DELIGHT IS RIGHT – Richard Dawson



On Sunday 14 June Richard Dawson curates an afternoon show named after his infamous podcast the DELIGHT IS RIGHT. With a number of rare UK performances by artists handpicked by Dawson, the line-up reflects the diversity of sounds that feed into his own songwriting.

Richard Dawson is a skewed troubadour at once charming and abrasive. His shambolically virtuosic guitar playing ranges from sublime intricacy to spidery swatches of noise-colour, swathed in amp static and veering from stumble to soaring reverie.

These include Ethiopian free spirit Afework Nigussie, who plays a range of traditional stringed, woodwind and percussive instruments. Many people are familiar with the Ethiopian music of the golden seventies; Nigussie’s music both harks back to this era and innovates the ancient Azmari tradition. An artist for over fifty years, Jiří Wehle is a Czech street musician from Prague who specialises in ethnic and Medieval instruments. Also performing is prepared violin innovator Angharad Davies, harp liberationist Rhodri Davies and fellow Tyne folk narrator Phil Tyler.


Kids Gigs


Our annual programme of big sounds for little people returns! These performances act as an introduction to experimental music for children and their families.

Sunday 21st October 1.30pm
Old Library, Custard Factory
Her unique vocal style and daring DIY approach to music composition is coupled with a beautiful sense of playfulness. Soulful and icy in one breath, she is one of the key players of the Finnish free folk scene.

Saturday 20th October, 1.30pm
Old Library, Custard Factory
Flower/Corsano Duo
Corsano is a multi faceted drummer and one of the most exciting improv percussionists in the world. Lightning quick yet with an unconventional approach to rhythm, we’re looking forward to some top notch dancing from the kids for this show. He teams up with multi instrumentalist, free psych player Mick Flower on strings.

Each gig will include an animation workshop by artist duo Juneau Projects


Tickets cost £10 (parent and child) or £12.50 (parent and two children)

Buy Tickets – Saturday with Flower/Corsano
Buy Tickets – Sunday with Islaja


Tea Party


Capsule like cake, a lot, and for our 10th anniversary celebrations, it seems only right to partake in a feast of epicurean delights. Join us for an afternoon of tea, sweet treats and a nice glass of fizz to toast 10 years of adventurous music and meet with some of the people that have made this event possible over the years.

There will be a number of special guests in attendance from artists, friends of the festival and some fantastical creatures. Like Alice in Wonderland, it may be the stupidist tea party you’ve ever been to.

The Tea Party acts as a thank you to those who have pledged £50 or more to our current We Fund campaign. Like many arts organisations, we are increasingly looking for new ways to continue what we do. This campaign allows people, if they are in the position to, to support us by making a donation to the festival this year. Your donations will help us to continue to put together a highly ambitious festival programme, allowing us to take risks on emergent artists and unique collaborations. We are hoping our loyal audience, friends and partners can help us further our ambition for this unique event.

To make a pledge to our campaign, please visit



Sonic Feast



The Sonic Feast is a unique sound led dining experience, featuring bespoke and unusual concoctions to celebrate the festival’s 10th year in style. Created in partnership with Companis, this event will feature a range of special guests including Supersonic Festival artist alumni and has a very limited capacity. Companis is a nomadic artist and curatorial practice creating bespoke dining experiences that immerse the diner in performance, food and spectacle.  We’d love for you to join us for this very special event.

The Sonic Feast acts as a thank you to those who have pledged £150 or more to our current We Fund campaign. Like many arts organisations, we are increasingly looking for new ways to continue what we do. This campaign allows people, if they are in the position to, to support us by making a donation to the festival this year. Your donations will help us to continue to put together a highly ambitious festival programme, allowing us to take risks on emergent artists and unique collaborations. We are hoping our loyal audience, friends and partners can help us further our ambition for this unique event.

To make a pledge to our campaign, please visit


Club Unlikely


A Supersonic Quiz hosted by Club Unlikely

Sunday 23rd  starts 2.30pm in 70eights

Flaunt your collective musical nous in this unique contest to determine the Trivia Champs at Supersonic 2011. It’s free to enter and you can field a team of anything between 2 and 6 people. The quiz starts at 2.30pm so please have your teams registered and ready to fire for 2.15pm.

Think you know your Electric Funeral from your Electric Wizard? Well, Bring  it on!



Sonic Graffiti



Walking the streets near to VIVID and Supersonic Festival, the ubiquitous signs of neglect passing you by. Set into a decaying wall there is a headphone socket. You unplug from your own music and plug yourself into the city. The sounds you hear are of and from this place, dark and decayed.

