Supersonic 2005

This year’s SuperSonic Festival, staged in Birmingham, UK, at the Custard Factory 8-9 July 2005. It’s a two-day event run by Lisa Meyer and Jenny Moore of Capsule, the driving force behind the UK’s most cutting-edge music events.

SuperSonic happens yearly and attracts a multitude of attention from all corners of the UK and further afield – there really isn’t another event like it in the UK that mixes such a prolific blend of artists.

“The Supersonic festival at the Custard Factory was one of the most ambitious and eclectic I have ever had the pleasure of playing at in the UK. The only thing that I know of that compares would be Sonar in Barcelona for diversity, setting, presentation and sheer love of music.”
Strictly Kev – DJ FOOD

 Friday 8th of July
Capsule will join forces with legedary HOUSE OF GOD to bring two rooms of the best Techno/D&B/Jungle mash-up with special guests playing alongside HOG residents.

doors 9pm – 4am

Room one:
Paul Damage
Sir Real
Nicky B
Harvey Lane

Room two:
Shitmat (Planet Mu)
Chris Clark (Warp)
+ Capsule Girls Dj set

Saturday 9th July
This year will see three stages of live performances, art installations, film programme, video bingo, karaoke and most importantly cake.
Doors 4pm – 4am

Outside stage:
Psychic TV
Rother & Moebius (neu!/cluster/harmonia)
Granine + Stuart Braithwaite – Mogwai Dj set
Dalek (Ipecac)
Battles (
Jesu (Hydra Head ex Godflesh)
Aereogramme (Undergroove)

Theatre space:
*Merzbow vs Stephen O’Malley (Sunn 0)))/Khanate)
Brian Duffy and Modified Toy Orchestra
Barbara Morgenstern + Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot)
Black Galaxy vs Kreepa (ex Napalm Death/Scorn)
*Martin Creed + His Band (Turner prize winner 2001)
*David Cunningham
PCM – special party set

Medicine Bar:
Trevor Jackson
Colder (Output)
Noise Noise Alore!
Formation Flight
Granine + Stuart Braithwaite – Mogwai Dj set
Tunng (Static Caravan)
Khonnor (Type Records)

‘dotb on ice’ featuring live performances in an ice cream van from Dreams of Tall Buildings/PCM
Commissioned by Capsule and Wolverhampton  Art Gallery

* Performances presented  in collaboration with the Ikon Gallery

Film programme by 7inch cinema