Friday 12 June – Vivid Projects 18:00pm

Diatribes are a Geneva based duo comprising Cyril Bondi and d’incise. They perform percussion, found objects and live electronics. Their work is an exploration of simplification and rational rituality, formed by strict sonic or structural principles. Typically their music features highly detailed textures, repeated gestures, soft tones, febrile pulses and acoustic hyper-sensibility.

The duo is currently presenting two new pieces based on the deconstruction of old Jamaican dub tunes, in an attempt to reinterpret this musical heritage and some of its trade marks in an very conceptual, electroacoustic and minimalist way.


Samara Scott – Eastside Projects



Wednesday to Saturday 12–5pm
86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

In the main space ‘Silks’, Samara Scott’s first solo – show in a public gallery, rips up and ruptures the floor to create an irrepressible, erotic topography of consumer products. Her exotically prosaic worlds of poured and pooled misused materials – household chemicals, soft drinks, toilet paper, scented waxes, noodles, eye shadow and toothpaste – cascade, smear and mould into an archipelago of voids cut into the gallery’s concrete floor.

In the second gallery Roger Coward re-visits his 1975 Artist Placement Group project, which focused on Small Heath, presenting the exhibition ‘YOU AND ME HERE WE ARE’, which includes the artist’s film ‘The Most Smallest Heath in the Spaghetti Junction’ and a selection of archive materials.

Eastside Projects is a free public gallery in Digbeth that is being imagined and organized by artists, in partnership with Birmingham City University.


Stewart Easton



A3 Project Space | Unit A3 2 Bowyer Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B10 0SA
Sat & Sun – Sat 13 June & Sun 14 June, 12pm – 5pm

Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, Stewart Easton’s latest work, The Next Verse, fuses together hand embroidery, sonic art and music.

Collaborating with sound artist, Gawain Hewitt, and musician Michael Tanner (Plinth, United Bible Studies), Stuart’s stitch work forms a meter square of interactive embroidery that follows the lifecycle of a fictional family. The major plot lines of The Next Verse are hand stitched by Stuart using conductive thread and a soundtrack composed by Michael is triggered by touch, each person creating their unique soundscape. Stuart will also be developing a site specific wall drawing in the gallery during the exhibition.

Stewart Easton is a visual storyteller based in London who works in thread, ink, paint and digital.

A3 Project Space is an art venue in Digbeth run by Trevor Pitt, who curates an evolving programme of projects, exhibitions and events.

Please note that A3 Project Space is in a slightly different location to the other organisations taking part in Digbeth Delights; it is not part of Minerva Works but is only a short stroll away.


Digbeth Delights


Sunday 14 June – 12.00 – 17.00
admission free
Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5RT

Start your Supersonic Sunday at Minerva Works. A host of Birmingham’s best independent spaces present an afternoon of avant-garde performances, workshops and talks. Expect brutalist composition, contemporary improvisation, punk protest art and poetic robotics.


Centrala Gallery / Unit 3
Gee Vaucher/ Oskar Kasperek /Radosław Włodarski

Centrala Gallery presents a selection of punk protest art and documents, produced before the fall of the Iron Curtain from the East and West, including works by Gee Vaucher, Oscar Kasperek and Radosław Włodarski. Gee Vaucher’s iconic imagery made with Anarcho-punk band, Crass, was inspirational to the ‘protest art’ of the 1980s and still resonates today. Vaucher has always seen her work as a tool for social change.
From the same period but on the other side of Europe and under a different political system, Oscar Kasperek’s work is equally provocative and thoughtful, from his portraits of fellow prisoners, to his use of stamps, which leave small traces in the environment to present a dialogue with the surrounding world. In conjunction with the exhibition, Centrala Café will be presenting the contemporary work of Radosław Włodarski.
14.30 -16.00 Talk
Centrala will host a talk with artists Gee Vaucher, Oskar Kasperek and Nic Bullen, discussing their experiences in punk counter-cultural production. Chaired by John Robb, editor of Louder Than War.

Home For Waifs And Strays / Unit 9

[to]fashionfissionfusion is a flux of bodies, soundscapes, projections and languages. It is a meeting point for the cinematic, theatrical and performative. It can be seen as performance (or, in a sense, a happening) as performers negotiate the present moment, which enters the work and forms its backbone. It can be seen as theatre, but not one where the border between the performer and the audience is reinforced, where the lines, movements and sensibilities are rehearsed beforehand. It can be seen as cinema, but without a priori script, narrative or conclusion; one where editing, filming, acting, soundscape, narration happens simultaneously. There are no shots, actions or sounds which are unfit; knowing, not knowing, clarity and confusion trade places.

Stryx / Unit 13
An exciting programme drawn from the best of Birmingham’s thriving improvised music scene. Featuring British improv legends alongside talented young musicians making their mark on the national circuit, expect cutting-edge electronics, immersive string duets and acoustic free jazz at its best.

Vivid Projects / Unit 16
In this short performance devised and presented by Sarah Angliss (composer and roboticist) and Emma Kilbey (actor), breaths, gestures and other human actions seem to be echoed in changes to lamps, cups and other objects. You can choose to observe these events as they unfold, or influence them further by hooking yourself up to the set.