Artist Sam Underwood will tour his Sonic Graffiti during the festival, meet him on Friday 21st October at 8pm, or Sunday 23rd October at 8pm outside VIVID – bring headphones.

Sonic Graffiti is a co commission between Capsule and VIVID and is part of an experimental season entitled Crash, stimulated by the vision of J.G. Ballard.

VIVID | 140 Heath Mill Lane | Birmingham | B9 4AR




9pm – 9pm 22- 23 October
Eastside Projects
86 Heath Mill Lane B9 4AR

This new performance commissioned by Capsule and Eastside Projects is a collaboration between artist Christian Jendreiko (responsible for last years Gods White Noise live installation) and Andrew Moscardo-Parker (aka Lash Frenzy). Together they will be exploring the action of both playing and what is actually being played over a 24 hour period, allowing for the piece to develop and evolve naturally.

Christian and Andrew will be joined by a core group of string players along with a few ‘special’ guests. What will be created will be truly unique!

Lash Frenzy vs KK Null from Supersonic 2010:





SOUNDkitchen is a collective of sound artists and composers bringing new and experimental sounds to Birmingham through exciting line-ups, eclectic electronic performances and collaborations with various local and national organisations. SOUNDkitchen aims to present anything and everything that’s experimental and electronic, crossing genres from electroacoustic to soundscapes to noise to ambient drones to Afrobeat, Dubstep, Balkan music and many more.

For Supersonic 2011, SOUNDkitchen will present two works.  They’ll be resident in a special area where they will be serving-up audio delights in their Cinema for the Ears. Working in collaboration with BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre), they promise a concoction of installations and performances in a site-specific immersive sound sculpture.  Secondly, they will provide a live soundscape/soundtrack to Imperfect Cinema‘s screening of films made by festival-goers attending the latter’s workshop.





Supersonic Kids Gigs


After the success of our first Supersonic Kids Gigs in 2010, we return with another programme of big sounds for little people!

Tickets  will be £10 for 1 child +  1 adult and available from


As well as performing at the main festival, Lucky Dragons and The Berg Sans Nipple will be performing a special Supersonic Kids Gig this year, exploring experimental music aimed and kids and their families.

Saturday 22nd October

Lucky Dragons’ performances put the audience at the heart of the show, and encourage participation with the artists and with each other. Playing together whilst engaging with new sounds. The artist duo regularly conducts workshops to find new ways to engage people in experimental sounds

Sunday 23rd October

The Berg Sans Nipple is Lori Sean Berg and Shane Aspegren. The former is a suave Frenchman from the dirty rues of Paris, the latter hails from the dusty plains of Nebraska. Two drums, synths, samples, a ton of percussion and vocals hardcore kids gone gamelan, caught in devastatingly beautiful melodies and a mind bending rhythm section.


Action Hero


Action Hero
Smoke & Lights: a solo sound encounter for music lovers

Visit Action Hero’s black hole, a solo experience for festival-goers who want to re-live Supersonic’s greatest adventures in sound.

Action Hero have compiled a library of the best aural moments of Supersonic past along with tracks supplied from this year’s line up.

Select your track and step into the sound booth. Begin an auditory assault or an acoustic ramble through Supersonic yesteryear and future sounds. Remember a performance past, imagine you were there, listen in anticipation of the gig you’ll see later, play the front man.

Action Hero are artists based in Bristol making performance and live-art.

Presented in collaboration with Fierce Festival
Since 1998 Fierce’s adventurous programme of interventions and performances has established it as a landmark event in the UK’s cultural calendar.


Gods White Noise


Düsseldorf-based artist Christian Jendreiko is known for making actions with large ensembles of trained or untrained performers in novel, site-specific settings. Jendreiko specifically seeks to reconsider acoustics as aspects of how body and mind are constructed, through a decentralized and sculptural approach towards performance. Lasting anywhere between two and seven hours and featuring classically trained musicians alongside untrained performers in nonhierarchical and improvisatory fashion, Jendreiko transforms groups into social sculpture.

For the Birmingham premiere of ‘GOTTESRAUSCHEN (GOD’S WHITE NOISE): Action for Players, Guitars & Amplifiers’, a number of musicians and artists will perform at Eastside Projects over the course of 7 hours. Intended as a performance for an indeterminate number of guitarists and amplifiers, and taking its cue from a passage by Friedrich Schiller on man’s relationship to a series of sensual and formal compulsions (“For all beauty is ultimately but a property of … movement”), GOD’S WHITE NOISE will unfold over a single day, with guests free to enter, circulate throughout, and remain in the gallery space as long as they wish.

Jendreiko’s actions have been performed at Baer Ridgway, San Francisco (2010), Wesleyan University (2007), Kunstverein Düsseldorf (2007), Kunstverein Nürnberg/Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft (2009), the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg (2009) and in various galleries and art institutions throughout Europe. Jendreiko has also presented work internationally since 1999 as a founding member of Düsseldorf-based artist collective hobbypopMUSEUM.


Eastside Projects and Supersonic are looking for performers for GOTTESRAUSCHEN (GOD’S WHITE NOISE), taking place at Eastside Projects on Saturday 23 October, 12–7pm. We are looking for people interested in going through the GOTTESRAUSCHEN experience: You do not need to be a trained guitar player, however you should be interested in sonic exploration of the self. The full performance lasts 7 hours — involvement for the duration is optional: players may come and go. Performers are required to bring their own electric guitar and amplifier, which can be stored securely at Eastside Projects for the full festival weekend. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Eastside Projects is a new model for a gallery, one where space and programme are intertwined: a complex evolving programme of works and events starting from radical historical positions. Forthcoming is a touring exhibition by British artist Carey Young, and pioneering US artist, Dan Graham.

This event takes place at: Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR


There Are No Others, There Is Only Us


Supersonic Installation: ‘There Are No Others, There Is Only Us’
video installation by Marc Silver / Music by Ben Frost

Moor Street Station . Birmingham
Friday 24th – Sunday 26th July
10 am – 6pm daily Free Entry

Premiering at Supersonic Festival ‘There Are No Others, There Is Only Us‘is a monochrome video projection created by director Marc Silver, which explores how we protect ourselves from a seemingly more chaotic planet.

In a time where the world is ever more connected and unbordered, artist Marc Silver considers whether crowds are a force for oppression, or a potential for resistance.

‘There are no others, there is only us’ is a powerful visual metaphor illustrating the nature of collaboration and the power of crowds, with music composed by post minimalist producer Ben Frost (Bjork, Valgeir Sigurosson).

The centerpiece of the film is an aerial dance of half a million swarming birds, projected at Birmingham Moor Street Station, where 7,000 commuters come and go daily.

In addition to Ben Frosts soundtrack 5 artists have been invited by Supersonjic Festival to compose alternative scores to accompany the film. These include pieces created by:
Andrew Moscardo-Parker, Stuart Tonge, Simon Fox, Matt Snowden, Sam Underwood

Produced by Capsule + Germination in association with Fierce!
With thanks to Chiltern Railways

Germination bring world-changing ideas to the public through live events and cultural projects.

Fierce! is an international performance festival that has taken place annually in and around Birmingham, England since 1997.


Screening of Suspiria


Screening: Suspiria
Director Dario Argento
Sound track by Goblin


Friday 24th July 7pm – 9pm
VIVID | 140 Heath Mill Lane | Birmingham | B9 4AR
Supersonic Festival ticket holders only 18 +
Limited places must be booked in advance
(just 5 mins walk from the main festival site)

First bands on stage at 9.00pm

In honour of having Italian legends Goblin performing live on Sunday night at this years Supersonic Festival, we will be screening ‘Suspiria’ on Friday evening before the festival opens. The screening will take place at Vivid with ‘deadly’ cocktails on sale

Places are limited  – you must book in advance by emailing info[at] with ‘Suspiria‘ in the title – this is free to weekend ticket holders only!

Jessica Harper stars as Suzy Banyon, a young American ballet dancer who arrives at a prestigious European dance academy run by the mysterious Madame Blanc (Joan Bennett) and Miss Tanner (Alida Valli). But when a series of bizarre incidents and horrific crimes (including what Entertainment Weekly calls “the most vicious murder scene ever filmed”) turn the school into a waking nightmare of the damned, Suzy must escape the academy’s unspeakable secret of supernatural evil. Experience the most shocking and hallucinatory horror movie in history as you’ve never seen or heard it before, now featuring the fully remastered landmark score by Goblin and a heart-stopping new film transfer supervised by director Dario Argento and cinematographer Luciano Tovoli.

This is the definitive version of SUSPIRIA, an aria of terror beyond imagination and one of the most extraordinary horror films ever made. NOT ONE FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

With thanks to Anchor Bay Home Entertainment