Chris Corsano & Paul Dunmall + Theo

Sun 22nd February 2009
Hare and Hounds

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Both players, Chris on drum and Paul on saxophone, have vibrant solo and group and improvised projects but the two love playing together and this is a rare instance to be celebrated. Their music manages to move people in a way that is just beyond words. Bear witness.

Chris Corsano’s drumming has to be seen to be fully appreciated. An ‘into the void’ musician who collaborates with a huge range of artists and can still pull off mad solo shit. It is a rare drummer that can hold his own with his customized kit, clatter practice and circular breathing drone exhortations but retain a dynamic and structure that works. He also self-releases a CD of distorted and spiked keyboard pieces on the Hot Cars Warp label to confuse those who try to pin him down. Loose-limbed, intense, even melodic, he exposes the audience to sounds and rhythms that defy normality. He moves light footed around the world sparking off into all kinds of collaborations playing with/alongside Jim O’Rouke, the Dimension X project, Whitehouse, Bjork, Mick Beck, Okkyung Lee, Thurston Moore and Bill Nace among many.

For thirty years Paul Dunmall has carved out a reputation for himself and is now widely recognised as one of the most uncompromising and talented reed players on the International jazz/improvised music scene. Whether playing in small groups or big bands his musical sensitivity and imagination combined with a powerful sound to make him one of the most distinctive improvisers playing today.His octet and Moksha big band showcases his abilities both as a composer drenched in the Jazz traditions and Folk traditions and as a sympathetic leader able to give maximum freedom to a elite group of fellow improvisers.

Theo, the work of one Sam Knight, is one for themath rock fans. Taut, chugging guitar loops layer up with frenetictapping patterns that interweave in spiralling complexity before nearsub-atomically precise, powerhouse drumming clatters and builds eachsong into juggernaut of riffs and rhythms. To achieve something likethis recorded is one thing, but to see Theo perform live is quiteanother as each song blurs into the next and the dazzling guitar anddrum acrobatics leave jaws sagging on the faces of all who bear witnessto the talent on offer.

Poster by Ben Javens