OM + ORE trio


is a duo from San Francisco, California, United States, formed in 2003 by the rhythm section of the disbanded stoner metal band Sleep. The band’s first three albums feature Al Cisneros on vocals and bass and Chris Hakius on drums.
The band’s music is similar in structure to Tibetan and Byzantine chant and is rich in rhythm and melody. Their music and lyrics lift off at the beginning and slowly mutate giving a feeling of evolution inside each song. The vocals have a monotone quality, producing, on some tracks, a noticeable hypnotic effect of the sort that tends to be appealing to the devotees of the many various genres of druggishly-bent, “space” music – but which not all music calling itself stoner rock necessarily is able to cause.
On January 2008, Hakius left the band and was replaced by drummer Emil Amos, of Grails. In 2011 Robert Lowe (Lichens) joined the group.

Al Cisneros – bass guitar, vocals
Emil Amos – drums
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – Vocal, Keyboards, Percussion, Tambura

Just three years into their dual-tuba project, Birmingham’s ORE continue to evolve rapidly. From early drone/doom beginnings their music has lately drawn inspiration from Indian classical music and other improvisational influences to become something much more difficult to define.

Autumn 2013 sees them celebrating the release of their new double A side 7″ in collaboration with Japanese noise master KK Null on Endtyme Records (a record born from their Supersonic 2012 collaboration), and for this performance they will be joined on drums by regular live collaborator and jazz percussionist Lydia Glanville.




OM formed in 2003 when former Sleep members Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius began to play again after a six year hiatus. The two began rehearsing without the addition of guitar or other instruments. OM’s first three albums feature Cisneros (bass/vocals) and Hakius (drums).

In January 2008 Hakius left the group. Cisneros recruited drummer Emil Amos of Grails.

We’re very pleased to announce that tuba duo ORE will support, adding to the abstract doom theme of the night.

They have recently released their first EP ‘Beyond Tree and Stone’, which can be purchased digitally via


Capsule at the Autumn Almanac


Autumn Almanac is a four-day celebration of Birmingham’s creative life showcasing the city’s artists, filmmakers and musicians. Ikon’s gallery spaces will exclusively exhibit works created in Birmingham, also hosting some of our best- known music festivals and organisations in a programme of live performances.


 At the heart of Capsule’s activity is the support of Birmingham based talent, and for this exciting event at IKON we will present works from the artist Andrew Moscardo-Parker and the ensemble Ore.

Andrew Moscardo-Parker performs as Lash Frenzy. Central to his sound work is a rejection of narrative and a focus upon the present, the ‘now’. At Supersonic Festival 2011 Andrew collaborated with German artist Christian Jendreiko to create the 24 hour performance Velzuvial, where artists were invited to improvise and collaborate over a 24 hour period. His work as Lash Frency explores the action of playing, turning performances into immersive, participatory events. For this performance, Andrew will be paying tribute to Birmingham musical history, as the piece will work around the first 3 notes of the song ‘Black Sabbath’. These particular 3 notes are called Tritones and were known in Medieval times as the ‘Devil’s Intervals’.

Ore are a drone doom tuba group. The Sound of Ore can be heard where classical, experimental and metal musics engage. The material is rare; a synthesis of musical elements. Ore forge the power and depth of brass with the care of craftsmen. It is the sound of Birmingham: its industrial heritage, metal-working origins and creative innovation.


Interview with Sam Underwood about the Ore project here –


For the full Autumn Almanac programme, which includes a night of film hosted by 7 inch cinema and music from the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group go here


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