Supersonic Festival – Birmingham Taster


Supersonic Festival, the world renowned event for adventurous music, art film and beyond is celebrating its 10th birthday.. We love a party so are expanding our celebrations by hosting two very special taster shows in London and Birmingham in August.

On 4 August at Eastside Projects, Capsule present King Midas Sound System and JK Flesh, joined by Iron Fist Of The Sun, Laurence Hunt and Sarah M Farmer to bring cacophonous, abstract, abrasive and titanic sounds into the walls of this converted art gallery/warehouse space.


King Midas Sound System drops DJ exclusive dubs/versions and remixes as well as bleeding other artists’ music into the astounding sound design, Featuring live vocals by Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson with Kevin Martin at the controls, be prepared for sonic adventures into the deep. Bass, drones, tones and infinite reverb mark the spot where immersion is the key.


Godflesh, Head of David, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Jesu, Greymachine, Palesketcher – just some of the projects from the insanely prolific Justin Broadrick who this year raised his Techno Animal moniker JK Flesh from the dead to promote his recent album Posthuman. Once again proving his mastery of all things brutal. This material will be showcased for the first time in the UK all thanks for Supersonic. Expect soul-crushingly dark beats and bass, layered with Broadrick’s inimitable guitar and vocal fuzz, that will resonate with fans of Godflesh and the post-dubstep landscape alike.


Iron Fist of the Sun. Bitter cold contemporary power electronics. Synth heavy and tonal, Lee Howard draws inspiration from electro-acoustic academia as much as underground black metal.


Sarah M Farmer. As Plato rightly said, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. An Array of Events mixes traditional methods of sound production with DIY instruments and experimental techniques in a bid to overcome the problem of being a lone performer with only the usual number of hands and limited instrumental skill.  Whilst programs such as Logic and Ableton offer their own solutions to these problems, they come with the difficulty of seemingly infinite choice and lack the tactility of real instruments and the analogue sounds and happy accidents that come along with playing them.  In the realm of live performance, if something can be played live rather than sampled, why not at least give it a go?  Sounds and instruments have been created from every day items and cheap technology, generally things found around the studio/bedroom which are triggered by MIDI files and accompanied by live performance.


Laurence Hunt more typically performs as a member of experimental groups Modified Toy Orchestra and Pram. A recent collaboration with sound artists Dreams of Tall Buildings and featuring Arve Henricksen, has triggered an interest in exploring textural soundscapes that he pursues here in his first solo venture on drums/percussion with live electronics.


Emeralds + Iron Fist of the Sun + Mr Underwood


Emeralds are an ambient / drone / psychedelic music trio from Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

John Elliott, Mark McGuire and Steve Hauschildt, as Emeralds, focus on live improvisation.Since June 2006, the group has released over fourty recordings, on labels such as Hanson Records, American Tapes, Manhand, Ecstatic Peace! and also on their own imprint Wagon.

They have collaborated with Aaron Dilloway on the cassette Under Pressure, released a split tour CD with Japanese noise musician Pain Jerk and opened for Throbbing Gristle in New York. The band has also had the pleasure of performing headlining spots in Carlos Giffoni’s No Fun Fest in New York and Stockholm, Sweden. Mark McGuire and Steve Hauschildt also perform and record under their own names. John Elliott performs as Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods, Lilypad, colored mushroom and the medicine rocks, and as various other aliases.

Emeralds are noted for blending ambient music with 80’s synthesizer textures, German kosmische music and the minimalism of Terry Riley.


Iron Fist of the Sun
Bitter cold contemporary power electronics/industrial that steers clear of the cliches that pollute the scene. Synth heavy and tonal, drawing inspirations from electro-acoustic academia as much as underground black metal.

Mr Underwood fuses an array of electronic and acoustic sounds in his
improvised live performances. Drawing inspiration from electronica and
Musique concrète, Mr.Underwood weaves a complex sonic tapestry, from
delicate and intricate sounds to more beat driven compositions. Using his
ever growing collection of obscure and self-made instruments Mr.Underwood’s
live performances are rich with distinctive sounds and textures.

Poster by Bethan McKnight



A night of aural carnage feat. Prurient


This is a one off event utilising the Vivid warehouse space as a venue for one night only. Cold Cave is the brainchild of Philadelphia’s Wesley Eisold, ex-Some Girls, Give Up The Ghost, and currently Ye Olde Maids etc with fellow band mate Caralee from Xiu Xiu. Cold Cave are a darkwave synth confection with more than enough static and noise cycling through to justify mentions of Prurient and Burning Star Core on their personal MySpace. The songs are danceable, dark, instantly infectious. Think ’80s industrial and synth pop over-driven through power electronics. The band are touring alongside one man noise assault Prurient playing a long continuous set. Painted Nails, a three-song 7″ released by Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions is out now.

Nicholas Bullen is a musician, sound artist and writer from Birmingham, England.
From early projects (including the abrasive ‘Grindcore’ of Napalm Death – of which Bullen is a founder member – and the dark, dub-inflected beats of Scorn) to an ongoing range of solo and collaborative projects. In recent years, his work has expanded into the broader field of the arts including sound installations, texts and lectures, along with continued performances at art galleries, music festivals and cinemas.

Dream Dreams The Dreamer Orkestra
Solo project of Matt Snowden, recently evolved to be a handpicked orkestra performing music way beyond the usual noise and drone tags. Multiple guitars, drumkits, basses, vocals, violin, trombone and other instruments create an overwhelming experience of sound. Power, restraint, intensely physical rhythms, unknown lyrics screamed and sung over silence and extreme volume.
Music for open minds and deep listening.

Iron Fist Of The Sun
Hailing originally from Druids Heath in Birmingham. Iron Fist of the Sun is the current sonic project of extreme noise protagonist Lee Howard. Live power electronics, experimental sonic terrorism and Black Metal are all encompassed in an unforgiving soundtrack to your most brutal nightmares… just don’t dare call it “Art Noise”

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Poster by Ben Javens