Tunng + Health & Efficiency


Twisted pop wonders Tunng hit the Arena stage this summer. Performing songs from their new album called…And Then We Saw Land. The band have been on adventures both personal and shared, which have helped shape Tunng’s approach to their album.

Full of adventurous spirit…And Then We Saw Land is the first Tunng album to take more than a year to write and produce, it’s packed with big choruses and joyful tunes. “We wanted to make a record that would be a great live set,” says Mike. “My friend described it as ‘Epic Folk Disco Brass Magnificent,’ and I’m not sure you could call any other Tunng record that.”

Tonight’s Arena gig is the latest stop on Tunng’s adventure and it promises to be full of colour, character, joy and optimism.




Health & Efficiency – Their music traverses an encyclopaedia of influences; psych, folk, no wave noise and electronic perhaps being some of the more predominant. They utilise banjo, two basses, two guitars, synths, samplers and more effects and loop pedals than it’s reasonable for one band to need.



Capsule 10th Birthday concert


Capsule, Birmingham’s most innovative art and music producers kick off their 10th birthday celebrations with an extraordinary night of entertainment at the spectacular Town Hall Birmingham. Special guests include old friends Tunng who combine a perfect mixture of skewed electronica and pastoral English Folk music. Six Organs of Admittance, psych-folk-pop, hippie jams updated for the kids of today. Lightning Dust, the side project of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both members of Canadian band Black Mountain. Complimented by the bewitching Bela Emerson, an innovative and prolific performer of electric cello, electronics, tenor viol and musical saw.


Town Hall Birmingham is one of the oldest concert halls in the world. It has been at the centre of British musical life, and at the heart of Birmingham’s cultural scene, since the day it opened in October 1834. In 2009, the much-loved venue marks its milestone 175TH anniversary with a special series of events including concerts, talks, dances, films and more.