Supersonic 2006

SuperSonic Festival
Birmingham UK

This year’s SuperSonic Festival, staged in Birmingham, UK, at the Custard Factory 21st/22nd July 2006. It’s a two-day event run by Lisa Meyer and Jenny Moore of Capsule, the driving force behind the UK’s most cutting-edge music events.

SuperSonic happens yearly and attracts a multitude of attention from all corners of the UK and further afield – there really isn’t another event like it in the UK that mixes such a prolific blend of artists.

“The Supersonic line-up’s determined diversity seduces an audience that can inhabit the more esoteric corners of the dancefloor or dwell, darkly, down at the bottom of the venue’s drained swimming pool. Regardless of any perceived clans, the whole crowd are united in their adorartion of carefully sculpted noise matter.”
The Wire

Friday 21st July
Room 1:
DJ Food . The Bug & MCs Ras B & Warrior Queen . PCM . Mistress

Room 2: Wrong Music Crew
Shitmat . DJ Scotch Egg . Jason Forest . The countryside alliance Crew . Moronic Dance Music Association . Twocsinak . Hot Roddy/Minimal Impact . The bohman brothers . DJ Cheesemaster

Saturday 22nd July 06:
Theatre Space:
Rother & Moebius (Neu! & Harmonia)
Thrones (Joe Preston ex Melvins/Earth)
Final (Justin Broadrick)
Alexander Tucker
Haddonfield Illinois
Voice of The Seven Woods

Outside Stage:
High On Fire
Modified Toy Orchestra
Michael Gira (SWANS)
Shade (Stephen O’Malley + Dylan Carlson)
Hanne Hukkelburg
Una Corda

Medicine Bar:
Andy Votel (dj set)
Shy Child
US Maple
Mills & Boon

+ film programme by 7 Inch Cinema
Record stalls + Cake + Art Installations