MALLEY of SUNN 0))) fame, OREN AMBARCHI and ATTILA CSIHAR from MAYHEM! Also confirmed are ASVA, featuring Stuart Dahlquist (SUNN/ GOATSNAKE/ BURNING WITCH), TREY SPURANCE (Mr BUNGLE) and EDGY 59 (legendary vocalist from BURNING WITCH) who return to our shores for their first shows in two years, and an OSAKA INVASION in the form of DJ SCOTCH EGG, OVE NAXX and a load of other Japanese reprobates.


‘FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR 2007 Plan B Magazine

“Of this welter of well organised, wisely curated festivals (ATP, Faster Than Sound, Sonar, Greenman) perhaps the best organised and most wisely curated was Supersonic. Plotted by Birmingham promoters Capsule, 2007’s Supersonic inhabited the nexus where metal, folk and noise met.”

Louis Pattison Plan B Magazine

“The Custard Factory is a typical Birmingham name, typical in its self deprecating frankness. The city of Birmingham, although the second largest in the UK, has always had more of an inferiority complex than a chip on its shoulder. Hard to love architecturally despite a recent makeover of its city centre, it feels like a city shambling ruefully on – the West Midlands accent of its citizens considered inherently risible – its hopes of civic prestige some way south of the horizon. And yet, as Supersonic once again demonstrates, Birmingham has shown itself in recent years to be far from the “cultural wilderness” this writer once offhandedly described the city as.”
David Stubbs The Wire

“The finest thing in all Birmingham, avant-garde noise fest Supersonic fits more great music into. a day and a bit than ye Avalon fields of Glastonbury manage in the average decade.”

Duncan Bell Bizarre Magazine





Photos taken from Supersonic 2008 by Pete Ashton

You Tube films


BBC Collective film Supersonic 2007


UK Press:

Lisa Meyer
[email protected] (with ‘SUPERSONIC PRESS’ in the subject)
+44 (0)121 248 2252


International Press:

Yvonne Maclean
[email protected] (with ‘SUPERSONIC PRESS’ in the subject)


Cold Spring
A UK-based label, mail-order house and distributor, specialising in all forms of extreme media, but particularly: Black Ambient, Dark Ambient, Neoclassical, Neofolk, Medieval, Martial, Orchestral, Power Electronics, Noise, Japanese Noise, Minimal, Drone, Doom, Death Industrial, Dark Soundtracks, Experimental, obscure electronics from Russia, China, Japan, Poland etc. since 1990.

Conspiracy Records (Antwerp- Belgium)

For the past 10 years Conspiracy Records has been swinging their tentacles in every possible direction. Changing landmarks and taking leaps into disorienting levels. With expertise knowledge of mutant underground subgenres they open gateways that’ll haunt your weirdest dreams. Be sure to swing by the distro set-up to get your mind and wallet crumbled.

Dead Wood Recordings
A DIY record label based in the Midlands, focusing on all things harsh, bleak and experimental. Started in 2006, Dead Wood Recordings primarily deals in short-run limited editions, challenging sounds and lovingly hand-packaged releases. Nothing positive!

Holy Roar
A label formed in early 2006 by Alex and Ellen. With a clear motto of good music, good people, good packaging and hard working bands, Holy Roar Records has gone from strength to strength. Releases have included such sterling bands as Rolo Tomassi, Dananananaykroyd, Maths, Throats, Cutting Pink With Knives, Gallows, Kayo Dot, Bloody Panda and more …

la la la
A company created by two childhood friends who have a love for all things stupid and fun, and the need to brighten up lives, not least their own!! With a wide selections of original designs, for boys & girls, printed on sweatshop free American Apparel t-shirts.

Outcrowd Collective
A shambolic visual collection of hoodlums and battered psyches, born out of a basic obsession to create. Not to be trusted with pen, paper or any other medium that can leave a mark. Initially formed amongst a group of friends, skateboarders, Illustrators, Designers, Image-Makers and Lurkers.

Southern Records
Have been toiling away for the last thirty years establishing an independent alternative to the corporate structures of the music industry. A true working example of the DIY ethics of punk, Southern provide a home for labels as disparate as Dischord, Anticon, Southern Lord and now home to Capsule Records- each label leaders in their field and each displaying a unique character that holds true to the independent spirit.

Split Femur Recordings
An independent label based in Stafford and York. Founded in 2006 by Birmingham born Alan Daly, who himself is one of the artists on the roster, working under the curious moniker of Emvelope Nine. The label has a strong leaning towards electronic and experimental music including hip hop, post-rock and noise. The first release was Planivaar’s ‘The Yellow Square’ released back in March 2007 and has since been releasing albums by Guy Gelem, Eight Pence Chains, Hurra Caine Landcrash, Navidson Record, Progress Centre, Um Fall Am and Horses

Static Caravan
UK’s largest small label since 1999. Digging out musical treasures at the A + R car boot sale of recorded sound. Home to The Owl Service and Alison O’ Donnell, Serafina Steer, Starless and Bible Black + Ass.

SuperFi Records
A label and mail order based out of Bristol. It has been involved with over 40 releases over its 8 year existence, and has worked with such bands as Army Of Flying Robots, Art Of Burning Water, Boris, The Death Of Her Money, The Endless Blockade, End The Agony, Geisha, Hunting Lodge, Jinn, Melt Banana, Moss, Narcosis, Orthrelm, Snowblood, Swarrrm, Taint, Trencher and many more. The mailorder carries a wide array of punk, hardcore, doom, metal, stoner, grind, noise and electronica from all over the world.

The Speeding Train
A one-man illustration company founded in Nottingham in the year 2000, specialising in the design of gig posters. In direct contrast to the ’boutique’ poster industry, The Speeding Train only designs posters to be printed for genuine gig promotion. Gig posters in the genuine sense of the word. Stuck up on walls and in shops and venues and then torn down a few days later. Heavyweight litho-printed A3 versions of around 100 different designs are available to buy from the stall at this year’s Supersonic Festival.

Tin Angel/ Taylor John’s House
A small cafe/bar/music venue in Medieval Spon Street, Coventry, home to Tin Angel Records, which has had several successful releases by Devon Sproule, Paul Curreri, Adrian Crowley and Danny Schmidt. July sees the release of Polar Bear’s new album.

Taylor Johns is the Tin Angel’s big brother. Opening in April 06, to hold a growing audience, TJ’s is one of the Midlands’ premier Leftfield music venues.

Selling vintage clothes and ephemera from the 50s to the 00s, trading cards and collectibles, music memorabilia, deadstock gems and forgotten treasures. WONDERLEAGUE is home to Bunny Bissoux and also sells fanzines, artists books, prints, badge sets, handmade plush toys and one off items of clothing and accessories, all this and cupcakes too!! We have all the things you never knew you needed.


Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance Magazine is characterised by its DIY approach to producing, intelligent and darkly witty reportage.


Fri 11th – Sun 13th of July
Weekend Tickets:


Limited days tickets:

Friday £15 / Saturday £35 / Sunday £30
Please be aware we have a limited capacity last year sold out, so you are advised to buy tickets in advance of the festival.


Buy Tickets for Supersonic Festival from:
The Ticket Sellers
24 hr credit card: 0844 870 0000


They will also be available from:
Polar Bear
10 York Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7RZ
0121 441 5202


Swordfish Record Shop
Cheltenham House, 14-16 Temple St, Birmingham B2 5BG
0121 633 4859


Rough Trade East
‘Dray Walk’, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
0207 3927788

Special Deal:

18 Holliday Street, Birmingham, B1 1TB
£44.95 per room call 08458 90 90 99 and quote ‘SUPERSONIC’ to book at special festival rate.


Special Deal:

Get Dire
Paragon Hotel

(2 mins walk from the Custard Factory)
A magnificent example of Gothic architecture, the Paragon is situated in the heart of the city, lovingly restored into a modern, stylish, urban retreat.

Single Standard Room B&B for £45.00
Double Standard Room B&B for £65.00


Quote ‘SUPERSONIC’ to book at special festival rate

T: +44 (0) 121 627 0627 / F: +44 (0) 121 627 0628
E: [email protected]

Recommended Budget visitors:

Birmingham Central Backpackers
Birmingham Central is a five minute walk from the Bull Ring and a three minute walk from the Digbeth Coach Station. 5 min walk from the Custard Factory.
About 50 dorm beds available at £17 per night.
T: +44 (0) 121 643 0033

1 Great Colmore Street, Birmingham, B15 2AP
T : +44 (0) 121 622 7575

Please mention Supersonic when booking.