In 1966, ten New York artists and thirty engineers and scientists collaborated on a series of innovative dance, music, and theatre performances, 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering. The ten artists included John Cage, whose Variations VII was the next to last in his series of indeter- minate works begun in 1958, and which made increasing use of electronic equipment and systems to capture and manipulate sounds present at the time of the performance. Don’t miss your chance to see this rare and historical film, consisting of archival footage of the performance and documentary interviews.

Vivid Projects is a collaborative agency and project space, exploring all forms of media arts practice.


Grand Union / Unit 19
Musician and writer, Honor Gavin, talks to artist, Aideen Doran, about their shared interest in Birmingham’s architecture and the influence it has had on their artistic endeavours.
They will talk from within the setting of Im Bau, an experimental research space devised by artist Aideen Doran. Im Bau brings together Aideen’s research on Birmingham as a space for artistic, economic and ideological production.

The talk will be followed by Honor Gavin performing sounds from Yes Manzoni, a sonic celebration of Birmingham’s twentieth century urban transformations.
Grand Union is a gallery and artists’ studios that supports the development of artists and curators through provision of high quality work space and an experimental programme of free exhibitions and events.


Bring Out Your Dead



Friday 19 October, 7–8.30pm
Featuring Arc Vel, Papa November, Them Use Them and The Plague Doctor.

First Fold records artists will perform a spectacular audio visual response to Necrospective, an exhibition exploring theories in relation to violence and acting out, the suppression of our fear of morality and how that embodies itself in technological man-made structures.

Using the exhibition as a backdrop, artists Arc Vel, Papa November, Them Use Them,  The Plague Doctor and more tbc, will create their own layer of sound and vision in this pre-Supersonic Festival event.

First Fold is an independent record label and publishing company managed and funded by the individuals involved in developing the first fold product. First Fold’s focus is to maintain a self regulating and enthusiastic approach to the creation of music and visual media and aims to encourage a dialogue that constantly challenges the people involved to generate exciting and relevant work.

Grand Union
19 Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS




Open 22 September to 27 October, Thursday to Saturday, 12-5pm.

Featuring work by Craig Fisher, Thomas Johnson, Alexis Milne, Takeshi Murata and Motohiko Odani. Necrospective is a group exhibition exploring theories in relation to violence and acting out, the suppression of our fear of mortality and how that embodies itself in technological man-made structures.
Curator Thomas Johnson examines the relationship between Baudrillard’s notion that science and technology produce objects and experiences that embody the death drive, and Freud’s notion that the death drive leads people to re-enact and repeat traumatic experiences. This relationship can be realised by viewing technology as a form of performance or acting.
The works in the exhibition envision a sanitised invention of the world; a technologically mediated environment, in which mucky nature has been eradicated. This environment is presented as one in which the death drive is satisfied, where violence and the abject have been displaced through a technological, man-made infrastructure.

Grand Union
19 Minerva Works, Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RS


Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat



Curated by Maria Lind and amended by Eastside Projects

6 October to 1 December 2012

José Léon Cerrillo, Zachary Formwalt, Goldin+Senneby, Wade Guyton, Yelena Popova, Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman

Why abstraction today? While no prominent neoabstract movement has been heralded since the 1960s, abstraction has remained present but ‘out of sight’ and could be seen as redundant as an artistic tool. Since the late 1990s there has been a palpable interest in abstraction, particularly among younger artists and other cultural producers who both reinterpret the legacy of formal abstraction and shape performative, social versions of abstraction with regard to its meaning — to withdraw.

‘Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat’ is the latest iteration in a research project exploring notions of abstraction, taking contemporary art as its starting point. The artworks in this exhibition involve and complicate the three strands of abstraction: formal abstraction, economic abstraction and social abstraction, with an emphasis on economic abstraction. This is the first main gallery exhibition at Eastside Projects to be curated by an external curator, Stockholm based Maria Lind, who has invited an array of international artists to exhibit.

‘Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat’ suggests that we pay attention to and reconsider certain crucial aspects of the phenomenon of abstraction as it pertains to its intriguing resurgence in contemporary art.

Eastside Projects
86 Heath Mill Lane
Birmingham B9 4AR


The Furies


‘The Furies’ – a dirty girl band
at mac, Saturday 22nd October, 9pm

Birmingham’s own Kindle Theatre plunder the city’s native sound of Heavy Metal to create a ballsy gig for you to come and get sweaty to.  ‘The Furies’ smashes together rock, metal and soul songs with text and poetry to drasticall retell the story of Clytaemnestra – a woman betrayed. Told through the eyes of Clytaemnestra’s band ofFuries; hot, sensual, with a glint in their eye, this is the ultimate tale ofrage, revenge and envy.

“Joan Jett, Ramones, Bowie, Rocky Horror, Angela Carter… Fantastic, they had the audience in their palms”
Audience feedback, BE Festival 2011, winner of the European Touring Prize

Age recommendation 15+
Tickets £12/£9, available through mac box office: 0121 446 3232 + online HERE





“There has always been and will always be Samekhmem.

