Melt Banana + Glatze + Lash Frenzy vs Mort


Out of the old ashes sizzle and scream a new wave and realization simply called MELT-BANANA. A maelstrom of experimental heart surgery, Melt Banana walk on water, They effortlessly juggle all of those sharks that think they`re swimming in new, unexplored territories. Here are the imported children of the no waves gone by, a hardcore-informed, audio info overload from Tokyo`s ferocious underground. MELT-BANANA sweat out a super-adrenalized, maxi-caffeinated collision of frenzied drum rhythms and torturous guitar squeals through tiny, frantic, hyper rhythmic little songs. Front woman Yasuko O.`s ultra-high-pitched screeches and Agata`s screaming slide guitar vie for supremacy across a rhythmic frenzy that is so ridiculous and precise, it will crush you with it`s brilliance. Here are the cerebral gnashing guitars, the aggravated pep squad proclamations and the neck-snapping rhythm change-ups irresistible to those seeking a new musical truth. MELT-BANANA doesn`t sound like anything you`ve heard. Simply put, they are unclassifiable. If that`s not enough for you…. well then, back into your cave Grogar

Lash Frenzy & Mort the Sonic
Lash Frenzy is Andrew Moscardo-Parker (Guitarist in Einstellung). Under this guise Andrew has collaborated with many musicians including Kat from Babes in Toyland, ex-members of Godflesh, Mistress, Sally, Einstellung, Anal Nathrack and many others.
Mort the Sonic is Richard Morten. Richard imports raw data from image files into his MAC to create the most horrific abstract sounds. He grew up in Birmingham alongside the Godflesh boys and the many spinoff bands.
Lash Frenzy & Mort the Sonic join forces spasmodically to create huge intense claustrophobic walls of sounds. Initially the two worked together to create a ‘Digital vs Analogue’ battle but realised that the sheer brutality did nothing other than unite the two in a savage harmony. Often disorientating with strobes and smoke machines this performance will again see the two parties unite to create something special. 

A musician, circuit-bender and all-out live music nutter, hailing from Kernow and now based in the West Midlands. His sets are an orgy of customised electronic equipment, with circuit-bent kids’ dolls sitting alongside doctored loudspeakers, squealing guitars and a fun-at-all-costs mentality!


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