£38 per room per night – includes 1 single bed & 1 double bed in each room 1-3 people per room – BARGAIN!!! works out £13 each per night. 5 mins cab ride from venue or 20 minute walk from the venue. Rooms book up very quickly! £2.95 for a continental breakfast. Approx 150 rooms available.


Factory Club Stage
9.30 Drumiz

10.30 Dokkebi Q
11.30 Bogulta

12.30 Ove Naxx

1.30 DJ Scotch Egg

2.30 Marousa


Outside Stage

9.15 Cutting Pink With Knives

10.00 Rolo Tomassi

11.00 PCM Feat Karl from Bolt Thrower
12.15 Dalek
1.30 DJ/Rupture Feat Jah Dan

Festival map


Factory Club Stage
4.45 Alex Tucker
6.15 Heatseekers
7.45 Justice Yeldham
9.00 Beestung Lips
10.15 Noxagt
11.45 Oren Ambarchi
12.30 Rough Trade DJs
1.30 The Attrocitator


Outside Stage
4.15 Cath & Phil Tyler
5.30 The Owl Service
6.45 Magnetophone
8.30 Efterklang
10.00 The Heads
11.00 Wooden Shjips
12.45 Harvey Milk


Space 2 Stage
4.30 Black Sun
5.45 The Courtesy Group
7.00 Guapo
8.00 Thrones
9.15 Oxbow
10.45 Fuck Buttons
12.25 Battles


4.00 Thrill Jockey Archive Films
4.30 VBS Soft Focus
5.15 Mark Pilkington talk
6.15 Nic Bullen talk
7.30 HMIB
9.00 7 Inch Cinema
11.30 Kipple
12.00 Lost & Found
12.30 Southern Archive – Obsessed
1.00 VBS Soft Focus
1.30 Southern Archive

Volunteer at Supersonic

Call Out!

Supersonic needs YOU! Capsule¹s internationally renowned festival runs 11th to 13th July 2008 and there¹s plenty of opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. The festival is small enough for everyone involved as a volunteer to gain not just an overview of how the festival works, but to give real input and value. We will try to fit your experience and aspirations against required roles in the festival, so that we all benefit as much as possible

What’s available?

There are 2 festival internships available to assist with: Artists liaison / Production / Marketing / Festival Management you will be required to do 5 -10 days between May to July. You will receive valuable work experience and be credited as part of the core team that deliver Supersonic Festival.


In addition to this we need a team of volunteers to help deliver the festival over the weekend of the event itself 10th-14th July and in the run up to Supersonic from June onwards. You will be required to do a minimum of 6 hrs over the weekend in return for a day ticket and festival t-shirt.


We will need to know, very specifically, when you are available to volunteer for Supersonic. This enables us to timetable volunteer hours in the office,at events and liaising with artists and onsite. It’s really important that if you’ve said you’re available at a particular time on a particular day, we can rely on your presence. Please look at your diary and let us know what commitments you already have.


Please note, unfortunately we can only receive applications from people over 18 years of age. For further information on volunteering for Supersonic, please contact us by email: [email protected] with ‘volunteer’ as the subject field.


Outside Stage
2.15 Einstellung
3.15 Max Tundra
4.45 Parts & Labor
6.00 Errors
7.15 Red Sparowes
8.45 The Oscillation
10.00 ZX Spectrum Orchestra
11.15 Harmonia

Space 2 Stage
2.30 Transitional
3.45 Orthodox
5.00 Asva
6.30 Earth
8.00 Fucked Up
9.15 Kikuri
10.45 Gravetemple

2.15 Thrill Jockey film archive
2.45 Eastside Projects
4.00 Yukio Fujimoto talk/demo
5.00 Brian Duffy talk/demo
6.00 Pierre Bastien
7.00 Nosferatu with live sound track
8.45 Eastside Projects
9.45 Melvins/fantomas film
10.30 Kipple
11.00 VBS Soft Focus