Seek not to understand the birth of Samekhmem.

True comprehension of this is beyond regular thought.

Place your mind, instead, in the center of the universe and allow yourself to dwell in the infinite.

When you know Samekhmem, you will realise that you have always known Samekhmem.

This truth extends beyond all imaginable constraints.

You will know the eternal message of Samekhmem.

It has always been heard by you and you will always be part of it.”

Samekhmem are performers of the Sacred Eternal Drone – that has always been and will always continue. Join the followers of Samekhmem, as a follower you can experience, contribute to and dictate past and future performances.

Experience a Samekhmem performance, witness the perpetual Sacred Eternal Drone, as part of ‘The Event’ on Friday 21st October at Minerva Works, 5pm-10pm.

Contribute to this performance via


The Event


Anybody attending this year’s Supersonic Festival will be happy to hear that another exciting arts festival will be taking place in the Eastside area of Birmingham at the same time. The Event is a contemporary arts festival showcasing the best in artist-led activity and  will take place from 21 – 30 October 2011 at a variety of venues including former industrial warehouses and recently opened artist-led gallery spaces.

The Event is delivered by some of the city’s key artist-led groups to explore a range of contemporary arts activity including visual arts, performance, live art, film, video, web-based, installation, intervention and sound, all demonstrating the diversity of the thriving arts community in the city.

Check the website for news of the programme along with special collaborative events.


Grand Union


Grand Union presents Hiker Meat by artist Jamie Shovlin

Grand Union presents an exhibition by London based artist Jamie Shovlin. His latest project Hiker Meat examines the degree to which a film director (or artist) has control over their works’ intended message, meaning and historical legacy, exploring the inherent tension within processes of collaboration and adaptation in any creative endeavour.
The project is a partial adaptation of an earlier work by Shovlin, Lustfaust: A Folk Anthology 1976-81 (2003-6), an archive of material created by the fans and musicians of a fictional German noise band. Contained within this archive is a narrative sketch for an exploitation film entitled Hiker Meat, for which Lustfaust composed the soundtrack. Using these found notes as a starting point Shovlin is producing a large body of work which acts as a homage to, and deconstruction of, exploitation horror films of the 1970s and 80s.
Unit 19, Fazeley Industrial Estate, Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5RS
12-8pm Friday 22nd October, 12-6pm Saturday 23 October, 12-4pm Sunday 24th October.

Eastside Projects


Eastside Projects presents: Local Myths by artist Jennifer Tee

Local Myths is the first UK exhibition of work by Jennifer Tee. Specially commissioned, Tee will construct a sculptural setting with allusions to a number of ideologically transformative inner structures, sanctums and theosophical spaces – ostensibly visible but not directly tangible. Tee will be transforming the gallery space to accommodate works that lie, stand and hang, reconsidering the materials, walls and floor of the building.

Eastside Projects are also hosting Gods White Noise with artist Christian Jendreiko on Saturday 23rd October 12 – 7pm

86 Heath Mill Lane, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AR
Thursday 12 – 6.30pm, Friday to Sunday 12 – 5pm


Ikon Eastside


Ikon Eastside presents : AVPD

Ikon Eastside are hosting an exhibition by Danish duo AVPD. Hitchcock Hallway makes reference to director Alfred Hitchcock, whose use of architectural motifs in his films typically enhanced the psychological intensity of the narrative. The gallery entrance has been replaced by a door that you’re invited to enter. However, all is not what it seems as your journey through the exhibition will challenge your spatial and perceptual awareness and you will begin to feel increasingly claustrophobic. AVPD have also produced a number of off-site projects around Birmingham: Conceal at Ikon’s Brindleyplace gallery, and Level and Rotoobjects which take place throughout the city.

Since starting forty years ago as a small kiosk in Birmingham’s Bullring, Ikon has developed a reputation for innovation, internationalism and excellence. Ikon have been presenting an ambitious programme of exhibitions, artists’ residencies, talks and events in Digbeth, since November 2005.

183 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5SE
Thursday – Sunday 1 – 5pm


Project Pigeon


Project Pigeon presents: Philopersiteron Feipan

The folks from Project Pigeon, Alexandra Lockett and Ian England, are going to be coordinating a flyover the festival site on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Based in the Rea Gardens on Floodgate Street, Project Pigeon explores how art, sport, education and curating can co-exist and what sporting sub-cultures can tell us about wider society and its systems, values, policies and ideologies.  Each pigeon will be wearing a different Philopersiteron Feipan whistle (or pigeon whistle) on their tail, which will create an amazing harmonic droning noise from across the pentatonic scale.  Think Red Arrows, but better, and a whole lot noisier.
The Rea Garden, 1-8 Floodgate Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5
Saturday 15.30 – 16.00, Sunday 13.30 – 14.00

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Ideal Skate shop & ramp


On site at the festival is Ideal Skate shop & ramp,  a skater owned store that has been supporting Birmingham skateboarding for the last 18 years.
For more info check: