Capsule at the Autumn Almanac


Autumn Almanac is a four-day celebration of Birmingham’s creative life showcasing the city’s artists, filmmakers and musicians. Ikon’s gallery spaces will exclusively exhibit works created in Birmingham, also hosting some of our best- known music festivals and organisations in a programme of live performances.


 At the heart of Capsule’s activity is the support of Birmingham based talent, and for this exciting event at IKON we will present works from the artist Andrew Moscardo-Parker and the ensemble Ore.

Andrew Moscardo-Parker performs as Lash Frenzy. Central to his sound work is a rejection of narrative and a focus upon the present, the ‘now’. At Supersonic Festival 2011 Andrew collaborated with German artist Christian Jendreiko to create the 24 hour performance Velzuvial, where artists were invited to improvise and collaborate over a 24 hour period. His work as Lash Frency explores the action of playing, turning performances into immersive, participatory events. For this performance, Andrew will be paying tribute to Birmingham musical history, as the piece will work around the first 3 notes of the song ‘Black Sabbath’. These particular 3 notes are called Tritones and were known in Medieval times as the ‘Devil’s Intervals’.

Ore are a drone doom tuba group. The Sound of Ore can be heard where classical, experimental and metal musics engage. The material is rare; a synthesis of musical elements. Ore forge the power and depth of brass with the care of craftsmen. It is the sound of Birmingham: its industrial heritage, metal-working origins and creative innovation.


Interview with Sam Underwood about the Ore project here –


For the full Autumn Almanac programme, which includes a night of film hosted by 7 inch cinema and music from the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group go here


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Earth are an American drone band based in Seattle, Washington, formed in 1990 by Dylan Carlson, Slim Moon, and Greg Babior; the band took its name from the first incarnation of Black Sabbath. Although they have played various styles of music, they are best known as pioneers of a minimalistic, long and repetitive form of heavy music known as drone. To a lesser extent their sound is referred to as doom metal. Earth, however, have little to do with metal in their current sound. Their early albums could be seen as a variation of the experimental doom-influenced metal of The Melvins.

Dylan Carlson has been the driving force within the band and has remained the core of an ever-changing line-up. Outside of the underground music world, Carlson is perhaps best known for having been the best friend of grunge music icon Kurt Cobain who purchased the gun that Cobain later used to commit suicide. [1] After Earth had moved to Seattle, Cobain sang lead vocals in the song “Divine and Bright”, from a demo included on the re-release of the live album Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars.

The drone doom band Sunn O))), who formed as a tribute to Earth, were named after Earth’s (and thence Sunn O)))’s) amplifiers of choice, Sunn. (Sunn O))) also have a song entitled “Dylan Carlson” on their demo). The drone doom supergroup Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine are named after the second song from Earth’s first full-length album, Earth 2: Special Low-Frequency Version.


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